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Just watching for now...

1 min read
Not so much with the taking photos for now, and I'm no longer selling stuff at Bonanza. Mostly I'm collecting cool art, particularly for my 'characters' collection. I'm also writing a ton of great book reviews, so if you want to see those, they're here:
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Moved from Etsy to Bonanza...

1 min read
For anyone looking for my Etsy booth, you can now find my jewelry, bookmarks, and hair sticks at Bonanza instead:…

I'm currently in the middle of gradually adding some bookmarks and hair sticks.

As for the two years during which I went missing... one of my medications was changed, and it seriously messed with my energy levels. Now that I'm off of that medication, I have a lot more energy and I'm starting to keep up with more things. Hopefully that means dA as well!
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More than two years!

1 min read
Good lord. I've been gone for the last two years. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, I'm hoping to once again start posting some photos, although I'm not sure how regularly! I'm hoping to take a bunch of photos of some of the hair sticks I've been making lately.
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Custom Gifts and Feature I

8 min read
Argh! I had this two-thirds done and then an ill-fated keystroke wiped it out. :cry: Well, time to reconstruct.

Anyway. As I had been saying the first time 'round. I know this series won't be done in time for the winter holidays (cat illness has thrown off my schedule something fierce), but there are plenty more occasions for which you might want to support an artist and buy a loved one something unusual and special at the same time. Birthdays. Late holiday presents. Thank-you gifts. Anniversaries. So, I definitely plan to finish this series, even if it won't be done in time for the holidays!

Note that I can't be sure all the crafters shown here sell their work. It can't hurt to ask them if you're interested in buying; worst case they say no, and maybe enough requests would convince them to go into business. As far as prints, however, I've carefully picked pieces of art that are actually available as prints as of my visit this morning.

:iconi-be-c: Santa is near by i-be-c :iconiamalittlelost: :thumb42903574: :iconimaginaryrosseart:

:iconimaginedmoments: Vigilance by ImaginedMoments :iconimaliea: ...In the Cavern... by Imaliea :iconimnium: Emagine... detail by IMNIUM

:iconinebriantia: Abundance - The Fountain by Inebriantia :iconinertiarose: Eggplant by InertiaRose :iconintano: i had a dream by intano

:iconinventivedreams: Butterfly 011 by inventivedreams :iconinwinethereistruth: Broach by InWineThereIsTruth :iconioglass: Floating castle by ioglass

:iconironshod: Celtic fairy by Ironshod :iconitop-edition: :thumb58163105: :iconizaskun: Pesca by Izaskun

And now for the shameless self-promotion part of things. We now have two shops at which we sell our crafts, one at Etsy and one at Shop Handmade. I like the latter's policies better, and can price things a little lower there due to their lower fees, but Etsy has a far better user interface, particularly for shopkeepers listing items. Oh well. So, we'll keep both. Anyway, here are a few pieces you'll find at these shops:

Chalcedony Glyphed Bookmark by ErrantDreams Chalcedony Choker by ErrantDreams Blue Lace by ErrantDreams Earthen Bookmark by ErrantDreams

Also, since it's so close to the holidays, I've been giving each order sent within the US a free upgrade to priority shipping, and will continue to do so through the end of the week!

Lastly, but certainly not least, please wish one of our cats, Selene, well. She's had some digestive issues (I know that doesn't sound like much, but it can be dangerous, and has made her dangerously aggressive toward her brother) and it's turned the house upside-down. We're dosing her with meds three times a day now, so hopefully she'll feel better soon...


Visit [link] and [link] for handmade jewelry, bookmarks, and gift bags!
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Custom Gifts and Feature G/H

10 min read
I started this series to promote the idea of giving unique, one of a kind gifts this winter, made by your favorite dA artists instead of big factories. I got the idea after I commissioned a dA crafter to make something for my husband. I hope even one or two of you have benefited! Today, it's time to pull dA artists from the 'G' and 'H' sections of the list of artists I watch. If you know of anyone else you'd like to see promoted, just link to them in the comments!

:icongate-to-nowhere: Wheel Of Fire by Gate-To-Nowhere :icongdallis: :thumb93705202:
:icongearotter: inparadisum by GearOtter :icongenscreations: Dream Catchers Fire and Ice by genscreations
:iconghost-dreamer: Tubed by Ghost-Dreamer :icongild-a-lily: :thumb85734106:
:iconginee: The Shooting Star by ginee :icongirltripped: Like Licking the Spoon by girltripped
:iconglooh: :thumb68508773: :iconglunac:
:icongoblinmorningtea: Autumn Pendant by GoblinMorningTea :icongoblinqueeen: Creatures of the Night by GoblinQueeen
:icongosiekd: elf III by gosiekd :icongothicjade: :thumb83800483:
:icongruppler: Mounds by gruppler :iconhakubaikou: haven by hakubaikou
:iconhameed: Swan Nebula by Hameed :iconhappip: Un Gato by happip
:iconhappyangel: Fairytale Night 2 by HappyAngel :iconharlewood: Lizard on a Rock by harlewood
:iconhatefueled: Never Quit Searching by hatefueled :iconhawkthrower: Greathelm by hawkthrower
:iconhedaard: :thumb99715347: :iconhenning: Summon by henning
:iconheterodyning: :thumb104078367: :iconhiliuyun: Ink People by hiliuyun
:iconhorhhe: serenity 2 by horhhe :iconhybridgothica: Ascendancy. by hybridgothica

This has been coming along a little too slowly due to my own busy-ness, so I figured I'd better do two letters instead of one this time!

Dark Cross Necklace by ErrantDreams India Princess by ErrantDreams Druidic by ErrantDreams


Visit [link] for handmade jewelry, bookmarks, and gift bags. Check out our holiday shipping special!
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