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Tutorial - Brushes (MangaStudio) ENGLISH

By Ero-Pinku
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I really hope it can help someone ♥
Please, don't be hard with me. English is not my mother language;; but I tried my best. I only wanted to help all people I can so I'm sorry for all mistakes it has, I hope you understand it …(´・ω・`)ノ


✖Don't steal or redistribute this work without my permission, onegai…(´・ω・` )ノ
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Your tutorials are really cool~ >///<
You must get this countless times, but where did you learn to draw so beautifully? ^^
Ero-Pinku's avatar
Awww I'm very happy that my tutorials could help someone ( ˘ 3 ˘)♥
I'm self taught, I have a long way to improve @ ^ @ Thanks for your nice words!! You cheer me up!
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hehe they are, very helpful. ^^
Wow! Really? That's so cool~ >w<
How long have you been drawing? you're really good, I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon when I was really really little, I like my drawings, but mine don't look as awesome~ >w<
hehe you're welcome ^^
I hope you get plenty more people seeing your arts and drawings, they're really beautiful~<3
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Wow, thanks. I don't have Manga Studio but have been thinking to get it, and this is an extremely helpful tutorial. :)
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Thanks for looking it ( • ㉦ • )ゝ♥♥♥
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your english is fine dont worry.
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Thanks so much >.< *hugs*
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Gracias por el tutorial.

Ando practicando con el programa gracias a ti , eres una mega inspiracion :heart:
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¡Muchas gracias!
; v ; Que felicidad que alguien se inspire por mi trabajo > w < ♥♥♥
Espero que te sea útil ♥ *hugs*
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Mmm thats really nice!!! Thnx!
Ero-Pinku's avatar
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥
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Thank you so much Pinku, this is really helpful! ♥
Ero-Pinku's avatar
Thanks to you for taking a look~~ ( • ㉦ • )ゝ♥ *hugs*
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This is so neat! Thank you Ero~ :hug: I hope to try this out one day if I ever get MS again~
Ero-Pinku's avatar
I hope it helps you~ ♥
Thanks to you for looking it ' v ' / *hugs*
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-kisses- thank you <3
Ero-Pinku's avatar
Please, forgive my English mistakes ; w ; I hope you understand the tutorial *blush*
(ɔ ˘ ⌣ ˘)˘ ⌣ ˘ c)❤
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I do sweetie ^v^
Everyone makes mistakes
certainly when the language is not your mother language
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