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Snowball: Someone likes you, and it’s snow joke! (18)
Deviously Devoted: Someone is your fiendish fan! 😈 (14)
Gold Coin 2023: Someone thinks you're golden! (5)
Totally Normal: What could be more ordinary? (2)
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No commissions. Requests welcome. I am busy though...


Thank you so much for stopping by! Let's get straight to business:

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I am a 3D CGI (erotic) Comic artist, and I love naughty stories. Although my work does have porny vibes and moments, it's more just comics with an actual story, characters... but then with explicit sex too. If you like happy, fun and humorous erotica, or perhaps also more serious fantasy warrior erotica, with believable characters in 3D CGI, I invite you to stick around a while and don't forget to check out my galleries.

Check out the latest on comix and naughtiness on my site via my DA Portal!

KINDLY BE INFORMED, YOU WILL FIND EROTIC/NAUGHTY CONTENT IN MY GALLERIES! SOME MILD, SOME EXPLICIT! All comply with Deviant Art's TOS. Rather not watch me if you're not into erotica.

Lali 2019


Why so much sex and erotica? I keep insisting that sex is the central mechanic for our survival as a species in this harsh unforgiving universe. It is a big deal, it is a natural impulse, it is worth celebrating! I hope to do that in a tasteful, fun and classy way.


I choose to introduce myself this way instead of on the official About page / widget. The About widget fades away, which might stop people from bothering to read / glance at it. I am an erotica artist, I cannot afford to mess around with all the moral stigma associated (and the resulting over-eager expectations). I want to introduce myself crystal clear, with all my latest stuff in view right next to it.


No commissions unfortunately. Just too busy! Ideas and suggestions for Lali and the girls welcome, as long as it is in good taste, and not too far removed from my current projects.

Please read up about my 'style' below... (In the separate information widget) to avoid disappointment. Making such comics is intense work and I need to have personal motivation to make it through. Therefore I stick to things I can relate to. (No anal!)

PS: I'm a dude. Call me by any pronoun that works for you


Technical brief (more details below)

I generally try to make my own content using 3DSMax and then import it into Poser. I do also make use of and recycle prefab content, but when I do, I make sure it's tweaked and unique. I often have to adjust content anyway to fit my own female 3D figure. Essentially, nothing I use is every out-of-the-box. All my poses and expressions are my own.


rollin n lollin


I specialize in mild to explicitly erotic CGI* comics**, generally Adventure / Comedy Erotica. I post lots of pictures here and on Renderotica among other places. I will be posting more on my new website accessible through my DA Portal. I also do a lot of free online series where you can sometimes interact with the girls or change the story through your comments.

My work is a lot more character and story driven than your typical porn comic. I don't really subscribe to any particular porn trend. For the more action-based comics like Lali's Black Desk and Sen's adventures, the emphasis is more on how the character deals with the situation they've been put in. All the erotica needs a reason, not just senseless porno, more-or-less :D

Lali and the erogirls

My comics are generally about a girl called Lali, and/or her friends (and sister). Collectively I call them the erogirls. These stories it can get quite raunchy at times, so be warned if you're not into that stuff!

The erogirls are mostly college / university girls, and you'll find they dress in jeans and sneakers most of the time. All the erogirls obviously depict adult girls (18+). More information below.

Lali Portrait 2
Ero's Girls 2015
Girls preparing for a night out!

Besides that I do experiment with other characters and scenarios, like the fantasy character Sen , who's future comics can get quite heavy.

Pure Sen
Face paint

I am also experimenting with a futuristic Sci Fi story, and I hope to make an erotic Sci-Fi comic next year some time.

Siren 7 Concept

You might find some old drawings and paintings in my galleries, I used to do a lot of that when I was still in school and university. I also did a lot of photography from 2004-2011.

