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Boo like boom boom! by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
Boo like boom boom! :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 17 9
Michelle Volleyball Kit by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
Michelle Volleyball Kit :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 19 37
Prepping Maria by erogenesisCGI
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Prepping Maria :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 15 30
Lali shares her DD Cup! :D by erogenesisCGI
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Lali shares her DD Cup! :D :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 49 64
DD3 Icon (submitted) by erogenesisCGI
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DD3 Icon (submitted) :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 7 36
Xtina Previews DD3 by erogenesisCGI Xtina Previews DD3 :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 10 23 Final details DD3 by erogenesisCGI
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Final details DD3 :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 17 23
Miauw by erogenesisCGI
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Miauw :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 47 50
Stoned, drunk and naughty by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
Stoned, drunk and naughty :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 8 35
Visiting Clips at the Hospital by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
Visiting Clips at the Hospital :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 29 36
Naughty, naughty, very very naughty by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
Naughty, naughty, very very naughty :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 77 51
wheeewww!! by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
wheeewww!! :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 25 31
Amour Interdit by erogenesisCGI Amour Interdit :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 15 36 Dock A37 by erogenesisCGI Dock A37 :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 11 29 DD3: We just want to play by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
DD3: We just want to play :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 61 73
Disco Dragon 3: Whooo, do you see the colors? by erogenesisCGI
Mature content
Disco Dragon 3: Whooo, do you see the colors? :iconerogenesiscgi:erogenesisCGI 14 43


Comics Available:

- Weapons handling for fantasy artists (2012)
Lali shows us how a CG / comic artist should handle not only firearms safely, but also a big purple dildo

- Adventures of Lali: Code10
Lali has an unplanned job interview for the Black Ops section of her Intelligence Company, and of course that happens Lali style.

- Adventures of Lali: The Route
Lali receives very personal coaching from the head of Black Desk in the CQB center, and in her apartment.

- Lali Lite 1: The Gentleman's Club
Lali has a flashback of one of her mischievous rampages in Cambridge University, getting herself ans everyone else in trouble in the process.

- Lali Lite 2: Impulse
Maria is home alone while Lali is out birthday shopping. Suddenly Uncle Errol knocks on the door. She invites him in for tea...

- Lali Lite 3: The Disco Dragon (part 1) *Free!!
Lali and the girls go for a night out in the UK. Lali finds out that Christina is a virgin and decides to put an end to that...

- Lali Lite 3: The Disco Dragon (part 2)
Lali attempts to secure the VIP room for her further plans to get Christina laid in the only way Lali knows! But will it work out the way the wants?

Comics Planned:

- Lali Lite 3: The Disco Dragon (part 3 & 4)
Lali's quest to get Christina laid continues!

- The Adventures of Sen: Initiation
Sen undergoes the traditional initiation for all young women in Triplonia, but she has her own plans for the outcome.

- Lali Lite 4: The secrets of Professor Brown
Because of her antics, Lali has been threatened to get expelled from the University by Professor Brown. To stop him, she tries to discover some of his dirty secrets...

- Siren 7
A Junior Explorer called Rose lands on her second planet during her first exploration Tour. When her analysis computer malfunctions, she is forced to explore the region manually. She then discovers she's not alone on the planet...

- Adventures of Lali: Take Down
Lali gets assigned to her first operation!


"Erotica": The delaying of the orgasm.

General Themes - Although I obviously also do pretty explicit sex scenes, I am comparatively 'vanilla' compared to other erotica artists. Erotica for me is flirting, the promise of sex, perhaps even the threat of sex, and only then the sex itself. I generally keep to fun-loving, mischievous, relatable story lines for small series and comics. In my bigger comics I get more daring with questionable / perilous / violent situations and adventures, as long as it serves the story.

Suggestions and ideas are more likely to be taken up by me if they fit into what I'm already doing, are in line with my taste and style, and is possible with the characters I already have. Anything beyond will be more tricky since I am usually pressed for time.

