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Gah! Been neglecting my dA bigtime!...
  • Listening to: croaking frogs...
  • Reading: Punk Rock Jesus
  • Watching: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Playing: Craps
  • Eating: Melon
  • Drinking: Coffee really is 2012.
  • Listening to: Someone cutting their lawn...
  • Reading: The Avenging Spiderman, Wolverine and the X-men
  • Watching: Lost Season 3
  • Playing: Blackjack
  • Eating: Banana
  • Drinking: Coffee
Up waaay too early this morning and still trying to shake off the flu. *joy*
  • Listening to: The Howard Stern Show!
  • Reading: The Alien Agenda
  • Watching: Evangelion
  • Playing: Entanglement
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Coffee
Happy New Year everyone!!
  • Listening to: Black Swan Soundtrack
  • Reading: Manual
  • Watching: Lakers v. 76ers
  • Playing: head games
  • Eating: Tamales
  • Drinking: Frostie Blue Cream Soda
Where'd the time go? Is it really Christmas time already?!
  • Listening to: Sirius
  • Reading: CFSL
  • Watching: Gurren Lagann
  • Playing: Chess
  • Eating: Frosted Flakes
  • Drinking: Water
I've been on the planet for a little while now and I've never found myself in a conversation where I've had to use the word "milieu" in a sentence. You never know what tomorrow will bring though so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Listening to: Someone vacuuming the office next door.
  • Reading: Eric Canete's blog.
  • Watching: Darker Than Black
  • Playing: Coy
  • Eating: Oatmeal
  • Drinking: Water
Incredible the sense of accomplishment that washes over you when you go through a box of floss. Its the little things...
  • Listening to: Forest Swords
  • Reading: Script
  • Watching: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Playing: Beta Testing
  • Eating: Fruit
  • Drinking: Water

That acronym and its meaning didn't used to mean much to me when I was a freealance artist. As a freelancer, Friday could be Wednesday since you were able to set your own schedule so TGIF never quite caught on with me.
Nowadays, after having been in the 9-5 game for a few years now, I catch myself saying it either out loud or to myself.
Right after it happens I usually want to punch myself on the side of the head...

Apologies to whoever I have to interact with today that involves conversation because I just killed a garlic bagel. Yum.

  • Listening to: Howard Stern
  • Reading: HoopsHype
  • Watching: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Hulu
  • Playing: Beta Testing
  • Eating: Garlic Bagel
  • Drinking: Coffee
I just saw this thing a little while ago...this thing is gonna be a turd judging from the amount of footage they show to try and convince the audience that it'll be worth seeing in the theaters.
This is THOR! for effs sake! This should be EPIC!....but it is not and I am sad.
  • Listening to: Howard Stern
  • Reading: The Bleacher Report
  • Watching: Louie on Hulu
  • Playing: my left pocket
  • Eating: Wasabi Almonds
  • Drinking: Water
I haven't had anytime to do any sort of personal drawing whatsoever and I'm starting to climb the walls....AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH.
Yeah yeah I know...woe is me.
  • Listening to: my stomach
  • Reading: my reader
  • Watching: Flash Forward
  • Playing: my ukulele
  • Eating: Teriyaki Chicken and Beef Bowl w/ Brown Rice
  • Drinking: Water
Is there even such a thing?!? I think the ink pen tool in Art Rage v.3 might qualify!
This thing is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! (and that's a lot of exclamation marks!) holee shit...

P.S. I still can't stand that name though...
  • Listening to: Grizzly Bear
  • Reading: Soul Eater manga
  • Watching: in awe.
  • Playing: my ukulele
  • Eating: maybe eggs and toast
  • Drinking: Coffee
Is it really 2010 already? HAL where are you?...
  • Listening to: Steel Pulse
  • Reading: Reader subscriptions
  • Watching: and waiting.
  • Playing: BioShock on Steam
  • Eating: Life cereal
  • Drinking: Coffee
I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has stopped by my little corner of DA. Thank you for the adds. Thank you for the favs. Thank you for the kind words, they really keep me motivated. Most of all thank you to all the artists of all types that are here on DA for sharing their work. It continues to inspire me and to drive me to create.
I hope everyone here has a creative, productive and lucrative year! Happy 2010!


  • Listening to: The History of Howard Stern (Act 3) on Sirius.
  • Reading: HoopsHype
  • Watching: Keep your eye on the ball...
  • Playing: BioShock on Steam
  • Eating: Wasabi Peas
  • Drinking: Coffee
I don't really know what to write here but I was getting tired of seeing "Your journal is empty. Click here to write an entry!"
Maybe I should try saying something worthwhile. *ahem* Here goes:

Ellipses are not footballs.

Thank you.

...oh and Happy Friday :)
  • Listening to: DJ Krush radio on Last.FM
  • Reading: email
  • Watching: always watching...
  • Playing: punch the dummy
  • Eating: cream filled donut
  • Drinking: coffee