BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 13

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BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 13


Hello everyone! :wave:

Here's the feature of my deviantARTSupporters group. :la:
But not that ordinary feature... ;)

I decided to show you only THE BEST works.
Which means: technically perfect, interesting or just original.

:iconpinkflowerplz: :thumb199971930: :iconpinkflowerplz:



:iconlovesplz: TRADITIONAL ART :iconlovesplz:
:thumb261355286: Karma by DawnstarW
:thumb261830393: Lotte by Vitadog - Belphe and Rusty - Lovers - by ooneithoo
:thumb260668039::thumb261747175: Lady of the Forest by blue-willow
. Wednesday . by Wlotus-2307:thumb261868063::thumb261699648::thumb261871888:
Nothing Good Has Happened Yet by Alicia08:thumb261859241::thumb261832756: Mechanical Bird by InsanityIsMyReality
Sunset by Elentarri It's worth it by Bitterb Halloween: Sweet Blood by Atompilz94

:iconlovesplz: DIGITAL ART :iconlovesplz:
Dragon calendar - July by Anisis
Sun - Moon by Valleyquail Reflections by cyan-fox:thumb193491217:
Royal Kake by izka197:thumb261876998: Sailor Mars by izka197

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOMANIPULATIONS :iconlovesplz:
Magic Forest II by MirellaSantana Lady of the Moon by zypie Wild Strawberry by babsartcreations
In This Other World by dienel96 Where Water Meets Fire by InsanityIsMyReality I need to dream by Maxwelb
Tiny Bubbles by DesignbyKatt space-time for a dream by Creamydigital Fay by babsartcreations
The Balcony by dienel96 Ballroom Angel by LaVolpeCimina Magic Wood by dienel96
. . . . .. by BaxiaArt The Widow by Corvinerium:thumb261984688:

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOGRAPHY :iconlovesplz:
Color my world by NeonfarbeneRealitaet:thumb261493406: Wave of nature by sKodOne
:thumb258412910: Soak Up The Sun by incolor16 Wasp closeup by sKodOne
Gift33 by malaladanila:thumb257447793: Breathing The Silence by ksushiks
Always channel your own path by NeonfarbeneRealitaet:thumb260952048: Tamarin Monkey by Shifter6
Mister O. by LuciaConstantin Red Ivy by arius86:thumb262051179:

:iconlovesplz: ARTISAN CRAFTS :iconlovesplz:
Maat Necklace by Bojo-Bijoux
Eco-friendly, Zombeh Kitteh by mypetmoon Maria Antonia JSK by jajaneko Charms from the deep by suzannetje87 Eco-friendly, Bunny Zombeh by mypetmoon
Owl Hat by KayPikeFashion Delphia by BlackWings-jewelry:thumb262068996:

:iconlovesplz: LITERATURE :iconlovesplz:
:thumb261742062: EmotionsI am sitting in the grass disconsolate letting the warm breeze caress my face tenderly.
The sun rises triumphant after its long fight against the darkness.
The dawn fires the sky but my heart can't exult.
My hands are dirty and empty. As I look at them, the pain gets stronger.
The war took everything from me.
There is no love, no joy, no dreams, no future left for me.
Dark clouds march towards the sun, threatening its splendor.
The Earth is soaked with Her sons' blood, and there is no peace in the sky above her.
I look around me and desolation is all I can see, but I am not able to cry anymore.
Suddenly a roar - I can't say if it was a thunder or a shot.
Something cold hits my palm making me shudder.
My breath becomes irregular, my eyes fill with tears, my heart beats faster and I finally feel I am alive.
It is a raindrop, and in this drop there is the universe...


:below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below:

Here are preview part of news:
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Have a nice day!


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Thx for the feature. wonderful collection :)