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so I know Im not active a lot these days but I am sketching as much as possible. Mainly while Im at work I sketch on post-it note pads. Those I post over on my tumblr ===>
As the title says, a lot for me has changed in the last month. Most notably, I moved 1,200 miles to Washington state from California. More specifically, I'm 15 minutes from Seattle. I've got a new job as a Final Test Technician for Synrad, a company that produces high quality industrial lasers for mass cutting and engraving. I know I keep saying i'll be back drawing soon but my life has been in a constant shift for the last couple of years that has made it extremely difficult to find the time, but I will.
as the title says, I got a new job which pays more, has a set work schedule and is far less stressful. Im still kinda struggling to settle in to a new routine but I want to start drawing again as I find the time which I should have more of now. 

On a side note I started a twitch where I stream any games I like to play.
I know I said I would draw when I can and I am, just nothing I feel worth posting as its sketches here and there when I have time.

Lately I've been dealing with a lot of health issues due to work stress and, well, life pretty much kicking me in a balls. We're living paycheck to paycheck, we now have no working car as mine needs a ton of work and my wife got in a wreck 2 weeks ago with a drunk driver who fled the scene. Her car is now down and out so essentially we're down to no vehicle at this point and our insurance won't do a thing about it.

My health has been on a steady decline from work stress and the stress of dealing with the crap that keeps getting handed to us. I've become malnourished because the stress has led me to have no appetite(we can barely afford food as it is anyway) So we're hardly eating. California has made it near impossible for us to even get food stamps and what we can get would get us roughly 3 days worth of groceries per month. Financially we're in a hole that just keeps getting deeper. Needless to say I'm a depressed wreck and I don't know what to do. Besides just muddling through all this I'm at a loss and don't know where to turn. 

I'm not asking for help, I just wanted to vent a little. I won't turn down suggestions though if anyone has any ideas on what can help us. 
I wanted to let everyone know That I may not be able to be as active as I wanted to right now. Long story short, the roommates staying with my wife and I decided to try and move out while we weren't home last week. They tried to abandon us in our apartment with no way to make rent. Needless to say if they had been able to pull that off, I'd be homeless in 5 weeks. Thankfully we got them to stay but I'm not holding my breath. On top of that I had to be taken to the hospital last week. I ended up passing out at work and hitting my head pretty hard. AND the engine in my car crapped out and is Not fixable unless I completely replace the engine which costs $3000+. That's just for me to buy the engine and install it myself. To say I'm ok would be a lie. I have never been this stressed out in my life.  

I will also be moving soon. Our lease ends in less than 5 months so I need to use this time to job hunt and apartment hunt as we will be moving out of California for good to Portland, Oregon or a surrounding area. We've been living paycheck to paycheck for the last 5 years and we've had enough. I have been living off 1 meal a day for the last year and its taking a toll on my health so this needs to happen or we won't survive in this state once our lease is up. 

We've got everything planned out for this move to go as smooth as possible but it's going to be tight as hell. If 1 thing doesn't line up, we're screwed to say the least. So keep your fingers crossed and keep us in your prayers.
Thats right! Im at least trying. Lets hope I can finish it because Im rusty as hell with digital drawing. I might be doing vectors for a bit until I can get back into the swing of things. 

Have a sketch in the meantime! Im designing a new pegasus OC.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone :D
Finally saw it and I want to see it again!! I absolutely LOVED it!!
Again I apologize for my lack of activity. Life is so busy right now that I'm struggling to find time to draw. I did just recently move again so things have been above average crazy lol. In the mean time enjoy this near miss I had on the road last month. 

Hello all!! I wanted to post a small update to show I'm not dead (even though I almost did...more on that in a bit). I'm currently still trying the find time to draw ponies and random stuff and cosplay again. My wife and I recently moved back home to Ventura County because I got promoted at work! But this has me working 40+ hours a week because Im managing a department what makes over 150,000$ a week. So naturally you'd assume I have to be on top of things pretty frequently. On top of that I also work for an upstart game design company as a concept artist. I have not uploaded anything here only because I signed a non disclosure agreement and I do not have permission to upload anything. I'll to tell details as I gain the OK to do so.