Mountain forest

* Computer Generated Imagery ** Available at Renderotica



There should be something for everyone to enjoy. Every image I post starts off in the featured gallery, but they gradually get sorted into their own respective galleries. You will find many loose images either of Lali, of one of her friends, or all of them. Some erotic, nude, but also plenty decent and clothed. There are Classical Pin Ups you might enjoy viewing, pictures of barbarian warrior babes, Gunslinging Bad-Ass chicks.

By far the most fun are the Online Free Series like the Pock Rescue Mission, the Arca's Afterparty, or the Pool Party. Here are some more:

These series are often built up through reactions from commenters and fans, and are generally a lot of fun to follow. Any current series will be loaded in reverse (so start from the end).

I also have a Top 25 Gallery based on favorite and comment statistics (needs updating), this might be the raunchiest gallery, lol.


ABOUT THE GIRLS (Technical):

Lali and some of her friends are partly based on live adult girls I know, or mix and matches of them, in character and looks.

Click here for more detailed information about the girls' backgrounds, ages and design methods.

CG-technically, the girls used to be based on a highly customized DAZ's Victoria 4 base mesh from 2011-2014. Now they are based on my own 3D Poser figure (made in 3DSMax), which has several incarnations now. The proprietary comic version is called 'Erogirl'. I have a commercial version called Evolution. Evolution is available for Poser at CGbytes (not including my comic characters).

All their body shapes, faces, morphs, textures and expressions were made by me. Each girl also has their own unique smile. Lali's hair is based on a Kozaburo model, but also completely adapted to suit my needs. The hairstyles of the other ladies are slightly less unique, but also adapted to fit them. The (in)famous Lali's Bits (for Poser/DS) was also named after Lali, because they were developed along with her character and her comics.

Like mentioned before, although i do make use of third party content, I do make a lot of content myself, ranging from outfits to buildings and even entire environments. Chick here to see some examples.

Blondie and the Nanofiber Ballistic Ecosuit 1
Working off a list - Amagar Arena 2
Antics in Tanzania!


Caveman tech?

I will admit I might still be using 'old tech' for my renders. I still use Poser's Firefly renderer... and yes I still use Poser. Poser is definitely still a good application, it just suffers from corporate neglect (Smith Micro) and bad stock figures that look like ragdolls. It has been taken over by a more suitable company since then, but we'll have to see if that actually works. Since 2016, I've taken matters into my own hands by making my own figures as well as entirely customizing my interface with insane scripts that do unspeakable things. None-the-less, I have been feeling the pressure for some time now, and it is very possible that I will be switching to either DAZ Studio or Blender in the foreseeable future.

In the meanwhile, I am focusing more on story and character rather than just technological trends. If cave people could be entertained with saliva-ochre hand prints and stick buffalo for thousands of years, and comic artists could entertain people using pen and paper for decades, I'm sure Firefly can do the trick too for now.


Why Poser?

Why Poser if I can use Blender and/or 3DSMax? Simple: I'm a storyteller first and foremost. Although I use 3DSMax and lately Blender to model stuff, they don't lend themselves to efficient, home-grown animating and comic production. Poser (and DAZ Studio) are way way way easier and faster to use, and let's you get on with it quicker (and cheaper in the case of 3DSMax).

That said, if Blender starts to provide modules to speed poses, shapekeys and pre-prepared content up, this could change.


Why DeviantART?

Why do I post on Deviant Art and not on a dedicated porn site? Although there are plenty of great porn sites out there, once the mature filters are lifted, all class, aesthetic and nuance seem to go out the window when it comes to erotica. I think this is because modern society is still weird about sex and erotica (which is the dumbest thing ever, since sex is the central mechanic for our survival as a species. It's worth celebrating... but there is also such a thing as obsessing over it to such a degree that it becomes silly.).

Porn sites usually don't give a damn about story, character or even composition and style. Some make an effort but you're usually swamped in a sea of pretty disgusting smut and very aggressive ads that link and relink to a half-dozen other sites that look exactly the same half the time. And while there's a time and place for all that, I don't want to be immersed in a sperm-squirting anal pucker bitch-choking fuckfest all the time. It's not the environment to tell a nuanced sexy story in.

