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Aladdin 2: My god, this is painful to look at.

Aladdin 3: That’s better. Though why wasn’t Genie given more to do in the first wedding?

Beauty and the Beast, Christmas: I’m so bored. You could have done so much to expand the romance between Bell and the Beast and all you do, is give us a recap.

Pocahontas 2: I have several questions in the wake of this movie, but aside from that this was fun.

Lion King 2: First movie was Hamlet, now we have Romeo and Juliet, only… good.

Extremely Goofy Movie: Over ten years and it’s still a blast to watch. Though, now that I’m an adult, I have to wonder if prissy-pants ever got actual cumupens in the legal sense. You know, like he should after almost killing people!

Mermaid 2: Arial, you do realise you’re setting yourself up for failure, right?

Lady and the Tramp 2: The first movie was a love story between an upper class lady and a street-smart playboy. This is a story about their kid learning where he belongs and that the ‘free life’ he wanted didn’t have the love and bonds that he needed.

Neverland 2: When I was little, I was annoyed at Jane for being such a downer and refusing to believe. Now that I’m older I recognise that her attitude is a very realistic reaction to the environment that she lives in. I’m still bothered by the fake out death of Tinker Bell though.

Cinderella 2: Why does this exist? Why does this exist? Why does this exist?

Hunchback of Notre Dame: This is even more painful than Aladdin two, it has no reason to exist, they screwed up Feabus’ character, and it does not deserve line this awesome.
*What are you doing?   Just standing here looking pretty.*

Tarzan and Jane: This is just three episodes of the TV series sown together with a flimsy over arcing narrative. Was this just to get people to watch the series?

Rescuers Down Under: Growing up I watched this, a lot. Now, I’m just wondering why it’s here. It’s pretty, sure. But, the main characters don’t do much to help the human character.

101 Dalmatians: This is actually a pretty good character story. We have over coming doubts, an idol not being what he seems, and the strengths of the main character are displayed and enforced all throughout that movie.

Jungle Book 2: The only thing I really smile at in this movie is the music.

Atlantis 2: Even when I was little I thought the story was disjointed. Now that I’m older I know that this was meant to be a TV series, but got dropped because the movie didn’t make enough money. And now I can’t watch this without sadly wondering what might have been.

Lion King 1 ½: This should have just been a part of the special features of one of the other movies. You know, like those director commentaries.

Mulan 2: Mushu is a jerk in this and there are a few lines that bug me, but its heart is in the right place.

Lilo and Stitch 2: This is a really nice movie delving into the idea of a terminal illness and not recognising that someone you love needs you more in that moment than you need them. You can’t un-see it now.

Kronk’s New Grove: This should have been one or more episodes of the TV show.

Fox and the Hound: I’m glad that they’re trying to explore the friendship of Tod and Copper, but aside from the music, this movie is just ‘meh’.

Cinderella 3: I can’t believe it. They got me to like something Cinderella related. Though it really should have had a better title.

The Little Mermaid, Arial’s Beginning: Continuity? What’s that?