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I'm offering commissions. 4x6 inch ink drawings on index cards. 

$15 black and white. $20 color. Prices include shipping. 

I'm happy to ship internationally.

I take PayPal, full payment up front. My PayPal email is:
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I've got a few books available for you all to buy online. Each purchase comes with a free book mark! :D
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TAKE NOTE @ Division 9 Gallery in Riverside, CA.
3850 Lemon St. Riverside, CA 92501.

Art on index cards. All art 10 bucks. Live music, rad art, cool people. My art will be on display with that of some 15 other artists. It's the best thing you could possibly do with your Friday night.
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Hello everybody. I'll be at the West Hollywood Book Fair this coming Sunday! I'm listed under Ultraculture Comix, and I'll be there with the talented creators Sheika Lugtu and Nathaniel Osollo, as usual. There, I'll be debuting my new book, SCRAPPED: THE DEAD MAN, written by James Mitchell and drawn by yours truly.

We'll be at booth D9.
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I'm gonna be at Comikaze in Los Angeles, Sept. 15-16! I'm tabling as Ultraculture Comix, along with my friends Nathaniel "Eyedraugh" Osollo and Sheika "OMGcow" Lugtu. We'll be in artist alley at tables 535 and 634. I've been assured that despite the strange numbering, they are, in fact, adjacent to each other.

So, this weekend come to the LA Convention Center! Gods be willing, I'll be debuting a new full-length issue written by my friend and collaborator James Mitchell and drawn by yours truly. Tix are 20 bucks per day, or 30 for a two day pass. I dunno if they need to be bought in advance.

Come by, say hello, get some comix and sketches. You know the drilll.

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My Society 6 print shop is online!

I have a few drawings available as prints. Check it out! If there's something of mine that you'd like to see available, let me know and I'll put it up there :)

Thanks for looking, beautiful people.

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BOOM! One of my submissions to EatSleepDraw got published on the blog, and now it's being looked at and reblogged a bunch. Like, 200 more reblogs in the last hour. Gnarly.
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Ahh! I'm gonna be at LA Zine Fest in 2012!

I'll be hopefully sitting near my talented friends Nathaniel "Eye Draugh" Osollo and Sheika "OMGcow" Lugtu once again. This time, though, I've got my own table. I'm going places, I tells ya.

I'll be selling the usual fare (comix, zines, shirts, prints), and there'll be new material there if I have anything to do with it. Woot.

Get pumped, everybody! The L.A. Zine Fest is taking place on February 19, 2012, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the second floor of the Spring Arts Tower (453 S. Spring Street)– just upstairs from The Last Bookstore. It's free to get in, and the things I'm selling are outrageously inexpensive, and the quality of my products is inversely proportional to their retail prices! Dooo iiiit! :)
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Ahh! In a week's time I'll be sitting at table 1008 in Artist Alley with my friend, collaborator, and table mate Nathaniel "Eye Draugh" Osollo at the third annual Long Beach Comic and Horror Con at the Long Beach Convention Center in (you guessed it) LONG BEACH, CA! And work permitting, my friend, collaborator, and all-around-badass James Mitchell will be with us, pimpin' our books.

In addition to selling numerous comic books, zines, prints, t-shirts, and on-the-spot sketches, Nathaniel is moderating a panel on Writing Comics with Twitter on Sunday, Oct. 30 at LBCHC!! Whaaaat?! I'll be on the panel, talkin' about comics and tweets and stuff. How fuckin' cool is that!?! We'll also be giving away a bag of goodies at the panel.

So, if you're in the area on Oct. 29 and 30, come to the con and say hello to us! Once again, anyone who visits the table and says "PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER!" gets a free thing from me. Like maybe a shirt or someshit. I dunno. We'll figure it out.


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I, Evan "Ultraculture Comix" Spears, be sharing a table with Sheika "OMGcow" Lugtu and Nathaniel "EyeDraugh" Osollo at the West Hollywood Book Fair! Isn't that exciting?? Isn't that sentence full of links to good things? It is on both counts. :)

We'll each be selling comics, all of which are fantastic, some of which are brand new and have been seen by nobody, a few of which will go down as some of the best goddamn comix ever made. You really should not miss out on this.

