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Queen Chrysalis

Its my turn to add Chrysalis vector.
Mah second vector in Adobe Photoshop.

.psd Download [link]
MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro & :iconfyre-flye:
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© 2012 - 2021 Ernestboy
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Would you mind if I got her tattooed on me for my anniversary? She's exactly how I pictured her when I came up with the design.
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I'm sorry to inform you someone has stolen this:Queen Chrysalis

Her gallery is full of stolen stuff. Commenting is pointless because she hides them all and blocks you. If you can please report her to the DA staff. If all the actual artists report her hopefully they do something about it.

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Wow Q! beautiful Queen ^^ I like :D
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Mind if I recolor this as Celestia? As long as I give credit?
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Wow is muy beautiful love Queen Chrysalis  I like :D :squee:
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I always love that wicked grin of hers >w<
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Thanks a lot for making these vectors. Used it here [link]
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Hello! I absolutely ADORE this Queen Chrysalis vector.
I am considering carving a pumpkin, and I need an excellent vector. Once finished with the pumpkin, I will post a picture of it here on DA. If I use your vector, I will credit you.
Am I allowed to use this?
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Of course You are :)
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Thanks for allowing me the option to use your design! (I may or may not have actually used it, as I had to choose between a lot of options.) See the finished pumpkin here: [link]
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i would allow her to dominate me, then i would be her house-human or something (nice work on the vector btw)
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Voting in US is coming and I take this art to create vote poster [link]
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I love the character design of Queen Chrysalis. I'm detecting much more than a hint of Maleficent out of her. They somehow managed to create a villainess that's incredibly sinister, oddly cute(look at her wittle fangs!), and inexplicably alluring.

I want to make it clear that though I described her as alluring, I'm a stalwart anti-clopper. Something can be sexy and beautiful without an actual sexual attraction. A Ferrari, for instance.
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though Discord is my fav. baddies she comes in a very very close second on my list cause the mares a mindfuck if you look at her its like a pony,an insect and a giraffe had a threeway and cocaine was involved XD
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wait is her name ever mentioned in the finale i just saw it you see so i guess my brian should have been listening ^^;
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I used this Vector here. [link]
Gave you credit. :)
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Is it odd that I think that's kinda sexy?
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Not at all. There's different kinds of sexy. An F-104 Starfighter is sexy, but you don't want to get nasty with it.
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I don't know why but I just think chrysalis is sexy. That's just me.
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She does have the laugh to end all laughs.
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