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Daybreak Gleem by Errand-Girl
Daybreak Gleam

Age: 17

Gender: Male

The wilful and hot tempered son of Twilight Sparkle, Daybreak has always been living in his mother's shadow. Although he is actually very smart and soft-hearted, he hinds these traits behind a rough and ill-tempered exterior.

Twilight decided to name him Daybreak after the time of day he'd been born. Daybreak has a black coat and a white mane and tail, with the mane having a violate streak. Being born three months premature, Daybreak was very week, and not expected to live. As a result of this, Twilight became very protective of him and would often worry herself senseless.

Daybreak grew up in the Ponyvile castle with his mother, rarely going outside because  of the 'dangers'. Because of this, Daybreak was never able to earn his cutiemark as Twilight would always stop him from doing anything more dangerous than knitting. This treatment gradually wore at Daybreak's patients and eventually lead him to become the ill-tempered stallion he is today. Finally losing all patience with his mother, at the age of thirteen, Daybreak would begin to do reckless and stupid things to prove he can take care of himself, resulting in Twilight's protectiveness to kick in and the two family members to devolve into arguing. These arguments usually ended one of two ways, Twilight sending Daybreak to his room, or Daybreak going to his room of his own volition and slamming the door.

At the age of seventeen, a still cutiemarkless Daybreak had gotten into a huge argument with Twilight after his latest reckless act of trying to fly at top speed indoors. During this argument, Daybreak had ended up blaming Twilight for the fact that he still didn't have a cutiemark and was completely isolated, calling her a pathetic excuse for an apparent 'Princess of Friendship'. Twilight had sent him to his room, but, later that night, Daybreak had run away from home, before Twilight could go to his room to apologise, after having given what Daybreak had said some thought. Wanting to get as far away from the castle and his mother as possible, Daybreak ran to Horseshoe Bay, were he would later meet the other descendants and eventually become friends.

Daybreak wears a navy blue vest to hide his wings, so ponies think that he's a unicorn. Although he has almost no fuse for his temper, his anger is like a firework, very bright and very dangerous if you get too close, but doesn't last very long. His lack of experience with other ponies can make him awkward around others and he often ends up thinking out loud because he's forgotten that he's not in the castle anymore and that ponies can hear him. Daybreak is a very prideful stallion and can find it very difficult to admit when he's made a mistake, let alone apologise of it. This is why, even though he's calmed down from his argument with Twilight, he refuses to return home, because doing so would be admitting that he was wrong, and he doesn't want to be lock up in the castle again, especially now that he has friends and just may have a chance of finding his cutiemark.

This is the Bio for Daybreak. Bios for the other seven characters are coming soon.
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Submitted on
December 19, 2015
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