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Why do I draw?
I draw, not because I love to but because I have to.
In all honesty I used to hate it, I used to wish that I could exchange it for anything else in the world.
But it was the only thing I was good at, for a very long time it was the only thing I knew how to do.
I was envious of the world, envious of everybody else. My anger lead me away from reality, to the magical world of animation and art. This mysterious place where all my fantasies came to life. All of a sudden it was too much: too much inspiration, too much anger, too much longing. I was brought back to my right hand, my enemy. The enemy became my only hope. Using a form of communication to convey a message that could never possibly be understood through words, I began to draw. What was once anger, was now a person. What was once sorrow, was now a smile. What was once the most beautiful thing I had ever heard, was now the strongest of bonds. Everything I had ever felt came to life before my very eyes. People, friends, love, fear, mysteries and adventures.A world was born within my mind and created by my hand.
It is my dream to write stories and create comics. I want to bring my ideas to life. I want to help others do it too.
There is no greater satisfaction for me than to see my mind and my creativity crawl out of my hand and into the real world. Where it exists before my very eyes. To create a world where all my desires, all my fantasies and all my dreams are real.
Reality is too cold, too bland. I simply loathe it. That is why I need to draw; It is the only way I can remain sane in this world.
I wish to meet others who feel this way too.

So come, let's get lost in our imaginations...
Some one once told me a story about why children are so scared at night, why it is that they fear the silence of the night.
Children, being so new to this world find their loneliness is healed with inanimate objects, like dolls and teddy bears...these children put so much life and love into their silent companions throughout the day, so when the night falls upon them and they get into bed, those dolls and toys reflect the energy and life channeled into them. Children being so aware of these objects that are so very dear to them,  sense this 'life'. So they feel as if they are not alone... it's why I find art so appealing, it can hold so much life and emotion that it can entice you into becoming it's own reality