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Today You D.I.Y.


I was inspired by the " Do it Yourself " movement so I've decided to create a poster celebrating it.

I myself also like to think of the acronym as " Design it Yourself " too.... it helps to keep me going.

The graphic shapes along the right side actually spells out " DIY or DIE " just incase it wasn't apparent at first glance.
The small body of text is a short summary of what this topic entails compliments of

hope you enjoy
thanks for your time

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So is this a full typeface you have designed, or just shapes to for the letters? It's a very interesting typeface, I'd love to see more of it. A nice break from Helvetica.
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Featured in [link] - DESIGN :gallery:
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thanks for the feature.
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hey there.
I've featured this here: [link]

I hope you don't mind.~ :heart:
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love your TxT ArT :heart:
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nice, i can usually never stop a piece of work being more complicated than it has to be,
this is cool
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Featured via news [link] :)
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really great abstraction with the geometry, also good tension compositionally. Seems like the rag on the second paragraph could use some work because of the dent in the middle, however perhaps you planned that...
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I really appreciate the compliment, I'm glad you like. as far as the dent is concerned, I kinda didn't realize it until you mentioned it. I was more focused on the last line which made a perfect fit on the bottom of the letter " y ". . . so I guess I kinda DID do it on purpose lol.

thats for the constructive comment. much appreciated.
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thanks for liking my work. I really appreciate it.
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I love how the larger type becomes more then just text. as well, i love how you were able to balanced everything onto one side.
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thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like this piece. white over black usually makes for a strong composition because of such a powerful contrast. also this piece would've been nothing without the small body of text . . . it gives it a sense of scale.
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Love the way your body text is implemented :)
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yeah me too... even from the beginning when this was just a sketch, I new I was going to add body to it......... just didn't know how. after rendering the typeface and getting the information the last paragraph lift a really small indentation, which fit perfectly against the " Y "...... its kinda funny how things work. lol This piece would've been nothing without that decision.

thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like it.
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hiya :wave:
I featured your work here [link]
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