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UnderNote Light Dreemur Ref-sheet. by Errand-Girl UnderNote Light Dreemur Ref-sheet. by Errand-Girl
UnderNote is a Death Note x Undertale AU I thought of.

Basic Run down:

After Light regains her memories at the end of the Yotsuba arc, she become disgusted and fights with her other half. I a last ditch attempt to stop Kira for good, she goes to My. Ebott and jumps down a large hole. However, she hit her head really hard during the fall, and as a result lost all of her memories. So she didn't know who 'the voice in her head', who 'Kira' was.

Kira had claimed to be her ally. That they were there to protect her from the monsters that lived in the Underground. After the run in with Flowey, Light began to believe what Kira had said, and placed her trust in them, killing any monster that attacked them. Even Toriel.

However, when she encountered Papyrus, and he tried to spare them. Light began to question what they were doing. She wanted to spare Paps, and tried to convince Kira of the idea as well. She was about to use MERCY, when Kira took control and killed Paps anyway. This act of pure cruelty made Light realise that Kira had been lying to her. The realisation of what they had done, and that no one would offer her a chance again, decimated Light's HoPe. She gave up.

Kira continued to kill all of the monsters in the underground, until the Judgement Hall, where Sans stepped in. Watching Sans fight back against Kira, slowly began to rekindle Light's HoPe. She began to think that, maybe, Kira could be stopped. Her HoPe grew to the point where she was opening cheering him on. When Kira attempted to kill Sans after he fell asleep, Light, in an act of defiance, seized back control and stabbed herself through the chest. In her final moments, before she RESET everything, She apologised to Sans and promised that she was going to fix everything.

RESETing the timeline, Light went through the True Pacifist run, freed the monsters and never looked back. Not seeing any signs that anyone was looking for her, Light came to the conclusion, that either she didn't have any family, or they didn't really care about her. She is now Toriel's daughter, and Sans acts like a doting father to her.

It has been two years since Yotsuba and freeing the monsters. Light is acting as their ambassador, but has yet to make a public appearance. What do you think would happen if she accidentally met up with L, when Sans tries to use his shortcuts while tired?
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December 21, 2016
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