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sumi II

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Number II in the "sumi" series, it was sold two weeks ago to a couple that was spending a few days of their summer holidays in the area. A direct sale that didn't go through my online shop.
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Since I live in a very small town in a rural area (pop. 580) most of my sales are made online. But when I do get the chance of meeting my collectors in person I must say it's a warm, lovely experience. We get to talk about art, not just my work, about their tastes and preferences, they tell me what it is exactly they like about the artwork they are purchasing and I experience the added pleasure of wrapping the painting for them, usually as a gift. Even though it's a gift to themselves :D.

About using watercolour on sumi-e paper: Once dry, the painting has a matte, velvety finish that I really love! One of my projects for the near future is to buy a roll of sumi-e paper and use it for really long strips of painting. Sumi-e rolls can be as long as 20mts (60 feet).

A final detail: sometimes, not very often, I add marks of gold acrylic paint to my work. Gold has a special meaning for me. Nothing to do with wealth and riches, it's a symbol of Promise. I can't be very specific about this, it's an elusive concept even for me, but it has to do with the future and it's a Promise of Good.

Your faves and appreciation also do me Good. Thank you always!

Watercolour, graphite and acrylic gold on sumi-e paper.
The finished painting was pasted on a Canson paper backing for firmness.
12.5 x 22 cms / 5" x 8.5"
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