Deviant Art's rather liberal TOS permits me to go quite far, but not all the way. That suits me fine, as I keep the explicit stuff for in my comics anyway (I do have plans for my own site though). I personally think the limitations force me to be creative too. Honestly, some of the erotica here is probably sexier than what I see on most porn sites, that's not a joke.

Deviant Art also has a wide variety of art lovers and shameless fanatics, and the banter in the comment section is absolute gold sometimes. And although we can get pretty naughty and lewd sometimes, I think DA's environment helps to keep us creative in how we want to be naughty, instead of just going straight off the deep end.

That all said, I would love it if Deviant Art would permit me to sell my xxx comics here. Oh man that would be great.

I do my best to make my work as tasteful and fun as possible, and I hope Deviant Art stays Deviant like this. I love it here.



CG (erotic) Comic Artist based in the UK. I was born and raised in Africa and started making comics there too. My avatar is Lali, a lady, my main character... but I am a dude.

Worked as a geologist for a European oil/gas survey, as GPS techie in protection of black rhinos, wildlife photography, anti-poaching, C# software development, other geological exploration, and have been making erotic CGI comics since 2012. I sell them over at Renderotica, Gumroad* and Affect3D*. Check my Deviant Portal for more information.

*only recent ones at Gumroad and Affect3D


I read all comments & replies but don't always have the time to reply. I haz a busy... Thanks in advance for any watches and comments and mentions, I hope you enjoy my stuff. Feel free to share my free images with anyone you want, remember to tell them its by me



Software of choice: 3DSMax, zBrush, Photoshop, Poser Pro, Notepad, Notepad++, Cubase, Reason... and wishing for either Houdini, Maya, C4D, Modo or better yet, Marionette!!

___________________________________ <<< warning! Mature content!!!! <<< warning! Mature content!!!!


Comics Available!

On Renderotica (*and Gumroad):

- Weapons handling for fantasy artists (2012)

Lali shows us how a CG / comic artist should handle not only firearms safely, but also a big purple dildo

- Adventures of Lali: Code10

Lali has an unplanned job interview for the Black Ops section of her Intelligence Company, and of course that happens Lali style.

- Adventures of Lali: The Route

Lali receives very personal coaching from the head of Black Desk in the CQB center, and in her apartment.

- Lali Lite 1: The Gentleman's Club

Lali has a flashback of one of her mischievous rampages in Cambridge University, getting herself ans everyone else in trouble in the process.

- Lali Lite 2: Impulse

Maria is home alone while Lali is out birthday shopping. Suddenly Uncle Errol knocks on the door. She invites him in for tea...

- *Lali Lite 3: The Disco Dragon (part 1) *Free!!

Lali and the girls go for a night out in the UK. Lali finds out that Christina is a virgin and decides to put an end to that...

- *Lali Lite 3: The Disco Dragon (part 2)

Lali attempts to secure the VIP room for her further plans to get Christina laid in the only way Lali knows! But will it work out the way the wants?

- *Lali Lite 3: The Disco Dragon (part 3)

Lali's quest to get Xtina laid continues, but first she needs to prime the VIP room to lure Xtina into staying long enough to perhaps be tempted into having sex with one of the DJs. Who will Lali involve now?

- *Lali Lite 3: The Disco Dragon (part 4)

Will Lali finally get Xtina laid? And if yes, how???

Comics Planned:

- The Adventures of Sen: Initiation

Sen undergoes the traditional initiation for all young women in Triplonia, but she has her own plans for the outcome.


- Erogirls: Millerstreet Antics

The story of Lali and Laila arriving in the UK, meeting the other girls for the first time, and the story behind the Disco Dragon.

- Erogirls: Two full Becketts

After the Disco Dragon, the Beckett sisters struggle to identify with what happened, and it leads to some naughty adventures.

