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Cain and Lamia


:star::star::star:WOHHOOOOWWW, I WON!!!
I came first on "Mosters In Love Challenge"!
THANK YOU ALL for your best wishes, I wanted to edit my image and announce the great news!:star::star::star:

Here is the link----->…


This is my entry of It's Art's monthly challenge - "Monsters In Love". I tried to base my image with mythology figures.

The Lamiae are a bloodline of vampires that exist outside all rules of the Kindred; be it the Camarilla, the Sabbat or the Inconnu. In many ways more demon than vampire, they have remained aloof from the ranks of the Kindred, maintaining a secrecy and mystery that intrigues and mystifies the Kindred much in the way they themselves are beheld by mortals.

The Lamiae are exclusively female, and it is believed that there are no more than between three and nine of them in existence. - No one knows how they engender their race - for they do not feed on the mere blood of a mortal, but upon his very life-essence, and these mortals invariably perish or commit suicide. This has lead to speculation that they are truly immortal, and either unable or unwilling to beget progeny. Simply put, a Lamia will target a mortal and form a supernatural bond with this intended "lover." Once the bond is sanctified by a marriage ritual, the mortal begins to die.

Many believe that the myth of the Muses has its origin in the Lamiae, and there are some which contend that the number of Lamia are nine: Euterpe, Terpsichore, Thalia, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Urania, Clio, Erato, and Calliope.

And according to "my" tale;

A Lamia unexpectedly falls in love with Cain (of Abel) and she only wants to be with him. Of course his love tears her apart, because of her true nature. But their love is more than everything and they continued to be together secretly.

You know, there are many tales about Lilith- Lamia- Cain and such that they are supposed to be ones who are responsible for our nightmares... I believe some predators such as bats or piranhas are presents of Cain and Lamia`s, so those creatures in the image are deformed infants which we can call "first borns".

Hope you like it.

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Cintiq 12WX
Approx 35 hours.


You can read more about Lamia here----->……

Cain here----->…

Challenge Page----->…

If you'd like to see some steps of creating process, please follow this thread------>…

Haha, and one thing...
Did you notice that "Alien"(by Giger) out there??? :)


Photoshop CS3
Wacom Cintiq 12WX
Approx 45 hours.



It's Art'ın "Monsters In Love" isimli aylık yarışmasında birinci gelen çalışmam.
Cain ve Lamia karakterlerini ben bir araya getirdim ve ortak bir konsepte oturtmaya çalıştım. Cain, bizdeki Kabil olup, Lamia da bazı kaynaklarca Lilith'le aynı kişi olan (ki ben öyle olduğunu sanmıyorum) lanetlenmiş kadın figürünü temsil ediyor. İkisi için de ingilizce kaynaklar----->………

Türkçe kaynak paylaşmıyorum zira okuduğum Türkçe metinlerin bulunduğu siteler potansiyel değişik misyonları olmasından şüphelendiğim sitelerdi. Temiz bir yer bulan mutlaka okuyup keyiflensin derim. Oldukça enteresan hikayeleri var.

Yapım aşamalarını izlemek isteyen olursa----->…

Diğer yandan, fondaki Alienı fark eden oldu mu? :)

Herkese çalışmalarında başarılar, kolay gelsin.

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Cintiq 12WX
Yaklaşık 35 saatlik çalışma süresi.
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Urbain-Fantastique's avatar
Beautifully visceral.
Jeht-Maverick's avatar
It was kinda cool...
Until I looked down and saw Cain grabbing what is apparently his giant monster dick.
alithking's avatar
WOW! epic moment and well done.
BigdaddyMrbubbles's avatar
absolutely amazing work, but it actually took me a minute to realize they were in love and about to have sex from their hatefilled faces and agressive stances lol but i guess making love would be as vicious and bloodthirsty as everything else about these two lol :)
PS is he trying to break his dick in 2? lol i'm not sure its safe to bend it that way ;)
One word. Cool.
Dude, that is some seriously top-notch art you got there. You did good. Though that dick-bending action from Cain's part did get a raised eyebrow. Whatever, the skills are there. Just keep using them.
ArchangelVampire's avatar
Congrats! You deserve it! This is amazing!
CapitanaRecondita's avatar
I love it! wow!!!! Amazing..... work.
ultimatede's avatar
again, just wow. it's absolutely amazing. this one is so disturbing and entrancing. i love it
mythe2heaven's avatar
Thats just f****** mindblowing! Truly an inspirational masterpiece. Thank you for sharing!
mythe2heaven's avatar
That is just f***** mindblowing! A truely inspiring masterpiece thank you for sharing!
octogone's avatar
The eternal interplay of sex and violence... And you rendered it so well with all these intricate skin patterns, the screaming faces, the aggressively obscene stances, the suggestion of bodily fluids, monstrous births and infanticide as well as the halo of light from above. Everything is here.

Also a courageous piece, since you did what most male artists are too self-conscious to do and that is drawing an overtly sexual penis. Maybe it looks trivial to you but the sheer number of comments that point it out just shows how taboo this is, especially coming from a male artist. Kudos to you, my friend.
2wenty's avatar
Very intense. Awesome. Congrats on the win, and thank you for posting those links. They were very interesting reads.
well this is pretty damn epic XD
hellemon's avatar
your great work is featured in my Journal = [link]

many greetings
DaisOfWreckoning's avatar
She is an incredibly beautiful creature, her mere presence drums and thunders with power and grace.
Well done!
hellemon's avatar
Oh my god, this work is really fantastic. Respect, great job. :bow:
L-gwasawn's avatar
WTF, is he holding something?
Kullis's avatar
I LOVE your stuff!!! You are supremely talented!!
DreamweaverMichi's avatar
Wonderful, and I appreciate the research you put into this piece!
lionback's avatar
love it, wot happoned next? hope they used a condom LOL. amazing work
ingvy08's avatar
it was cool before..and then i realized cain is holding his penis and the chick is holding her boob..
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