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December 17, 2010
Dragon Rider by ~eronzki999 The Suggester said: "~eronzki999 has a superb taste for dragons and epic pictures, making them extremely accurate in both detailing and overall effect. His works would not disfigure at all as illustrations for a fantasy project! Be sure to have a look at the rest of his amazing gallery, as it is full of interesting concepts!".
Featured by Atramina
Suggested by WhiteKimahri
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Dragon Rider

I'm not used to do this kind of atmosphere but I really liked how this turned out.

You can see the process here [link]

-update- fixed the dragon's arm because it looked crazy and slightly smoothed the rider's skin.

Thanks for the DD! Thank you Atramina and WhiteKimahri
Thanks for all the compliments
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dragonrider364's avatar
Dragon looks awesome to the extreme and I like the pose, but yeah, this isn't eiken, put some clothes on her.
ZombieFighter116's avatar
Now that's a mount!
JaqErant92's avatar
I love the dragon, but I'm not a fan of the woman's lack of clothing or the skeleton. Just my personal opinion.
Sharkwebs's avatar
This is sooooooooooooo AWESOME.!!!!
Kanadaj's avatar
What is that watermark on the middle?
MMZero01's avatar
I am so glad I never recieved a rider... At first, I thought having a human's body as a disguise was a punishment... But now I feel so satisfied with it...
javavenos's avatar
Wow! This is immense!
Crimsonwolf1134's avatar
I like the similarities between her armor and the wyvern itself (sorry, dragon-nitpicky me there; dragons have six limbs, wyverns four) although I do wonder why she even bothers wearing armor, considering the amount left unprotected (she must get cold at altitude :p)
mr-buttons-esq's avatar
But aren't wyverns just a type of dragon? As in "all wyverns are dragons but all dragons are not wyverns?"
In the strict definition, no; in the general sense of the word, maybe. They're usually distinguished between and if you look specifically at European mythology they differentiate between the two. It is a tricky word.
woops, noticed I was a little general there; *western* dragons have six. Oriental dragons are a little more varied
RaymondMinnaar's avatar
brilliant work im in love with this beautifull piece
mr1southworth's avatar
billyboop's avatar
Really great work!
Valvado's avatar
This is incredible! Beautiful work congrats :D

Com and see fantasy Art Gallery :

Sheba987's avatar
Amazing work, i want it ^_^
MiimiiLowell's avatar
BrianFajardo's avatar
Ganda! oks yung nasa chest ng dragon..
DarksteelForge's avatar
That dragons back must really chafe her with so little clothes on.
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