What about sex? - Like mentioned before, I obviously do explicit material (as you can see in my comics), like orgies, lesbian, basic hardcore, but rarely anal and dickgirls. I generally keep explicit material in commercial comics since I don't wanna give away too much, although I do make exceptions depending on the idea. To guarantee that my stories are 'genuine' or 'immersive', I need to be genuinely fascinated with the subject, and therefore many of them are based on my real-life experiences and sexual preferences. I confess I never even heard of dickgirls since before I got into CGe (CGI Erotica), and anal sex really doesn't interest me, so all that stuff doesn't come naturally to me. But we'll see.

How kinky? - I don't mind subjecting my characters to awkward, questionable or perilous situations, as long as it serves the plot or character arcs. Although I will touch on the subjects during a story, I generally I don't do all-out uninhibited BDSM, Slavery, or over-protracted Peril as central subject matters. Characters grow more interesting when you see them having to find their way out of a tight spot, not if they can't ever move and you just watch them despair hopelessly. That's just cruel. So far I haven't gotten to anything of this nature, but will do soon. Sen's first comic will be a test to see how far I can push the whole peril thing without making it look utterly distasteful.



erogenesisCGI's Profile Picture
Everyone calls me Ero
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Welcome!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I am a 3D CGI Comic artist. If you like happy, fun and humorous erotica, or perhaps also more serious fantasy warrior erotica, with believable characters in 3D CGI, I invite you to stick around a while and don't forget to check out my galleries.


To make sure you have a good time here, let's quickly get a few things out of the way:

KINDLY BE INFORMED, YOU WILL FIND EROTIC/NAUGHTY CONTENT IN MY GALLERIES! SOME MILD, SOME EXPLICIT! :D All comply with Deviant Art's TOS. Rather not watch me if you're not into erotica.

My 'Mature' DA filtering rules:
breasts, basic artistic nudity = moderate nudity
exposed gens, even slightly = strict nudity
anything sexual, sexy, suggestive, naughty poses = strict nudity / sexual

FYI: A lot of content in my art is my own creation. Even though I use Poser, my girls are unique, created from scratch in 3DSMax, and rigged in Poser. Although I don't mind using it, and supporting the creators, I do not rely solely on prefab 3D content, and when I do use third party content, I tweak it to avoid my work looking like a DAZ catalog.

No commissions unfortunately. Just too busy! Ideas and suggestions for Lali and the girls welcome, as long as it is in good taste, and not too far removed from my current projects. More details below.


I specialize in mild to explicitly erotic CGI* comics**, generally Adventure / Comedy Erotica. The main idea behind most of my work is to try and capture believability through the story, and the characters, instead of just the technological quality. I also do a lot of free online series where you can sometimes interact with the girls or change the story through your comments.

Like my name suggests, my main erotic theme is the buildup of an erotic experience and how things happen when the experience unfolds. Stories and character building can get quite elaborate and even continue during a sex scene. For the more action-based comics like Lali's Black Desk and Sen's adventures, the emphasis is more on how the character deals with the situation they've been put in. All the erotica needs a reason, not just senseless porno, more-or-less :D

My comics are generally about a girl called Lali, and/or her friends (and sister), and it can get quite raunchy at times, so be warned if you're not into that stuff! All the girls obviously depict ladies of 18 to 25 and above years of age.

Besides that I do experiment with other characters and scenarios, like the fantasy character Sen , who's future comics can get quite heavy.

I am also experimenting with a futuristic Sci Fi story, and I hope to make an erotic Sci-Fi comic next year some time.

You might find some old drawings and paintings in my galleries, I used to do a lot of that when I was still in school and university. I also did a lot of photography from 2004-2011.

* Computer Generated Imagery
** Available at Renderotica



There should be something for everyone to enjoy. Every image I post starts off in the featured gallery, but they gradually get sorted into their own respective galleries. You will find many loose images either of Lali, of one of her friends, or all of them. Some erotic, nude, but also plenty decent and clothed. There are Classical Pin Ups you might enjoy viewing, pictures of barbarian warrior babes, Gunslinging Bad-Ass chicks, or even entire series like the Pock Rescue Mission, the Arca's Afterparty, or the Pool Party. These series are often built up through reactions from commenters and fans, and are generally a lot of fun to follow.

