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Payment through paypal is done through

Examples and Prices

Example-sketch by EROCKERTORRESOtter Brother 1 - enemy concept by EROCKERTORRESGator Boss- Concept by EROCKERTORRES

Sketch(see Above): USD $10

Example-Vector lineart by EROCKERTORRES

Traditional, Digital, and Vector Linetart(see Above): USD $15

Example-Vector show style coloring by EROCKERTORRESCanterlot Snowglobe by EROCKERTORRES

Flat Color digital & Vector Characters and Objects(see Above): USD $20

Example-Color and Shaded by EROCKERTORRESKiribian Prize: A Guard In The Rough by EROCKERTORRES
Example-Vector Shading my style by EROCKERTORRESCommission-Brother and Sister by EROCKERTORRES

Shaded & Shaded Vector(see Above): USD $30

Chibi style will also follow all price guidlines

you can also tell me what you want and I'll tell if I can draw it. Spaceships, guns, other characters or OC's you have, etc. These will also follow the same pricing guidelines above.

Additional fees may be applicable. Read below to find out where

Please read through these carefully. It will be a waste of my time and yours if you don't.

Hopefully I haven't missed anything I want that could cause problems

:bulletblack: Paypal is highly prefered, you can also find me on Fiverr
:bulletblack: When paying, there should be an option labeled"Im sending money to family or friends". DO NOT select the option that says "Im paying for goods or services". This is because paying for goods and services means PayPal will take a cut of that for tax purposes. This means if you pay that way and you want a refund, I will only refund what I actually received and not what you actually sent.
:bulletblack: If you wish you can pay 50% first and I will sketch it. Once it has your approval you can then pay the remaining 50% for me to finish it. THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE TO SKETCHES AND LINEART ONLY PIECES!

:bulletblack: You must have your payment ready in order to reserve your spot! I will not hold a spot for you without payment.
:bulletblack: If something happens and you want me to stop your commission, I can refund you but you will have to wait until commissions are open again to get another.
:bulletblack: Pony art is my best work but other things can be drawn like pokemon, cartoon characters, etc.
:bulletblack: Human and anthro can be done but will take time as they're aren't my strong point when it comes to drawing. 
Commission: Burning Day Reckoning by EROCKERTORRES
:bulletblack: Maximum of 4 characters total per commission. Additional character $5 each (See example above)
:bulletblack: Backgrounds $30 extra since they can be very complex. I also have an assortment of vectored BG's that can be used free of charge!!
:bulletblack: Comics can be done but they will be priced out per panel.
:bulletblack: Shipping is allowed I just don't allow inappropriate touching, childish french kissing (come on every thinks kissing involves tongue for some reason) etc, etc. 
:bulletblack: NO R34, 18+, adult themes etc. If you don't know if what you want falls into this, feel free to ask (gore will be considered but be warned I suck at it)
:bulletblack: Animated gif's may be considered but the pricing will be left up to my discretion and will be very expensive!
:bulletblack: OC's that are "mary sue's" or are overly complicated will be denied. 
:bulletblack: It is up to YOU to provide reference of your OC. If I can't tell what your OC looks like (yes its happened) it will be denied.
:bulletblack: All commissions will be uploaded to my DA usually with a watermark. I usually allow you to upload it to your gallery but you MUST link back to the original.

Send me a note if interested

Please respect me and my policies and we'll get along swimmingly. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE

© 2013 - 2021 EROCKERTORRES
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Your prices are reasonable but that list of rules makes me shy away from commissioning you. Especially that last one.
I'm sorry you feel that way. It's just ground rules I need to protect myself. I've worked in customer service for that last 8 years and commissions are no different. Some customers are mean while others are always greatful. It's hit and miss sometimes so gotta treat commissions like I'm running a business. 
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Hmm.. seems you updated that last part. Unless I horribly misread it before... >.>

I have gotten a few commissions so far and I will usually post it to my own gallery with plenty of links back to the original if the artist posted it... otherwise I will link their profile. I also do so in comments I might get on my posting of a pic as well.

Another thing... with the PayPal method you should go with the "paying for goods or services" option. From what I have read from other artists is that doing the payment to family/friends there is a possibility of the person calling back the payment without reason. So be careful on that.

When paying via the goods/services option a person just needs to select the "No shipping required." option before sending payment to avoid you having to deal with the unneeded shipping expenses.

Anyway... with that changed last part I will consider your commissions. I did have something in mind for use with one of your backgrounds if you can alter the style/atmosphere of it to make it more interesting and somewhat more realistic.
no I updated it lol. I actually meant to update my list a bit and completely forgot before opening up again