The when and where of this whole shindig!

10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair
Sunday, October 2, 2011
10AM to 6PM

West Hollywood Library & West Hollywood Park
647 N. San Vicente Blvd.

FREE Admission & FREE Parking

My compatriots and I will be at Tent C 19-22, Table A in the Comics Scene area!!

Hope to see you there.


If you come up to me, and say "PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER" you will get a free thing. Probably a comic book. I have very few cars to give away after my last promotion. Sheika, Nathaniel and I will be running similar promotions all day via our respective Twitter accounts (@OMGcow, eyedraugh and erspears). Follow us and check in regularly to get some free stuff!

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Check it out! There's literally nothing you haven't seen before, but it's there, it's got airs, get used to it.

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Hello, everybody!

In less than two weeks, I'm going to have my first solo exhibition of my work at a local gallery.  The show is called Odds to an End, and will feature new work and newly printed work from the last couple of years.  A local hip hop group called Tha Monkey House! will perform at the opening shindig.  

The show runs from Feb. 3 through 26, and the reception shindig is on Saturday, Feb. 5 from 7pm to 10pm.  It's at Eclipse Gallery in Hesperia, CA.  


Eclipse Gallery
18361 Bear Valley Rd, Suite #7
Hesperia, CA

Come on out! There will be booze! And I plan on making homemade cheese and cookies!  Dooooo iiiiiiiit!
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Long Beach Comic Con 2010! Whoo!  

I shared a table this past Halloween weekend with my buddy and fellow art-dude Nathaniel Osollo in the Artist Alley section of the 2010 Long Beach Comic Con.  It was SO cool.  

The convention itself was awesome--fairly small, if you compare it to San Diego, but that was part of the beauty.  It was big enough that artists and exhibitors got a lot of attention from attendees, but small enough that I was able to talk to a TON of cool people at length.  I met Tom Jane, who was promoting a new movie, and I met STEVE FRIGGIN' NILES, who was kind enough to pose with our comics (see Nathaniel's blog for pix!!), and we got interviewed by a few cool folks, and I'll be posting links to those interviews once they're online.  

And, oh snap, I'm in LA Weekly.  That's me on the left in the red shirt.  

More updates to come. :)
I'm going to have my first solo exhibition in February, 2011!

It's called Odds to an End.

It'll be at Eclipse Gallery in Hesperia, CA.  It starts on Feb. 2, with the reception on Feb. 5.  The show will end on Feb. 26.

It'll be full of primarily new work that I am currently attempting to crank out.  

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I don't like them. I don't know what they're for, and as far as I can tell, they're useless and dumb.  I do not want more of them.  The next person to give me a llama badge will be blocked.  That's a promise.

Edit: People, many of them over thirty years old, who have more time on their hands than I do.…


Edit edit:

It's occurred to me that I might as well explain myself.  I said most of this in the discussion below, but it's here now, too.

Someone mentioned in the comments below that the whole badge business, including the llamas, is just part of silly fun that DA cooked up to encourage interaction between users.  That's all well and good, though I somehow doubt that the badges really have anything to do with real community interaction, at least not for a lot of users--I'd bet that many people only care about them because it's just another stat they can up on their profile. It's like DA's version of Farmville on facebook, only it's extra stupid and extra pointless.

It certainly has nothing to do with interaction for me; it's entirely impersonal and more than a little annoying. I see a new message in my inbox, I expect to see a reply to a post I made in the forums, or a comment on something I uploaded, or maybe an interesting journal...and instead I see a llama badge. From someone I've never spoken to.  How exciting for me. :|

I suppose part of what bothers me about the badges isn't necessarily that they exist (though that does indeed bother me), but that I get notified every time I get one.  If I could turn off notification of me receiving a badge of any sort I'm sure I'd be quite happy.  

Even still, badges are the newest of many things that have really started to irk me about making critiques "only" available to paid members. Anyone with half a brain understands that one does not need to use DA's special "premium" comment box to critique someone's work or to have someone critique their work, but I see people all the time who refuse to critique someone's work because that person is not a paying member. I'd wager it's just because they want to have a nice fat number on their critique stat on their profile, which is exactly what the badges, llama or otherwise, are for.  :shrug:

And now we've got silly, distracting llamas flying around, and for what reason? So people can feel good about amassing a high number of (meaningless) llama .gif animations? Because it sure as hell has nothing to do with art, or discussing art, or making art.  

