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With growing impatience, Beatrice awaits Dante near the Ponte Vecchio, on a lovely afternoon in old Florence.


Background painting... [link]


Many thanks to MelancholyMannequin for the use of her stock, "Elifish 11".

Her icon...:iconmelancholymannequin:

Link to the photo... [link]

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Sep 19, 2010, 2:35:08 PM
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Beautiful...I love the fact that Dante's love for Beatrice and her budding intrest in him was real:)
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Thanks so much for the kind words. It really is an inspiring story, isn't it? :rose:
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I know!!! I'm 17, but I love the story of Dante and Beatrice, it is really beautiful and romantic...I think alot of people would think I was wierd...
ErosMyth's avatar
:giggle: Yes, I understand. Nonetheless, there will never be a way to counter those who would call us "weird", after all, for as soon as we change to suit them, they think we're weird for some other reason. :mwahaha: All we can do is be as honest as we dare to be, and strive to build paths to the things we love and admire. Learning from the great love stories, or the great masters, or simply a great soul, is one of the ways we gain the strength and vision to navigate through life, difficult as it is for us all. :nod:
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Thanks for the beautiful words...
In the end, enjoyment and intrest in the finest works of art and literature will raise a person to higher places, mentally, spiritualy, or otherwise, than ignoring them and counting them as "stupid and old fashioned." I can't wait till I am out of highschool and can follow and share what I love in earnest (I'm thinking art history in college). Also, we can learn so much from the stories and words of The Creators themselves.
ErosMyth's avatar
That field of study seems like an excellent choice for you, and I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. I hope you can achieve the right niche in an art history specialty, perhaps in one of the world's great museums, or some other place where the true glory of art can unfol, and yhou can pass your love and enthusiasm to thousands of others. :nod:
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oh, I hope so...I really want to study or live in Florence, Italy, or Kyoto, Japan and just ABSORB everything. I hope you do what you love for a job or field of study, or whatever, as well!
ErosMyth's avatar
Oh, wow, that sounds ideal. I sincerly hope it works out for you. I've been to Florence, and the atmosphere is simply electiric with art history and appreciation, and Siena and Assissi are not far away.

I think it would be great to be in Japan for a while too. I'm a big fan of Myazaki, though I'm pretty igroant of the nations real artistic contributions. :nod:
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I love this! Great job!
ErosMyth's avatar

I'm very glad you love it !!! :rose:
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You did an absolutely fantastic job of bring these two images together! They truly look as though they were originally in the same image. Great job! :D
ErosMyth's avatar

That's very kind of you to mention this piece. That's exactly what I was hoping to accomplish.

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Great, you have married up the pictures really well :heart:
TheRedRidingHood's avatar
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:heart: Yeah, me too.
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Amazing... This is just insane, really. You never fail to amaze me =]
ErosMyth's avatar
:wow: Thanks so much. That's a very kind thought.

Hairchanger07's avatar
very pretty and soft colors! lovely! :)
ErosMyth's avatar
Aww, thanks. I like it when these manips look soft and appealing. :nod:
pure-anime's avatar
Beautiful as always. ^^
ErosMyth's avatar
Thanks so much. I'm really glad you like it. :nod:
barbaraplanche's avatar
Very sensible and pure, and in the same time a little mistic.
ErosMyth's avatar
Thanks you. She certainly seems to be sensing something, truly.

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