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Fell behind again; that's what I get for trying to keep up with actual work. ;) I have a book review to write this morning, and tomorrow I should spend another day taking photos of beaded items and re-sizing and croppingthem for etsy. I'm listing an item a day there at the moment. Saturday I sat down to make a bookmark for someone's birthday and ended up making eight of the things.

Speaking of birthdays, yesterday I attended THE coolest birthday party ever. It was the 16th birthday party of the son of some friends of ours, and they asked for help from a bunch of their friends. He'd asked for a medieval-themed birthday, and they and many of their friends are members of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism, so they actually have the props and gear and clothing to carry it off.

They took it one step farther, though. They gave us adults characters such as the merchant, the sorceress, the soothsayer, the cavalier, the fairy queen, etc. We each had one or two things we wanted and one or two things we could give out, and sometimes we knew useful bits of information. The kids were split into three groups, and they were trying to collect several 'treasures.' So it was this nifty set of quest chains, where they had to interact with various characters and convince us to give up the things we wanted or, in some cases, defeat us through armed combat with padded "weapons." VERY cool.

The only problem is that it turned out to be unseasonably hot and humid, which made some of the kids cranky.

The whole thing was followed up by a "feast" on metal plates and with metal goblets, using hand-foods (cheese breads, meat pies, chicken legs). Then there was cake---an AMAZING dragon-head cake that blew me away---and ice cream.

Luckily, this is the kind of really nice and well-grounded 16-year-old who understands that this is an incredibly cool thing for his parents to do for him, and who isn't one of those spoiled kids who think they simply deserve this kind of layout.

Sadly I forgot my camera and do not have pictures. :(

Time for a new mini-feature, though! Instead of featuring one artist, I want to post some of the coolest dragon pictures I've found so far---which is likely to make this a rather long feature, but hey, why not. Feel free to point me to additional ones you like in the comments:

:iconsmolderbone: The Spirit of the Forest by SmolderBone :thumb54707490:

:iconmagolobo: Ice Dragon by Magolobo Firelord by Magolobo

:iconpearlphoenix: My link to the Reality... by PearlPhoenix

:iconcooley: Personal Project - Hellborn Dragon by cooley

:iconfat-turkey: Little Dragon by Fat-Turkey

:iconeic: :thumb67397890: :thumb69929046: :thumb94110140: :thumb71022982:

:iconimaginedmoments: Reminiscence by ImaginedMoments Vigilance by ImaginedMoments

:iconhybridgothica: Nirvanica. by hybridgothica

:iconironshod: Spiny Woodland Hopper by Ironshod

:iconkeelerleah: Golden Dragon of Wishes by keelerleah

:iconkerembeyit: Silver by kerembeyit Gold by kerembeyit :thumb49529740: Black by kerembeyit

:iconghost-dreamer: Dragon Reborn by Ghost-Dreamer

:iconashwings: Searching for Survivors by Ashwings

:iconzilla774: Her Valentine by zilla774


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Great feature! Thank you for including me!
ErrantDreams's avatar
My pleasure! You do neat work! :sun:
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Wow, gorgeous features!

The party sounded like it was so much fun! I need to join the SCA this year, several of my friends are members and I've been to different events, but never joined and it is SO much fun. :)
ErrantDreams's avatar
There is SO much amazing art on DA.

It was great! I'll have to do a part II journal entry including links to write-ups of it from the father of the birthday. There are photos in his blog posts. :)

Do you know which kingdom you're in? My husband joined recently.
DarkFireRaven's avatar
I am in the West Kingdom. :) As far as subkingdoms and shires go, I have no clue where I am yet. :)
ErrantDreams's avatar
lol, gotcha. We're in Atlantia.
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The father of the birthday boy has been putting up blog posts with photos; in a few days once he's done I'll do a part 2 post with links!
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Thanks a lot by chossing one of my dragons!
ErrantDreams's avatar
My pleasure---it's gorgeous! :sun:
Magolobo's avatar
Here´s another mine, I think a little better than IceDragon: [link]
ErrantDreams's avatar
Thanks! Happy to add it!
Magolobo's avatar
Double thanks again!
Fat-Turkey's avatar
Duuuuude! That was definitely an awesome party! :dance:
ErrantDreams's avatar
I agree! :D Getting to help was its own reward.
keelerleah's avatar
Wow, thanks so much for the feature! :hug:
ErrantDreams's avatar
SmolderBone's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! :hug:
ErrantDreams's avatar
It's my pleasure! Your dragons are heavenly! :sun:
ImaginedMoments's avatar
:wave: and thank you so much Heather for the feature, I am honored my dear :hug: :blowkiss:
ErrantDreams's avatar
My pleasure! Very cool work you do!
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