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After a couple of failed tries of what to do to "celebrate" that The Spectre and Archangel has reached the 100 pages, I found a photo of the True Blood cast while... I don't remember what I was looking for at that moment and I tried to... change them a little :)

I hope you all like it.

(The cookies and drinks are on a table behind Grunt)

Mass Effect characters belong to Bioware.
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Here's to the next 100.  Will you it continue it into ME3 or will it end at the conclusion of ME2?
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Beautiful, but no Tali?? :(
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Oh I love this. I hope you make one with the rest of the crew too. Are you gonna have Kasumi recruited? 
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I want to do one with the SR-1 crew and then another with the SR-2 crew missing from this one.
And no, I'm sorry, but Kasumi will not appear in the story.
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mad swag on Garrus and Joker though lol
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also why arent you updating!? busy?
if so totally understand school has been hell for since im about to graduate
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It's more that DAI scared my muse for a while and I'm trying to lure her back :)
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omg tell me about it i spent my entire break playing i 4 times and romanced cullen twice then iron bull ad then solas.....but i tried really hard not to romance cullen all 4 times ....
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4 times??? How did you managed that!!??
I've only played once and romanced Cullen... He's sooo sweet!! I'm soooo into his romance. I want to play again and try Solas, but I'm not ready for the anguish... yet---
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when there is a will there is a also helps that i like never slept XD
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You should find a way of put your willpower in a bottle and sell it. You'll be rich in the blink of an eye!
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Love this pic, it's awesome! But it's also kinda hilarious for me to think of their funny moments in the game in contrast to the "smugness"in the pic (esp. Joker). XDDDD
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Well, it's a moment of seriousness... For posterity ;)
This is great! But...where's Kasumi?
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
I'm sory but as Kasumi won't appear in the story, she's not there.
Can I just say I love how Shep is draped over the two men who never left her side! When I first played ME1 which was only a few months ago, I fell in love with Kaiden. Then after playing through 2 and 3 I found that Joker and Garrus are always there for her.  So I really love their positions and the art work is great, also just spent the entire night reading through your comic and can't wait for the next page!!!
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I think we think alike, because I also shipped my Shepard with Kaidan during the first game... After confirming that Garrus wasn't an option. My big and nice surprise when I saw that Garrus was a romance in the second game! And while I tried to keep my Shepard faithful to Kaidan, I just couldn't... Joker, Garrus, Chackwas and Tali have always been with Shepard, so I felt Joker and Garrus had to be the ones on Bill and Eric's position ;)
Thank you also for reading the comic! It means a lot that you've liked it and I hope you still like the next pages :)
Oh he turned into such a ASSHAT during the other games. I played through 2 again and cheated on him with Garrus, can't wait to see the scene in the third one when they have the 'talk' and I get to tell him I choose Garrus. If I could I would totally choose Joker, but they never make him an option :( I ship me some Shoker pretty bad. 
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It's quite a civilized talk, truth be told. After Bioware said that cheating on your LI would have consequences in the third game... I expected something... else than... nothing? Anyway, I don't dislike how they handled that. Quite mature. 
I know... I know... I know there were many fans disappointed with Joker not being an option.
How can you not cheat on him after Horizon in ME2? Alenko turns his back on you and pretty much pisses all over any relationship you might have had with him! Joker, Garrus and Tali are always there from you from the beginning, and then in the second game you have Thane, Legion and Mordin who all follow you and would die for you. There are very few Bioware characters that I don't like but Kaiden is now at the top of that list. 
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