I also have a Top 25 Gallery based on favorite and comment statistics, this might be the raunchiest gallery, lol.



Lali and some of her friends are partly based on live girls I know, or mix and matches of them, in character and looks.

CG-technically, the girls used to be based on a highly customized DAZ's Victoria 4 base mesh from 2011-2014. Now they are based on my own 3D Poser figure (made in 3DSMax), which has several incarnations now. The proprietary comic version is called 'Erogirl'. I have a commercial version called Evolution. Evolution is available for Poser at CGbytes (not including my comic characters).

All their body shapes, faces, morphs, textures and expressions were made by me. Each girl also has their own unique smile. Lali's hair is based on a Kozaburo model, but also completely adapted to suit my needs. The hairstyles of the other ladies are slightly less unique, but also adapted to fit them. The (in)famous Lali's Bits (for Poser/DS) was also named after Lali, because they were developed along with her character and her comics.

Many of the props in the older scenes were also made by me, although recently I've been forced to use third party stuff due to time. Although I've relaxed my idea of using third party content, I still change and adapt it to not make it look like some DAZ catalogue.



CG (erotic) Comic Artist based somewhere in Africa. My avatar is Lali, a lady, my main character... but I am a dude.

Worked as a geologist for a European oil/gas survey, as GPS techie in protection of black rhinos, wildlife photography, anti-poaching, C# software development, other geological exploration, and have been making erotic CGI comics since 2012. I sell them over at Renderotica.

I read all comments & replies but don't always have the time to reply. I haz a busy... Thanks in advance for any watches and comments and mentions, I hope you enjoy my stuff. Feel free to share my free images with anyone you want, remember to tell them its by me :D



Software of choice: 3DSMax, zBrush, Photoshop, Poser Pro, Notepad, Notepad++, Cubase, Reason... and wishing for either Houdini, Maya, C4D, Modo or better yet, Marionette!!

___________________________________ <<< warning! Mature content!!!!
if that doesn't work, try: (also mature content!)



Boo like boom boom!
just, because I can :D

edit: rifle is large cuz boo is 5ft2 (1.6m)

Laila is erogirl made in max
hair is refitted V4 jaguar hair
gear made in max (except gloves)
gun ripped from fallout NV mod
Michelle Volleyball Kit
Hey again. Like I said in the previous post, I've been doing a lot of everything lately. While I make a comic, I usually make a list of things that need improving or need making, like morphs, or in this case maria's hair which is different than in the later series (longer), and then straight after a release I do a load of updates, which is pretty much what I've been doing. I've also been catching up on some modeling projects for future comics (see next picture). Its nice to get that all off my chest before jumping back into the world of the DD! Still a number of things to do, some other things I'll need to save for after Sen's first comic (like completing the construction of the Siren 7 Space ships, dock, outfits, and the planet Siren 7 itself...) but I will confess I'm also taking it easy for a few more days.

Allow me to show off for a second :D (Ignoring the football [US: soccer] for a second) for a long time I was missing some proper detailed everyday stuff for my girls, like really detailed with buttons laces and hems etc. Those trainers are half the polycount of V4 lol, same as the kneepads. Here you can see a couple of things I've modeled for my Erogirls, like simple but detailed trainers, proper socks, knee pads, a few tank tops (more variants as well) and some hair fuzz to give the girls a slight touch of scruffiness, especially during strenuous movement... ahem... :D The cap you guys saw before I think. I also made that hospital room (the pic that I kept getting into trouble for! grr), as well as a few other simple but detailed rooms and furniture. Maybe one day I can re-fit this for PE, if i have time. The annoying part is that this was all planned for with regards to PE, as I was going to use PE in my comics and all the content I made for my girls could be directly shipped off to the store, two birds with one stone kinda thing... alas, things went a little differently, and now I would have to re-rig it specifically for PE. One day maybe. But for now, at least my girls will be looking a little better in some new attire.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!!


