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Dragon's night

A proud dragon, the most powerful, the last of his kind. He asked himself "was is worth all the quest for power and eternity, everyone fear me, even the kings bow on me. But what does it mean to be powerful? I am sitting at the top, alone."
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This is the last night of the kings
Centaurium's avatar
so AWESOME can i use this with credit
Lazer500's avatar
Would i be allowed to utilize this picture for a shirt?
emeraldshapeshifter's avatar
Might i use this for reference for a picture? im trying to draw a dragon sitting like this....its hard
Moon-Cascade's avatar
Absolutely beautiful. So majestic and powerful...
MustangRider2's avatar
Creeepy...I love it :D

This piece seems calm yet foreboding.
marinus18's avatar
very good. The picture perfectly illustrates with the text. I especially like the moonshine. It's gorgious.
greymon767's avatar
I love this, poor guy :( wonderful job, it's absolutely beautiful
Enferlain's avatar
Damn, the emotions this picture bears... Masterpiece.
XVSkulblaka7's avatar
The overall concept is inspiring. :iconsmile--plz:
G-Light-1994's avatar
this is magnificent. actually, I'm having to write a descriptive, poetic essay on an image, and I was really hoping to use this. it really says a lot t me, and I would be sure to cite you in. :3
A very evocative image. At the first glance it says a hundred words, and further inspection reveals many more. We especially love that moon! The simple subject matter belies the depth and wealth of story that a viewer can find in it, and the small details here and there keep the eye moving, always looking for more. Great work, very emotive. It seems one of our Eggs likes it as well!
AguaRush11's avatar
i love this :) the pose and the lighting are perfect :)
theruos's avatar
wow makes you wonder
blackbriar246's avatar
So sad! But beautiful. Great job! :D
talliesynn's avatar
Lovely! I love the mood in this, especially reading the comment. It kind of made me feel sad. :(
But very nice work! <3
dmaland's avatar
Love the moonlight glinting off the wings.
Thatonegirludontknow's avatar
Love the composition in this. The lighting puts a lot of emotion in it. Nicely done.
Varcollacci's avatar
It is a very beautiful golden rectangle composition :D
Also I like the way you render the lights.

A deep soliloquy, seems to be an elder dragon.
lciav's avatar
nice description, he sounds lonely...
beautiful :)
sarkel4's avatar
so beautiful! nice colours and light!
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