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Welcome to Erotic Cuties, a nonviolence group featuring the beauty and glamour of the human or humanoid fantasy female; clothed or nude, young or not so young, thin or not so thin; happy, pouty, cute, cuddly, sexy, seductive, exotic, erotic or just simply lovely and beautiful; in a consensual and peaceful setting.

(Our Membership Requirements and Group Guidelines are listed below.)

We hope you enjoy your time while visiting or submitting art to our group.

A great big THANK YOU to all our member artists, watchers and all others who participate in this group in whatever manner. :heart:

Of course, the success of any endeavor such as this is all the people who make it happen. In the case of Erotic Cuties it is our admins: :clap:

Our Administrators:

:iconean-sze: :iconlynxander: :icongb62da: :icony-phil: :iconkittyillustrations: :iconlexxii: :iconpingping08:


There are a few artists who were formerly involved in this group as admins who, for various reasons, are no longer working in that capacity. A sincere "thank you" to each and every one of you who were a valuable part of the group and who helped grow and shape the group to what it is today. Thank you each so very much for your past involvement with the group and for your friendship. :heart:


"Membership is restricted to artists whose galleries contain a minimum of five works, of their own creation (including edits and photo manipulations), which would be suitable for submission to the group under the group's submission guidelines."

Submission Guidelines

As a non violence group, we do not feature art depicting the darker side of blood, gore, violence, middle finger gestures, bondage, BDSM, weapons, whips, anger, aggression, fear, or any non consensual actions against a woman. Any works of that nature belong in a group more suited for that type of art.

Our group is "Female Only." Please no female/male group settings. (Exception would be gatherings, such as parties, bars, street or beach scenes where males are a part of the background and not the subject of the particular work).

We will not knowingly feature any art which is in violation of Deviant/ART pornographic rules (FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?) and/or underage rules (FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?).  

This group prefers to see the full face (or side or back of the head) of the model (or at least one model, if more than one is depicted); so please no headless torsos or just body parts.

Oh those ugly watermarks! - Those of us who call ourselves artists, photographers or models want to protect the integrity of our work and our copyrights. I certainly do. With that said, there becomes a point where a watermark or copyright (or "censored" overlay) notice overpowers the beauty of the work. Good examples of this is the large standard d/A watermark or Patreon "P" smack dab in the middle of a work. Sorry, but we would rather not have those in our group.

All photo edits, manipulations, or non original artworks should credit and, if possible, link to the underlying photo, and/or photographer or other work of art.

All (conforming) art and artists as well as all mediums (completed works only) are welcome. There is a minimum (rather subjective) standard as to the quality of the work. If an administrator feels the quality of the work is not what we want... nothing personal... it will not be accepted.

And, PLEASE submit to the appropriate gallery

Thank you for understanding and adhering to these group guidelines. (These guidelines are subject to periodic change)

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An adult oriented, non violence group featuring the beauty and glamour of the human or humanoid fantasy female; clothed or nude, young or not so young, thin or not so thin; happy, pouty, cute, cuddly, sexy, exotic, erotic or just simply lovely and beautiful; in a consensual and peaceful setting.
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