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A Sin So Terrible

By ertacaltinoz
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"A Sin So Terrible" by me, in association with my mate Calvin M. Green. 

From us for Cleganebowl fans! ;)

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 12WX
Approx. 25 hours.

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spicycatzHobbyist General Artist
someone from reddit stole it to get the likes.…
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JounnoProfessional Interface Designer
well, kinda acurate
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soren7550 Writer
I'm confused, why does Sandor have a boar on his armor?
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Battles between brothers.
One a born monster and the other made into a monster by the former but no more.
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Eresianbits-77Hobbyist General Artist
My vote for the Hound....
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LadySionis Writer
is it weird that i like the hound with arya? O_O i mean, they do make a cute pair. >///<
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Raiden-DrawingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing !
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KamiSulitHobbyist Digital Artist
Get Hype.
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Funny, to the outside observer, Sandor looks like the evil one. A great piece, my only issue being that Gregor's height is a bit understated.
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So awesome!!!!!!!
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Is Sandor holding Oathkeeper???
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StarWritterHobbyist Writer
Ok, you so called Artist... Do you want to know what I think!? I Fucking loved your gallery! Seriously! Now, you are one of my favourites Deviants! You made everything so gross, dirty, bloody... So amazing! And This art.... Clegane Bowl... I loved it! Sir, you are awesome! Have a fantastic day! ^^
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Hey Fábio!
You already made my day, bro. Thank you!

Cheers! :beer:
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hopefully have the Cleganebowl.
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Sandor and by extension, Rory Mccann, looks like a Mastiff. Badass.
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Well it looks like Cleganebowl isn't going to happen. At least not this season. 
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It may be delayed but thanks to this art we now know what will really happen 
TheKingOfGotham's avatar
Get HYPE !!!! 100000000000000% FUCKING CONFIRMED !!! You did an awesome work :D
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Oh Yes. I do believe this will happen. Spoilers ;)
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FunkyMonkey19Hobbyist Writer
Bad ass! I want Cleganebowl to happen!
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Is Sandor wielding Widow's Wail? That's a really nice touch if it is.
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Yeap, it is Widow's Wail. ;)
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Cool cool Cool COOL COOL!
Like all these comments below have said - this piece is wicked, and I would not be surprised if HBO found a way to include it in the show: this would be a flabbergastingly fantastic scene.
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