Someone said in a comment another user's journal entry said that they often give someone a llama after they compliment her work or add her work to their favorites.  That's fine for them.  I tend to say "thank you" or engage them in conversation, myself, because this badge business is silly.

In the same set of comments, I was accused of not having a sense of humor, and one user said a "lack of humor is disheartening to see in a 1) comic artist and 2) deviant."  In the context of this site, I hate that word--"deviant".  There isn't anything "deviant" in nature about this site from any other.  The suggestion that one must have a sense of humor that's wrapped around llamas to be a user here is pretty funny, though.  

I'm no stranger to the Internet, but I just don't understand DA's (or rather DA's users') obsession with llamas, even before the badges. Fuck, years ago when I was playing Quake and Counter Strike online, llama was gamer-slang for "lamer" and "loser" and "one who is wicked shitty". It was not a compliment in those days. The few times I've used the giant llama emoticon, I used it like I would have if I was still Quake-ing and Counter Strike-ing it up. ;P

But now I'm blocking people for giving me the badges. It is a childish and absurd thing for me to do, admittedly, and it didn't occur to me at the time of posting this journal entry that it would be an open invitation for more of the ridiculous things.  I suppose I had that one coming to me.  ;P  I did make a promise, though.  So far I've kept it.  

But I don't think it's any less childish for another user to call for others to send me more badges, simply because I blocked her.  I can block anyone I want to, for whatever reason I want to.  Maybe I really am a "twat" for not appreciating the "sheer awesomeness" of the llama badge.  She can think that she's been martyred by me all she wants.  I don't mind.  :)

For the largely-illiterate TL;DR crowd:

:llama: none for me, plz.
I checked the artist alley list at Long Beach Comic Con. I'm on the same list as Bernie Wrightson! For the uninitiated, Wrightson co-created Swamp Thing with Len Wein, who created Wolverine! It's not like it's a surprise that he will also have a table there, but it's still pretty sweet.  I'm probably gonna geek out a little. :)

October 29-31 in Long Beach! Mark your calendars! Come to my table! Buy some comix! ;P
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It seems that my application for a table in the small-press section at SDCC 2010 has been denied, but I'm totally going to have an artist alley table at the Long Beach Comic Con 2010 over Halloween weekend!  My buddy Nathaniel Osollo is sharing the table with me.

Mark your calendars!
I'm going to be part of a show at an artist-run gallery in Victorville! If you're in the area on March 27th or 28th, come by and say what's up!

When: March 27+28 2010 @ 7:00pm

Where: Attraction Industries
12284 Industrial Blvd. Suite 3A
Victorville, CA 92395

Let Me Have It will feature the work of Katie Dureault, Nathaniel Osollo, Ricky Rich, Rachel Rodriguez, and Evan Spears, with musical performances by Ricky Rich, Shell Shards, Tha Monkey House, and Samuel Kornachuk. Musical lineup subject to change.


Katie Dureault:

Nathaniel Osollo:

Ricky Rich:

Rachel Rodriguez:

Evan Spears:


Ricky Rich:

Samuel Kornachuk: website not available

Shell Shards:…

Tha Monkey House:

Exhibition hosted by:

Attraction Industries
I'm splittin' a table at the West Hollywood Book Fair with my good buddy Nathaniel Osollo. We're both gonna be selling comics and stuff. If you're in the area, come see us! We'll sell you comics!
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I have a table at this year's SDCC in the small press area.  I'm sharing it with my friend Christina and some of her pals from Leadpoint Comics.  Come find us at table K02 in the Small Press Pavilion, say hi to us, maybe buy some comics if you want. ;)

I will be selling The Not Comix, split up into three issues. Also, I'll be selling a couple different prints, and a collected "sketchbook" of drawings and comics.  

This'll be my first time having a table at SDCC, and I'm super pumped about it.  If you're going, I want to see you there!
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