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Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Do you see the way that we have grown apart?I don't like it at allDo you see the ways that we have gone too far?Drifting off of our courseDo you see the ways that we've let plastic cover the ocean like snow? Snow it always meltsWith the seasons change and the summers helpOne's cold water and one was oil beforeOh, how much there's left to learn Lately I've been worriedI don't know where to it is that I do belongLately I've been too busyTo smell the bottle brushJust chasing laps around the sun I've sat here and cried, salt running from my eyesWondering, "How will I end up with you?"And you just laugh and smileShake your head and remind me th

The Year of Cosmo! 15th Anniversary!

The Year of Cosmo! 15th Anniversary!

Wazza guys, TreeofLife911 here! Today we celebrate the 15th anniversary since the first episode of season 3 of Sonic X, which was also Cosmo's 15th birthday!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! To celebrate the year of Cosmo, I'm going to place two Cosmo pics I made, the new arts that the artists made too and the rest that also made by artists I put from my own Cosmo memory journal! Here you guys are: I hope you Cosmo fans enjoyed it and thank those who supported this. And please spread this if you would. I am TreeofLife911, and I thank you for reading this journal. Till next time everyone!




Artist // Professional // Traditional Art
My Bio
-I like to draw all kinds of things, I like to innovate in different styles of drawing.

- My first language is Spanish, My second one is English.
-I born in Santiago of Chile

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rhapsody of fire , Lacrimosa ,Sopor aeternus , bach,Chopin,Mozart,Beethoven ,etc.
Favourite Games
Silent hill, Dead space.

The uncensored comic is already on several pages.

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happy new year 2020

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If I do well in my patreon with this comic, maybe I'll ...

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TheBadgermeisterNew Deviant

Have to say, it's a first seeing the combination of both Cosmic Horror and Sonic Fan characters on a page. Although i'm not hating it

EROS-ARISTOTELES-ARTProfessional Traditional Artist

hahaha thanks :D

Hey Eros 👋 Sonic Revolution is coming up this month. I was wondering if you’re still accepting commissions?

EROS-ARISTOTELES-ARTProfessional Traditional Artist

at the moment i am only accepting commissions via paypal

Could I get a link to PayPal account?

CapricornDiem456Hobbyist General Artist

Hi. Will there be more art of Luna and her friends in tutus and dancing ballet?

ihlenfeldStudent Digital Artist
Hola Eros, un rediseño de Luna, con estilo de ballet, espero te guste.
Luna Ballet Class