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This is the very first image for wise Oghuzs. He is "Alp" the first level warrior.

The Oghuz (variously known as Ghuzz, Guozz, Kuz, Oguz, Oğuz, Okuz, Oufoi, Ouz, Ouzoi, Torks, Turkmen, Uguz, Uğuz, and Uz ) were a big group of Turkic peoples. In the ninth century the Oghuz Turks from the Aral steppes drove the Pecheneg Turks of the Emba region and the River Ural toward the west. In the tenth century they inhabited the steppe of the rivers Sari-su, Turgai, and Emba to the north of Lake Balkhash of modern day Kazakhstan. A clan of this nation, the Seljuks, embraced Islam and in the eleventh century entered Persia, where it founded the Great Seljuk Empire.

The Oghuz seem to have been related to the Pechenegs, some of whom were clean-shaven and others of whom had small 'goatee' beards. According to the book Attila and the Nomad Hordes, "Like the Kimaks they set up many carved wooden funerary statues surrounded by simple stone balbal monoliths." The authors of the book go on to note that "Those Uzes or Torks who settled along the Russian frontier were gradually Slavicized though they also played a leading role as cavalry in twelfth and early thirteenth century Russian armies where they were known as Black Hats.... Oghuz warriors served in almost all Islamic armies of the Middle East from the eleventh century onwards, in Byzantium from the ninth century, and even in Spain and Morocco." In later centuries, they adapted and applied their own traditions and institutions to the ends of the Islamic world and emerged as empire-builders with a constructive sense of statecraft.

"The Ottoman dynasty, who gradually took over Anatolia after the fall of the Seljuks, toward the end of the thirteenth century, led an army that was also predominantly Oghuz."

Hope you like them.

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See you soon.
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heeeyyyt beee harıka tebrk...
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""He is "Alp" the first level warrior.""

Saol yaaa XD gereksiz bi bilgi bence...

neysee konu bu değildi!, seni ilk Dig.Arts dergisinde görmüştüm burda da denk geldin özellikle aramam gerekirmiş...
Çok açık konuşucam sizleri çok kıskanıyor ve övgü mahiyetinde bolbol küfür ediyorum...
kısa zamanda kendimi yetiştirip aranıza katılmak istiyorum... ama?!!!
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güzel çalışma :)
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This guys expression is great! It's cool to see a new "race". Can't wait for more!
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Very nice Ertac, he has a Hill Giant look about him.
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işaret parmağındaki yüzük pek iyi değildir :P
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Sadece bizde mi yoksa genelde mi? Genelde ise bunu Aragorn'a da söylemek ister misin?:P
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genel genel
isterim görüşelim:D
ben nizamiyedeyim :)
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Valla işaret parmağında güzel oldu, ben adama bilezik gibi geçiririm vesselam:P
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bence olmamış bene ne :D
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lol - and it's supposed to actually fit inside that sheat? :giggle:
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i really loved this! the story is well told. great work, a definite favorite!
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I love what a stark contrast this is to your other pictures, with the perfect blue sky. And then there's a grizzly warrior in the foreground lol!
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amazing as everytime^^
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Thats awesome!!!! :clap:
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Mep :\ I wish i can do this stuff... >:(
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awesome as usual, but his hand looks a bit too big
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you know we do fly.:-)
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I thought the Seljuks were the Ottermans? Huh, guess I don't know as much as I should
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So full of dynamic character and amazing details. Truly a joy to gaze at for awhile!
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