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This is a small card (11-18cm) I made quickly yesterday, before to go to Opeth's show at Lyon. My goal was to give it to the group & I succeed in it. :)
Next time, I'll do a better one, this one is ... hum... an hurry card ?
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Luci-fuga's avatar
Très bon choix de groupe !!!!
mandiocaStudio's avatar
Love the details you added !!
Gordoroth's avatar
Yeahh !! very good !!
ffpersos's avatar
superbe O , j'adore ! :D
tiamat9's avatar
Opeth are one of my favorite bands. Fine work. This really captures the design of their logo beautifully.
plumbage's avatar
I never saw Opeth live :|

And I love Opeth... I want it tooooooooooooooooooo
Errance's avatar
Ah... I saw them two times this years. ;)
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But it doesn't seem so "hurried", it's very nice! You actually gave it to them? That's great, what did they say? :)

I still hope to somehow get tickets for the sold-out concert on Saturday in Vienna... :fingerscrossed:
Errance's avatar
I know I can do a better one with more time, I may do that one day. :)
I gave it at the end, when they were shaking hands of the public, don't have the time to say something. :(
Hope you find a ticket, the concert was great. :)
XiaoGui's avatar
But still, they have your little calligraphy now, even if you couldn't say something. :)
I have been to the concert yesterday, and it was awesome! I stil can't move my head and neck.. :D
Errance's avatar
Yep, they've got it & I think it's the better life this calligraphy can do. :)
Opeth is reallly good in live. If you can't move your head, it means that you intensly involve in the concert. :headbang:
arcanoide's avatar
trés jolie lettrine
Holyrose's avatar
Presqu'aussi joli que celle que j'avais donnée à Goldman, tiens bon, ils t'enverront peut être une enveloppe avec une photo dédicacée :p
Errance's avatar
J'espère bien qu'ils me donneront un petit quelque chose, ça serait amusant. Mais bon, elle est pas si terrible, j'ai fait vite & il reste bcp d'erreur, la lettrine devrait être plus grosse aussi, bah, ils n'y verront rien. :D
scarabbeo's avatar
I like the idea!
fave for the different viev :)
Errance's avatar
I wonder if they answer me, I put my mail on the back of the paper. :)
scarabbeo's avatar
I have wandered wether You'd do anything like this ;)
nice :)

so, I wish You they'll answer
Letenastare's avatar
J'aime beaucoup ! :)
Starless-Moonlight's avatar
Oh ! Sympa !

Tu as été au concert ? J'avais complètement oublié la date .... grmbl ça m'aurait bien plu d'y aller (mais de toute façon j'étais crevé) c'était bien ? :)
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