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Hi all! Im not gonna use the blog anymore. Instead, I've just opened

Take a look and hope you like it! ;)
Hi! Just here to say Hello to the asshole that reported the "Kevin tied up by Stella" image. Also want to send my greetings to the devian art administrator who deleted the image because of my watermark where a link to my clips4sale store appears. 

Accourding to DevianArt FAQ: "You are not allowed to post outside links to any website which hosts pornographic content or other materials which violate the deviantART terms of service."

I invite the admin to enter to the link, and see if there's any pornography there. For God sake, you can't even see a single boob or a nude there.

If even that is "unacceptble", I invite DA staff to delete the entire "Fetish Portrait" category.

Hi all! I always thought that Bondage Spanish Girls was a too long name, so I decided to change it to Spainsh Ties. The femdom studio also changes his name, now is Spanish Ties Femdom.

The clips4sale URL's are the same. I don't know what Im gonna do with the blog, I have it abandoned. I only use it here in Devian Art to link my images, because devian art dosesn't allow clips4sale links (at least it was this way last time I tried).

This is the best month since I started this adventure, and I want to thank you all for your support! New videos coming soon!
Hi! We are nominated in 3 categories on Bondage Awards, I'll really apreciate it if you help me with a vote. I'll help me a lot!

Here the nominations for Bondage Spanish Girls:……

And here you can nominate Kevin as the best male sub ^^…

Thank you all!
Hi guys! Thanks all of you for your support.

This entry is for tell you that if you have any comment about my videos, models, something thaht you think I can improve, any request... Please let me know! I apreciate all the feedback because it helps me to make better videos ;)

Send me an email at telling me whatever you want. 

I always read and answer ALL your mails ;)
It's awesome how people like the handgag videos, they are being a totally succes.

Im very happy! ^^
Just found for the first time my videos posted in a forum xD

Im very happy that people like my videos, but I need the money to produce them :(
I've also created a Facebook page! Bondage Spanish Girls going into 2.0 xD

See you!
I've just opened a twitter account. Take a look! ;)

For those who say Im not very original with the clips titles:

You're right :(
Hi all! How are you? It's been a while since I've updated the journal, so let's do it now ^^

We'll have new girls soon! The studio (both of them) is running quite well, but I still need a lot of more traffic.

I'll try to buy ballgags and more bondage stuff for the upcoming videos, but these things aren't cheaper :( xD

See you and enjoy our new photos&videos!
Want to see Lorena and Clara tying up, trampling and doing foot domination to boys? I've opened a studio for those who also likes femdom F/M.

Take a look at our website ;)


PD: At the moment I don't have pictures to upload from this new studio, I'll try to do it as soon as possible.
I want to say thank you to all of you who have visited our photos and all of you who have commented or send me a message. I really apreciate it!

More pictures will be coming next week!

PD: Im from Spain and I don't speak english as good as I would want, so sorry if I say something weird! xD
Hi all! How are you doing?

Im a Bondage producer from Spain. Here you'll find some free pictures that I will upload. Hope you like it.