Enrolled in school

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Since I've got tons of time at work and a fair amount at home, thought I'd fill it with something useful that'll work with my schedule.  So, I enrolled in Art Instruction Schools basic art course.  I'm fairly excited about learning some of the basics, etc., since I've never had any sort of art education.  Woohoo!
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ErsatzYakHobbyist General Artist
Is it irony or merely reality? Enrolled in school. Work is essentially down-time. Still can't seem to make time for new art. I'll have to force myself to ignore having a social life for a couple of days.
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ErsatzYakHobbyist General Artist
"...no real art education outside of school..." :) I get what you mean but still amusing. I wish I'd done some sort of art class in highschool, at least. Then I'd have some sort of foundation, as it is, it's taken awhile for me to learn how to get my "mind's eye" on paper somewhat.
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Excellent! Im soon going to enroll in an art course of some sort at TAFE. I too have had no real art education outside of school. Good luck to ya buddy! :D