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Kuvuli gift by Erro-meatbun Kuvuli gift :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 4 7
djkaeru: Gliders for Dummies
Another day another mission. Same thing over and over and really the comments about how horrible Pagan was were not needed. Yes some of what he was doing was wrong but the man did have his reasons. Though he was sure there was something deeper. A bigger reason why he saw fit to fight back so hard and ruthlessly. He had seen the kindness of the so called tyrannical flamboyant king and he just didn't understand why he didn't show that to the people. It would stop the war right? Proving the Path was wrong. Perhaps he tried before. After all he was the new blood here. There had to be secrets that he wasn't told that had to be playing bigger roles then he could fathom. Either way he would continue to play along until one of the parties gave up the truth.
He walked out of Banapur's hut and crossed the rice fields as he pocketed his latest mission instructions. He was needed to take out a outpost to the west. Fastest way there would be...... gods he hated that damn thing. The gliders left sca
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Djkaeru: Patching You Up
There was loud shouting and the crack of gun shots flying through the air as Ajay ran through the courtyard past the fountains up the stairs and starts scaling the wall up to the balcony. Pagan walked out onto the veranda just in time for Ajay to hop over to stand in front of him. "My my my boy... there is a easier way to come see me you know. Its called a front door and its always wide open to you. But if climbing up my balcony like a misbehaving monkey is more your style then so be it." He was silenced before he could continue by a soft kiss and a hug. "Ohhhh I see I see... no worries dearest boy. All is well. Come lets eat something not skewered on a filthy stick and drink some of my best bourbon. " At the silent nod from the boy he pulled him inside for the night. The guards down below were confused as hell but shrug and continue on with there jobs. Just another day in the life of guarding King Min. Stop the bus. Not shoot. Shoot and defend the out posts. Get shot for shooting at A
:iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 1 0
djkaeru: Shit storm
The Helicopters blades swung slowly around and around causing a light breeze to blow swirling his black jacket and ruffling the bleach blond hair of the faux hawked man as he stood upon the hill top looking down at the shit storm his dear boy was causing to old brick factory now converted to his drug storage. The whole place was on fire, elephants and rhinos trampling and knocking over vehicles. Bodies running around on fire before falling over dead to join the dozens of others. Over all while entertaining he lost quite a lot of money in that building. Oh well such is life. One building really didn't bother him. The weed fields however... now that was a problem... but cross that bridge when we get to it. For now he was enjoying watching Ajay high as a fucking kite flop his way around in a drugged haze as he ran, tripped and rolled his way away from the site of destruction. He chuckles pulling out his two way radio.
"AhhhhhhhJaaaaaaaayy!! Being naughty again?" He waits for a response ge
:iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 2 0
djkaeru: Ajay and the Pink Honey Badger
After Ajay had gotten off the latest random talk with King Min and his usual bout of random babble he continued on his search for the rare white Honey Badger that Mumu Chiffon had sent him on. So far he was in the general area of this damned thing and still no sight of it. The normal brown and black ones were all he had seen. He was about to give up after two hours of searching the area and sending out bait with no luck when he heard the distinct chatter call of yet another badger. One more that was it. After this if it wasn't it he would try again later. He followed the chatter to a clearing and stops dead and puts a hand to his face groaning. In the middle of the clearing tied to a pole was the Honey badger he was looking for. Only problem was it was now dyed a blinding hot pink and the stripe was a platinum blonde. Damn that Pagan. He dyed the rare white Honey Badger. And what was worse the pink monstrosity looked to be tame. Great. He walks over sitting beside it as it jumped and r
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Pagan and Pajay twins by Erro-meatbun Pagan and Pajay twins :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 0 0
FMA Drabble: Security/Lion and the Lamb
Erro-meatbun/SSV-Artbomb here again!!!
Again this has not been edited since it was redone. If there is anything wrong with it Grammar wise I would love to have some feedback on where and what the problem is so I can fix it. Thank you.
I still don’t own the boys. Working on that.
2) Security AKA Lion and the lamb
    There was something about Kain Fuery that made Jean Havoc feel like he had to be personal bodyguard. The man was so tiny, overly kind and would let anyone walk allover him without argument. He just didn't have courage enough to tell anyone to back off. That's where he and the team stepped in. While Kain was a grown man he was just to kind for his own good. A dog of the military with so much compassion for the small things in life. He took care of everything else tiny but who took care of him? It wasn't until the small man ended up in the hospital after a rather rough mugging that the team all agreed they needed to pr
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FMA Drabble: Death
Erro-meatbun/SSV-Artbomb here! This is unedited and I would love to have someone read it and give me feedback so I may go in and edit any problems. I will admit now my grammar is horrid and I am sorry for that.
All flames or negativity that is not helpful will be ignored!!
I do not own the characters sadly. Some other kick ass woman does.
1) Death
    Rock and steel. Rock and steel. That's all that was left. The air was heavy and stale with dust. Sunlight filtering in through the broken grime covered glass. The sun was going down making the room seem on fire with orange and pink, or was it really on fire? He couldn't tell. It didn't matter. The whole world was coming to a end anyway. 
    The lone figure in a torn, bloody uniform started shifting through files. He came across an old wrinkled age stained paper. His relocations statements, "One Sergeant Major Kain Fuery is to here by transfer to Centra
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Reeve Chibi by Erro-meatbun Reeve Chibi :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 2 2 Floaters #2 by Erro-meatbun Floaters #2 :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 9 2 Floaters #3 by Erro-meatbun Floaters #3 :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 3 6 Floaters #1 by Erro-meatbun Floaters #1 :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 3 0 Blepharitis (Blef-uh-ri-tus) by Erro-meatbun Blepharitis (Blef-uh-ri-tus) :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 4 4 Convergence by Erro-meatbun Convergence :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 1 0 Splash by Erro-meatbun Splash :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 2 0 MYOPTIC by Erro-meatbun MYOPTIC :iconerro-meatbun:Erro-meatbun 2 2


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Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 1, 2016, 7:49 AM

I do hope 2016 will bring with it some much better times then 2015! But of course it will already we have a new Mass Effect game, Resident evil game, Final Fantasy 15, And Kingdom Hearts!!!

Unfortunately I have been fighting this darned cold for weeks and it finally reared its ugly head and decided to say hello. So im on medication to clear that up and have had to call in sick for 5 days while the meds do there job. I hate being sick. everything tastes bad and i cant breathe through my nose. :(



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