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The Legend of Dollaretta - Demi by erryCherry The Legend of Dollaretta - Demi by erryCherry
This is a conceptual artwork that captures the essence of the protagonist and how her identity becomes integrated with the legend of Dollaretta.

The legend itself is about 150 years old and it began when the vampire Elizabeth Boulegard, once the heiress of the notorious Boulegard family, most popularly known as 'Dollaretta' due to her abnormal hobby, and unusual talent for making dolls was the lone survivor of a terrible fire that engulfed the Boulegard Manor and killed all of it's residents. Elizabeth survived because she was in her isolated craft studio which was still in the manor, but far from the mansion that was aflame. In an unsuccesful attempt to search for her husband and daughter she was hideously scarred in the fire, but was rescued from the wreckage and barely escaped with her life. The once beautiful and compelling dollmaker was left alone and disfigured. Her once prized creations, the dolls, began to taunt her with their immortalised perfection.

As the only survivor of the fire of the Boulegard  Manor, whispers from the town's people suggested that she was responsible. Her scarred appearance did little to earn sympathy. Instead she was cruelly nicknamed: the broken doll.

It wasn't long after until the town's people began to notice the dead corpses of young and beautiful girls...

The convent will tell you that Elizabeth was innocent and that she was a respected figure who donated her remaining estate to the catholic church, but generations upon generations of students of the convent, and habitants of the town will tell you that Dollaretta has been lurking the night out of envy of all the beautiful girls who dare to call her the 'broken doll'.

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February 5, 2017
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