Now what almost killed me? well actually just hurt me pretty bad was I recently suffered a workplace injury when my leg was nearly crushed between a loading dock and a semi truck. I suffered what could be described as a compression injury and a laceration to my right leg above the ankle. I had to get a few stitches and down for bout a week from injury because it caused deep tissue bruising and a heavy bone bruise. Im actually quite lucky my receiver was paying attention and acted quickly to get the truck driver to pull forward before it broke my leg or worse.  IF anyone is interested I have pictures but I will only post links. Its not bad but anyone who is squeamish to blood I advise not to look.………

I'm ok and have been back to work for a bit now. Why didn't I draw while I was down? well the injury had my leg pretty swollen afterwards so I had to keep it elevated. and since I only have a desktop I wan't about to set it up around the couch. My wife wouldn't like very much lol.

Rest assured I haven't forgotten about this place and my drawing and I plan to return as soon as possible. I just don't know when that is.
Im sorry to announce everyone will be taking from here on out a hiatus. I do not know how this will be for since My work has me travelling a lot right now and I expect to be moving again in the next couple months for a big promotion for work. 

I also need to cancel my premium membership with DA in the interest of saving money. money is very tight for my wife and I right now and literally every penny is accounted for in our spending right now. That means some items viewers have access to like my backgrounds and vector SVG's may not be able to get to anymore, here however is a link to my Drop Box which now contains all the BG's. I will be providing a link to my drop box which will have all my BG SVG's. They just need to upload.

I have one last commission which needs to be finished and to the owner of it, I will unfortunately have to get to it when I have time which is very limited right now. I do apologize. 
Hey everyone, thanks to all who sent me a birthday wish! Im terribly sorry I have been inactive...again...those of you waiting on commissions I do sincerely apologies for the looooong wait. what was supposed to be emergency commissions turned into a long drawn out battle to figure out time to work on them...and time won unfortunately. With the holidays done and over with I'm getting back to work.
To the 2 commissions I have, I apologies for the wait. I've been very sick with the stomach flu lately and I'm finally getting better.

Soon they will be done
Alright guys I'm gonna start doing commissions again. I need to clarify that these are emergency commissions. My wife and I are struggling really bad and at this point we can even afford food. I need everyone's help in spreading the word.

If you have questions about my pricing, there's a link to my pricing post on my DA main page. You can also shoot me a note.

I really need everyone's help
Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while. Being married and working full time, I'm making sure to devote my attention to my wife before my hobbies. Once I learn to balance my time better I'll be drawing and cosplaying again lol.
My wife and I started a Facebook page. Mainly for Central California area, Kern and Tulare County. But anyone can like it. Spread the word!!…
That's right! I could not be happier! Pur marriage date was the anniversary of when we started dating and that first date was to a brony concert lol.

Now I just need to find time to draw again :/
In 1 week I'll be a married man!!
I want to draw something. I haven't in soooooo long but I can't find the all...ugh!
Cutie Markless Part 1 and 2:
    Interesting new villain to say the least. I fell this episode was a bit rushed but it introduced some new characters with cool designs and set up the season for a story to be built on that with Starlight Glimmer's disappearance. The utilization of the map in Twilight's Castle is a neat idea for some character building to come.

Castle Sweet Castle
    I liked this episode a lot. The idea that Twilight missed the Golden Oak Library was a much needed story that needed to be told. Although the story seemed to mostly revolve around her friends and a bit of interior decorating, the bits with Twilight helped to shed some light on how she really felt.

Bloom and Gloom
    whether or not the CMC get their cutie marks this season, these episodes in my book are always good. Who hasn't had anxiety that caused nightmares? I know I have lol. This was another good episode to build on Apple Bloom's character but also I think a good touch on how much stress kids may deal with about growing up.

Tanks For The Memories
    This episode was so cute!! a very good slice-of-life view of Rainbow Dash. A story arc I didn't even think of or expect. Tank going into hibernation obviously would have RD in a slump. Especially when she started crying, it was sooooooo adorable. And the whole thing with Applejack crying on the inside.

Appleoosa's Most Wanted
    I think Big Mac needs to change his name...that said Troubleshoes Clyde I think is a neat character and the involvement of the CMC made for some good slapstick.

Make New Friends But Keep Discord
    funy episode to say the least lol. It makes perfect sense that the creature of chaos, who has never had friends, wouldn't know what think or do when his only friend has other friends. Needless to say, anytime Discord is in an episode, I see nothing but Q antics to be had. Yes I went there lol. Very of the STNG episode where Q lost his powers and was stuck on the Enterprise and no one wanted him there. Don't ask why, it just is lol.

The Lost Treasure Of Griffonstone
    THIS episode was super cute! I was happy to see Gilda back and in the end wanting to be friends again. Although it seemed like Gilda wasn't voiced by the original voice actress, I liked the new take on her voice more than the season 1 episode. The flashback to flight camp with Gilda as a fledgling was SUPER adorable!