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Sky Doll Noa - Monster High C.A. Cupid OOAK

More photos of my lovely Noa from my favourite comic "Sky Doll". I wanted to upload new ones, but my computer didn't work :c I hope you all are still interested
The costume is made from Fimo Air Light
I wish I could finish working on agape and ludovique soon...
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So I guess you made the costume right onto her body? This is a pretty cool idea I have to say!
Are the shoes made with FImo,t oo?

All in all ,this looks really awesome!!
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thank you! you're right, the costume was sculpted onto her body because I tried sewing and realized that it looks not exactly like it was in a comics. Unfortnunately, it can't be taken off
The shous were originally from ghoulia, i just cut some parts and painted them
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Even if it cannot be taken off, it looks amazing =) I like the colour of it.

Thank you for all your kind replies =)
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thanks to the authors of Sky Doll comics that her design is really great
and thank you for all your sweet compliments! I like to answer questions about my works and so on, so ask me anything if you want) 
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Totally love it!! I'm both a MH and Sky Doll fan <3

Great job!!
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Which paint/color did you use?
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This is amazing! May I ask what you used to sculpt her clothing?
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thank you) I used Fimo Air Light
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I have to say i found skydoll not to far back and i am in absolute LOVE with it. I honestly hope they make more and I am super excited for it.
And i ADORE the skydolls you have been making with these repaints, they are so adorable and honestly REALLY want one, I could only wonder how you made their costumes!
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I love the detail and the shine. Gold pain is often hard to get to sit right and you did an excellent job of that. 
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I cannot believe how perfect your sculpted costume is! I can only hope to be that good one day. ♥
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Beautiful! Was it difficult getting such a strong color into the fimo clay or did you paint it afterwards?
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this is so amazing nice work on this
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You did a wonderful job on her! I had to look up the comic, but you did beautifully! ♥
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