BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 17

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BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 17


Hello everyone! :wave:

Here's the feature of my deviantARTSupporters group. :la:
But not that ordinary feature... ;)

I decided to show you only BEST works.
Which means: technically perfect, interesting or just original.

:iconpinkflowerplz: :thumb199971930: :iconpinkflowerplz:



:iconlovesplz: TRADITIONAL ART :iconlovesplz:
:thumb266223474: Metal by AndieCris Untitled Buffalo Sketch by Earleywine
:thumb265071193: The Creepy Side of Lupin by Chashirskiy:thumb266216566: Best human friends by Anisis

Mature Content

lady lion by Analyysi
Edgar Allan Poe by dasidaria-art Shape of a pear by Ytril Dancing for you... by Michaela9
:thumb265931476: Shakira draw. by titol87:thumb266800771:
:thumb204737153: Autumnal by Busbi Leafy twigs by dasidaria-art

:iconlovesplz: DIGITAL ART :iconlovesplz:
Forgotten by ericinprogress Happy Halloween by elisamoriconi Marble ball 1 by Bulldoggenliebchen
Great Horned Owl In The Autumn by youlittlemonkey t by jam28 Taste the Moustache Octopus by yumcha
Girl in a hat by IronMouse86:thumb266117957: Tribute to Hussar by inSOLense

Mature Content

OC Agata by NImportant
- Niluviel and Nelyaeth - by ooneithoo Viking by Nafah Scarecrow No Mercy by leandro-sf
- Lost - LunaCee - by ooneithoo:thumb267364324: Synkope by Bea-Gonzalez

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOMANIPULATIONS :iconlovesplz:
Valoel by babsartcreations Torn In-Between by RoohaT Beautiful Liar by TitusBoy25
Hold On by LaVolpeCimina Akeldama by babsartcreations Kill a dream by cylonka
Siren by Muttlyn Zodiac : Pisces by ClairObscurArt beautiful girl by theultra:thumb266354697:

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOGRAPHY :iconlovesplz:
Alone with You by Bellayona raspberries by xgrungery Staaare by LucieJirankova
:thumb265892179: Talk to me by SaphiraSwirl ancient wonders by SaphoPhotographics
Violetta The Witch by ksushiks:thumb266326181::thumb266388729:
:thumb265499068: Through The Rain by incolor16 Waiting by elthudor Somewhere in Romania by RichardConstantinoff

:iconlovesplz: ARTISAN CRAFTS :iconlovesplz:
Amelia by BlackWings-jewelry Twilight Pas de Trois by LuthienThye Necklace Russian Fairy Tales by allim-lip
Lovey Dragon Topper by DragonsAndBeasties:thumb266063828:
Riding Into The Past by RetroRevivalBoutique The Palest Chandeliers by RetroRevivalBoutique Kawaii Halloween Chibis by xRcks

:iconlovesplz: LITERATURE :iconlovesplz:
GoodbyeI saw you
But now I don't see you anymore
The time was running out
Our time together was final
And most of my life you were done
You needed to live through others
Like through me
And even when you did so
You never gave up
You were always ready for a challenge till the end
You were always talking before thinking
Always telling the truth
And that was not always for the best
But we loved you anyway
We saw you
Your bubbling energy
Your straightforwardness
Your lust for life
I miss you
You were a fighter
A one of a kind
One that shouldn´t have left
But time passes
And we don't control what happens
We just know it will happen
I just know I cried
I just know it ended
I just know it was for the best
Still I wish it could be different
That everything was a fairytale lie
But I have to face reality
The time passed
Even through I would wish that I could rewind it
I must be grateful to have known you
And I am
Because I saw you
And now I don't see you anymore
SW Ch 10: What GLOB desires... by RCWikkydArtist

:iconlovesplz: OTHER :iconlovesplz:


:below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below:

Here are preview part of news:
PART 1 --->…
PART 2 --->…
PART 3 --->…
PART 4 --->…
PART 5 --->…
PART 6 --->…
PART 7 --->…
PART 8 --->…
PART 9 --->…
PART 10 --->…
PART 11 --->…
PART 12 --->…
PART 13 --->…
PART 14 --->…
PART 15 --->…
PART 16 --->…

:above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above:

Have a nice day!


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wow...thank you so much,i appreciate it!