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91 heads
53 unique angles

This started as a reference sheet, but it soon took on a life of its own. Seriously, where do you people keep coming from? SERIOUSLY.

Ta DA!
A female version of this is in progress and will be ready soon.  16 heads down...75 to go. If you check out the WIP pic up close, you'll see I've got a much nicer pen tool this time around.  I'll be doing a lot more refs in the near future, so please also ANSWER THE POLL for which ref you want to see first.
Headshots II - Female (16 of 91) by ErrantCrow

Other Tutorials and References:
Stone Creek Coffee by ErrantCrow 
Stone Creek Coffee speedpaint

Ref Sheets
Eyeroll by ErrantCrow  Color Scheme - 001 Painting Gold by ErrantCrow
Eyeroll, Color Scheme 001 (Klimt)

Tutorials & Steps
How to Digi-Paint While Broke by ErrantCrow Painting Digital 01 by ErrantCrow 
Artrage (use it, here's why), Digital Painting from Life

Edit 8/28/11: Can I just say, um, whoa and thanks? It looks like someone suddenly decided to put up a huge, honking Look At THIS sign on the internet pointing to this deviation. In fact, yep, there is, and the sign belongs to FOERVRAENGD. Thanks. The comments alone made this week for me. WhiteShinigami has won a llama for the line: "sweet friggin cheezus O .O"

Thanks also to ArtistsHospital, Drawing-Tutorials, and Animal-Anatomy for requesting to feature this in their groups.

Using as a Ref: I'm completely cool with people using this as a reference for drawing those difficult head angles. But link back to this deviation.  Share the love. Exercise restraint.

Thanks again,
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Thank you for the reference i plan to use this to improve my art skills
MLPdrawerCurlyCotton's avatar
Thank you for doing this! I can use this practicing animation and doing portraits!

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Wow.... psychedelic (my vision is so space... )
Very good job!
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Whoa.  This looks really amazing.  Probably going to be really useful too.
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Mind is blown. This is trippy ~
KindCritic's avatar
Looking at this is kind of trippy, really.
Thanks for posting your reference though!
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Thank you! This is really helpful since I always have trouble with the head and eyes.
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I had to put a lot of time in to get better. I made this wanting to help people learn to 'see' those angles faster than I did, so I hope it does help you. Put another comment on this post with a link to any art you make using this as a reference or 'guide'.
RebellingLemming's avatar
This is when tutorial becomes art itself!
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Thanks! I hope you find it helpful. If you do make any art using this as a ref/guide, please add a comment with the link.  I'd love to see it. 
RebellingLemming's avatar
Absolutely this helps me several times again and again! Thank you very much! If I publish my art with help of this reference, I would tell people that the tutorial helps me and I will adds the link for sure! 
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I think it is really well done. It looks like the reflection taken off  the inside of a sphere and laid flat. 
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Thanks. If you want to see another cool illusion, sweep your eyes around the faces in a circle or figure 8. If you do it right, it will feel like you're watching one animated head turn around in space.
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Epic. Thanks a lot!
Artmeans321's avatar
very well done this will help a loot!Clap 
Ereshkiga1's avatar
nice one! love how you created a pattern with these :)
Rrysva's avatar
thank you, thank you sooo much for this! I've always had problems drawing heads looking up, but this an awesome reference *o*
goshngolly's avatar
this is amazing!
Zarraheth's avatar
This is so madly awesome. WOW thank you!
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attempting to redraw this for anatomy learning purposes... harder then it looks! I'm about 18 in and keeping the head size, face and bone structure consistent is so difficult! kudos to you. This is a great resource, but also very well composed as a piece!
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