- Erogirls: The secrets of Professor Brown

Because of Lali's antics, Lali has been threatened to get expelled from the University by Professor Brown. To stop him, she tries to discover some of his dirty secrets...

- Erogirls: Farmgirls

The erogirls decide to take a break from Cambridge life and escape to the countryside, to the Beckett's farmstead. But where they go, trouble goes too...

- Erogirls: Amour Interdit

A US exchange student, with a girlfriend, meets the bubbly Lali just when she arrives in the UK, and they immediately start a friendship. But Lali's irresistible charm gets too much for him, and he begins to have second thoughts about his girlfriend...


- Siren 7

A Junior Explorer called Rose lands on her second planet during her first exploration Tour. When her analysis computer malfunctions, she is forced to explore the region manually. She then discovers she's not alone on the planet...

- Adventures of Lali: Take Down

Lali gets assigned to her first operation!

My Style

Experience with naughtiness

(This is a bit of a long-winded article, but I need to be clear about it)

Themes in my work will have a lot to do with my own experiences with the ladies, and my general experiences in life as well as books I've read. You'll see a lot of silly stuff, adventures, antics very much centered around confident self-empowered girls that are not shy to get naughty. I grew up with many women and hung out with many more either as friends, flings or lovers. I am very much a naughty dude, but trust me when I say this, most of the naughtiness you'll see in my work is not my imagination, but their actual antics. My current girlfriend is also one of the naughtiest girls I've ever met.

Due to my background (born and raised in Africa) you'll find that my style is also fairly a-typical. My stories are based on my experiences as a student and as a park ranger in Africa with tourists, among other places. These are usually very active environments where you don't really have much time to develop particular fetishes, and you also need to keep things fairly hygienic. So, don't expect too many specialized western fetish things.

Even if my scenes can get very naughty, you might discover that my comics are much more about the characters than just the sex scenes. I personally find that way more compelling than seeing anonymous sex dolls in porn movies (not that a good old porn flick isn't appreciated :D ).


As an erotica artist, you're almost expected to be interested in every genre and sub-genre of erotica out there... and there's a LOT of weird stuff out there. IMO western society is still very awkward about sex, and as a result, as soon as the limits are lifted, things get weird in a hurry, and also very personal. So, I feel I sometimes need to cool off people's expectations beforehand to avoid disappointment... and I hate saying no. This is why I need to be clear.

General Themes

My stories are more erotica than porn... but with all the detail of porn. The type of erotica I'm ok with doing would probably be regarded as vanilla for many people, but it is still very explicit vanilla (zoomed in, lots of partners, spontaneous, emphasis on the sensations etc). I generally keep to fun-loving, mischievous, relatable story lines for small series and comics. In my bigger comics I get more daring with questionable / perilous / violent situations and adventures, as long as it serves the story.

'Normal' girls

Although my characters do slightly evolve and learn new things, and they're already quite idealized in certain ways, their personalities generally don't change all that much. I am very strict with this. I do this so I can guarantee unique responses and therefore unique stories (and I need them to last for several comics). This doesn't mean they will never change, they could, but in their own time... and it needs to make sense with respect to who they are, and not impact any future plans I have for them.

Impulse: 95% complete (3)

No Frankensteins

I know this is not typical for erotica/porn artists. If I conveniently adapt them to love all kinds of fetishes and be open for absolutely anything, even if only slightly, it's a slippery slope, and it will be in danger of becoming predictable and boring, and they're going to end up being a typical Frankenstein of erotic fantasy (ie: tattooed, pierced, cup Q megatits, skinny, jizz-guzzling, dickgirls hungry for anal sex, bestiality, hanging and hardcore BDSM 24/7). That's not my thing. There are many other good artists that specialize in stuff like that. Personally, I like putting 'normal' girls in crazy / naughty situations, and see what happens. I find it more erotic, if something could 'really happen'.