Modeled in 3dsmax, rigged and rendered in Poser.
All my me except for the underpants, ball and ponytail.
Prepping Maria
Whatever happened to Maria? ;) That will be revealed in the Disco Dragon part 4 :D

Hey folks. I've been doing a lot of everything lately. While I make a comic, I usually make a list of things that need improving or need making, like morphs, or in this case maria's hair which is different than in the later series (longer), and then straight after a release I do a load of updates, which is pretty much what I've been doing. I've also been catching up on some modeling projects for future comics (see next picture). Its nice to get that all off my chest before jumping back into the world of the DD! Still a number of things to do, some other things I'll need to save for after Sen's first comic (like completing the construction of the Siren 7 Space ships, dock, outfits, and the planet Siren 7 itself...) but I will confess I'm also taking it easy for a few more days.

Happy belated Easter btw :D
Chilling with the GF today (her B'Day). Catch up tomorrow with comments and messages, and resuming production on DD!!! :DI salute you! Drool 
Lali shares her DD Cup! :D
Hey peeps! Because everyone has been so awesome and enthusiastic about the Disco Dragon 3, and because apocalypse (clips) suggested I start making some merch for the Disco Dragon series, how about a DD cup?? :D lol I'll think of some more silly shit soon but this is what I could come up with in such a short time!

Its made in 3dsmax for Poser but there's a version that works in DAZ Studio (the one not labelled Poser). The materials will only work in Poser, but if you know your way around simple DS shaders, you'll be able to handle them too. it has morphs that change the shape of the cup as well as the level of the liquid.

Download Zip file there >>>>>>>>>

Cup DD by erogenesisCGI  DD Cup Black Gold by erogenesisCGI

Thanks for all the support and compliments! I will reply to posts and emails shortly!
DD3 Release Day 1: Keeping track of activity since 5am, absolutely humbled with all the superrrrrrrr flattering compliments through DA, Rotica and email. Thank you for an awesome day everyone! 

 BIG Big Grin 

Disco Dragon 3 released!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 9, 2019, 3:13 AM

DD3 Icon (submitted) by erogenesisCGI DD3 - 'Voorpret' by erogenesisCGI
Naughty, naughty, very very naughty by erogenesisCGI

For your information, in the near-ish future I will be re-structuring my comics, especially their names. Since I started off completely inexperienced and with a plan that kept changing as I grew, many of my comic titles don't make much sense, like 'Lali Lite' being actually larger than Lali's Black Desk comics, and Lali's Black Desk comics need their own grouped main title: "Black Desk Series". I will also create some new bundles relevant to these series. Once DD4 comes out I will provide the whole Disco Dragon Series as a bundle and I will make sure that all previous purchasers of the DD2 and 3 will get the DD4 at the same discount as the people getting the future bundle. I will first test the messaging system before doing this though.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fellow artists and esteemed pervs! It is with great pleasure that I present to you The Disco Dragon Part 3 as it is now available in the Renderotica store!!! The time for feeling sorry for myself is finally over lol! 

Lali finally continues her quest to get her nerdy housemate, Christina, laid. How far does she get, who will she involve, and how far will she go to complete her mission?? In any case, be prepared to see lots of naked girls, silly banter, pussies, willies, giggling, naughtiness, antics, using my latest versions of my girls and their delicious assets.

If you liked it, be sure to drop a rating on the product page at Renderotica! Feel free to leave a review here or on my blogspot* or Renderotica blog page**. I really hope you enjoy it. I'm back in action, and I hope I can follow up soon with part 4!!!

*erogenesis dot blogspot dot com
**on Renderotica, find my 'Artist Studio' and you'll find a blog post there!
I cannot link to a porn site on DA, but its easy to find!

For your hands only (concept poster) by erogenesisCGI

After the DD4 I will go straight into Sen's first comic, which, like with the DD3 and 4, I've been DYING to finish. I'm not sure how long Sen's comic will take but I hope to be able to also do one other comic by December this year, but we'll see!

Sen's Initiation 0041 by erogenesisCGIEnvironment test for Sen's comic by erogenesisCGI

Stoned, drunk and naughty by erogenesisCGI
Final details DD3 by erogenesisCGI

(all pictures are from Deviant Art Galleries and conform to DA's TOS as of the time of submission!)

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