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Gothique Cursive V.II

This time, it's the complete font, but not the final version. I need to improve some glyph.
But this font includes opentype feature, the red caracters on the picture. With an appropriate software (like an Adobe one : Photoshop or inDesign), you can activate OpenType fonctions. So the final "s" is not the same as the inside "s", "de" is a special glyph & the letter "e", "t", "n", "g" & "y" are different when they ended a word.

Please tell me if you do something with, I really want to see it. :)
No commercial use.

Cette fois, je suis presque au bout, même si certaines lettres ont besoin d'amélioration.
J'ai ajouté des fonctions Open Type qui fonctionne avec des versions récentes de Photoshop par exemple, cela permet d'avoir des lettres finales & des ligatures.
Par exemple, le "s" final est différent du "s" dans un mot, de la même manière que "ss" s'affiche encore légèrement différemment. D'autres lettres possèdent aussi des terminaisons spéciales quand elles sont en fin de mot, comme le "y" ou le "n".
Bref, à terme, cette police pourrait simuler plus précisément l'écriture avec plusieurs variantes pour certaines lettres.

Pas d'usage commercial svp.
© 2007 - 2021 Errance
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Parfait! Superb!

A very good work. Elegant and with a lot of variants. I'm practicing this calligraphic style since a few months. The Gothic Cursive is fascinating and this typography was a must for me!
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Anyway I can use this for my book cover?
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hey man you can text me on this font "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" ???
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"So the final "s" is not the same as the inside "s"

Correct. Its the way scriptors did all the time during medieval times:

"f"-looking S always in the middle - not in use any more today

But I still love it B)
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I know that, but my goal was to do an historical typography, not a readable one.:p
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Great font! I used it over here: [link]
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Thank for the link. It's very kind of you.
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Hey, I really think it's a very beautiful font, thanks for sharing =D
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You're welcome.
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I Feel Like A Dolt For Not Being Able To Read This...
Can Someone Tell Me What This Says?
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There is nothing important. I just wrote :

Open type - Open Type
de de / esses esses 0123456789

Where are you when I need you ? D

Item : un livre appellé decarcornon
couvert de cuir vermeil emprainr...
Un petit volume en françois.
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The font is unique, thanks for sharing!
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This font is awesome. I'm getting a tattoo done tomorrow, is it cool if I this? I'll send you a picture of it when it's done if you would like.
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Have you done the tattoo ? If yes, I really want to see the result. :-)
Not yet, I've been working on getting my smaller pieces completed first.
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Oho my teacher is gonna hate me! Hehee! I'm going to use this font to write the Da Vinci page in my sketchbook, but in true Da Vinci style, it will be the mirror image.......hehehehe! Thanks for the font!! I'll try and post an image up of the final page! :D
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Thank you very much for this!
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Amazing! This font is a work of art! It's a joy for everyone who loves medieval caligraphy! Thank you!
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Thanks a lot. :-)
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Realmente hermosa
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It looks great—a Cursiva with a nice hand-lettered script appearance—but I find it tedious to read. There are some truly inspirational letter forms in here but as a font it's just too different to serve much purpose. I think part of the problem is the fact that some letters slant to the left while others slant to the right, and loops on characters which aren't known to have loops.
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This is an historical font base on manuscript, the gothic cursive is a student script create since the XII-XIII century. It's really hard to read it, but I try to keep my font historical as possible.

One day, I'll try to make this font better, but it's the first & the only font I've create & it took my month & month...
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