Variety / taste?

I do confess that I currently focus a lot on university (college) aged ladies in Europe. This is simply just a matter of taste, probably built up from fond memories from my naughty adventures from my university years to working in a wildlife park in Africa in predominantly western, young party communities. Most students and 'available' tourists on adventure were in that age bracket, and the more mature ladies or 'MILFs' were generally not around that environment. But I did have a few sexy encounters with these more mature ladies, and you will see some evidence of this in my work (ie: Prof. Farrell in the DD). Regarding ethnicity, I'm obviously down with all, but my experience was a little more limited due to cultural barriers. Never-the-less, I did have some fun encounters, and once I've completed a number of comics in Lali's university years, you will begin to see a lot more variety in my comics, especially in Sen's comic series. That will be vastly different.

In the end I will confess I do have a specific taste.

Talking about girl powers, in the Drum n Basement
Ero goes to Britain - pic 282

Suggestions and ideas

...are more likely to be taken up by me if they fit into what I'm already doing, are in line with my taste and style, and is possible with the characters I already have. Anything beyond will be more tricky since I am usually pressed for time.

How explicit?

Like mentioned before, I obviously do explicit material (as you can see in my comics), like orgies, lesbian, basic hardcore, dildos, strap-ons, toys, light kink, cuffs, playful spanking, cumshots, bukkake, and perhaps some peril. I generally keep explicit material in commercial comics, although I do make exceptions depending on the idea.

It's kinda personal

The process of making a 3D CGI comic is VERY intense and I need to rely on my personal motivation a lot to make it through these projects. To guarantee that my stories are 'genuine' or 'immersive', I need to be genuinely fascinated with the subject, and therefore many of them are based on my real-life experiences and sexual preferences. I sometimes make excursions into other styles but I need to be able to relate to it in some way, otherwise it becomes really hard to finish the comic. I do get LOADS of requests for all kinds of weird stuff, and although I'm obviously flattered that people have so much confidence in me to approach me with their personal fantasies, many of them are just too much for me. Which brings me to:

Things I don't do

Some of this might be a bit of a downer, but I'd rather be clear than having to say no 20 times a week!

Anal. Sorry. Njet. Nein. I know it's a big deal in porn, and I'd make a LOT more money if I did anal, but I'd rather keep things real and genuine. I've never actually done it, never had an interest in it, and cannot bring myself to be interested in it. I tried it in one comic, didn't enjoy it. I cannot disassociate myself from the feces aspect. I also never met a girl that begged me to fuck her in the ass.... and I've met plenty of girls. So, no anal (therefore also no double-penetration). I know, bummer :D

Dickgirls? Mmmmaybe. I confess I never even heard of dickgirls since before I got into CGe (CGI Erotica), and I've never met a dickgirl before, so all that stuff doesn't come naturally to me. But I might touch on it in the world of Sen. I won't say no to it entirely.

Proper BDSM. Although I don't mind some kink, or maybe light bondage or fun kinky role-play, I don't do proper dedicated BDSM. Stuff like pain, humiliation, submission, doesn't fascinate me at all, not as something erotic at least. I know a lot of people love this stuff (and that's perfectly okay!!!), I know it's crazy popular and I can make a lot of money etc etc... but don't try to convince me, I've researched it thoroughly, I know what it is and how it works, intellectually I kinda get it, but erotically it just doesn't fascinate me at all. It's too much of a mindfuck for me.

Other specialized extreme fetishes, like fisting, pregnancy, hanging, rape, torture, death, or anything that's permanent or would otherwise induce horrendous PTSD or permanent physical damage, in an isolated focused erotic context, are out of the question.

But, some of these perilous things as part of a narrative is a different question, which brings me to:

Peril and violence?

Contrary to what I just said, I don't mind subjecting my characters to awkward, questionable, perilous or downright violent situations, as part of a story, or as long as it serves the plot or character arcs (think Indiana Jones peril, but then sexy). This also within limits, it still has to be adventurous, exciting, naughty, but not miserable, bizarre and distasteful.

