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This is the archer unit for pride Timurs. It's "Avcı".

The Timurids, self-designated Gurkānī , were a Persianate Central Asian Sunni Muslim dynasty of originally Turko-Mongol descent whose empire included the whole of Central Asia, Iran, modern Afghanistan, as well as large parts of Pakistan, India, Mesopotamia and Caucasus. It was founded by the legendary conqueror Timur in the 14th century.

In the 16th century, Timurid prince Babur, the ruler of Ferghana, invaded India and founded the Mughal Empire, which ruled most of the Indian subcontinent until its decline after Aurangzeb in the early 18th century, and was formally dissolved by the British Raj after the Indian rebellion of 1857.

Other units are coming soon. Hope you like them.

For Global Game Center Homepage, please visit----->

Photoshop CS2
Wacom Intuos A4 graphic tablet
Approx. 20 hours

See you soon.
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Makes me want to play a MMO and create an archer with the fire arrow perk.
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Really quite an amazing perspective on the bow. I love the detail of it, and the magic that is coming off of the bow. Well done.
GoLDeNTHuNDeRBoLT's avatar
okdan yayılan herneyse müthiş bişey olmuş :D :winner:
RachelJArts's avatar
Oh wow, this guy's awesome! The pose is very dynamic too, and I love the way you draw fire! :D
darklaos's avatar
amazing picture , and the fire trail <3 omg i love it :D
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ILL-I-AM's avatar
Nice pic... very cool. Love the fire rendering...
OpheliacIInMe's avatar
it's so awesome!specialy the bow! :worship:
katana2665's avatar
Wow. Great energy..and yea at first glance the shapes and pose made it look like a guitar player...glad it wasn't.
HippieVan57's avatar
great work man!
ertacaltinoz's avatar
Thanks Jeff, how are you my friend? I hope everything is ok out there.
It's a bit weird, isn't it? I've uploaded my first image nearly two years ago and there were no one here to say "hi":) But now look at this, I gained lots of people as friends; it happened so fast:)
And you were here since the begining with me. So, thanks a lot for always supporting me Jeff, much appreciated.
See ya!:peace:
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wow! yeah i just noticed 924 favs on this...congrats!
you're welcome and i appreciate all your support as well :peace:
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Çok teşekkürler Derya.
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omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg its to amazing!
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Harika olmuş tabletine sağlık :D :+fav:
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:ahoy: Just GREAT work ! :woohoo:
zerdron's avatar
Did you use custom brushes on those fire effect or did you do them manually?
archangel2021's avatar
that's fucking rad.

I wish his upper torso was bigger though. It'd make him 17% more badass.
LAS-T's avatar
thats awesome! :jawdrop:
love the whole bow and arrow with fire thingy...totally epic :clap:
well done ;P
ProlificPen's avatar
amazing fire effects!
Lunasei's avatar
this is a kick ass picture ^^
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