Comic Concept - Mali Lali (repost)

If you might be wondering how I'm ok with peril and violence, but not BDSM, allow me to explain. With peril and violence, the boundaries are clear, and I don't need to change who the character is for it to work, ie: you're in trouble, get the fuck out. That works with any character, and you don't need to remove any agency on their part. To re-iterate, I can take any character in the world, put then in some problematic situation, and I can get a story out of it.

With BDSM it's different. I cannot take any character and put them in a BDSM scene and expect it to work. You need characters that want this kind of stuff. With BDSM, the boundaries are now different as they become a mind game, and and for it to work, I need to conveniently doctor the character's minds to essentially tolerate, enjoy and essentially want pain and humiliation, and to be entirely submissive and give up all their agency. Think: "Oh what lashing was so hard, it's going to leave a mark. And I cannot move at all. It's turning me on." I know there's a little more to it than that, with subspace and topping from the bottom and safe, sane & consensual, but at it's core, one needs to have an inbuilt fascination and/or tolerance towards some of these rather extreme activities.

Simply put, none of my characters are like this, I've honestly never even met anyone (in person) that wanted this, and in the context of a fictional erotic comic it's a slippery slope where I have to default to the extreme to keep it thrilling, along the lines of 'Chekov's Gun' (because of course it has to go all the way, it's a fictional comic, where's the fun in having a character yell red after a few lashes. She obviously is immediately convinced by the feeling. See what I mean? Where does it stop? BDSM fans might understand this very well). Again, I kinda get the idea behind some of it, but I personally just don't find it erotic at all.

And just to be clear, just because it doesn't fascinate me, doesn't mean I hate it. It is a fascinating subject, without a doubt. I have respect for my BDSM fans, friends and colleagues. I would back them up and defend their work like it was my own.

But peril and violence, I'm generally ok with it. I love me some Tarantino. The character still has agency and isn't convincing herself that it's fantastic that she's being abused. There can obviously be moments when the character has an awkward revelation that they are excited or thrilled by the peril, like a soldier getting a high from a firefight, but she still maintains her agency.

However, don't expect long protracted episodes of bondage, slavery and/or incarceration. I don't find it interesting to drag out the hopelessness in a character's situation where it's clear we're just supposed to revel in their misery. I find it more entertaining to keep the story moving and watching a character finding their way out of a tight spot, not if they can't ever move and we just watch them despair hopelessly. That's not an erotic comic for me, that's a sad documentary of abuse. (Don't compare this to stills of peril art, which is different)

Unseen renders: the Murguul leader

Anyway, so far I haven't gotten to anything of this nature, but will do soon. Sen's first comic will be a test to see how far I can push the whole peril and violence thing without making it look utterly distasteful.

Sexy fun!

Sorry for putting you through that, but yeah, erotica can be a big deal for people and I'd rather be crystal clear. At the end of the day I prefer empowering, funny, fun, sexy, naughty, adventurous, thrilling and believable stories, with sometimes perhaps a hint of peril if needed.

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Hi Ero, I just want to thank you again for releasing Project Evolution back in 2018 (?). She's still by far the best and most versatile, posable human model out there, far surpassing Poser's La Femme models and IMHO the Genesis models on Das as well. I hope you do find time to eventually release an update for her that even further improves her realism, flexibility and morphability.

I added some more Ero girl tributes on my page, with Maria and Annabelle added.

sweeeeet! Hey check your email!

Thank you so much for the generous gift sir. It was completely unexpected!

the least I could do my man!

Can't wait to see more. I am fan of your content since The Gentleman's Club. Really unique in many perspertives. Again, can't wait to see more!

sorry for replying so late!! I've made it my life's mission to make as many Lali comics as I can!!! I hope to release two Erogirls comics by xmas and after that I'll be back to the main Lali story!

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