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Gary went straight for his computer after he got home from a long day of selling products he didn’t care about to people he didn’t like at the local big box retail store. He was dead tired and he felt a bit frazzled, because he didn’t meet his daily sales goals. All that frustration melted away and he started to perk up a bit when he saw an instant message from her! Gale was not that technology savvy and didn’t do social media. She did have a Yahoo account that she used to chat with Gary in the Yahoo messenger. Gary didn’t even have a Yahoo account before he started chatting with Gale. He got an email account just so he could chat with her. It had been two months since they found each other in a message board post.

In the post, a man described his desire to be with a muscular woman. The man was married, but his wife didn’t workout, nor did she care to do so. He described his wife as having an average build. She wasn’t fat, but she didn’t have any muscle tone. He detailed how he had been hiding this desire for muscle women from her for years. Mostly due to the shame he felt about being attracted to muscular women, but also because his wife openly expressed her disgust about some female bodybuilders that were guests on a locally televised talk show. She specifically called them “gross”. The poster went on to ask if he should tell his wife about his desire for these muscular women. To which he received mostly negative responses. Many that responded agreed that his fetish was gross and that he should not tell his wife.

There was a response that stood out to me. It was from firmGranny57 , and her post read “First of all, I would like to say that there is nothing wrong with your interest in muscular women. I agree that they are beautiful. I think you SHOULD tell your wife about your desires. She may actually embrace the idea of working out with you. My late husband enjoyed my muscles when he was alive. I think your wife can learn to appreciate muscles if she gave it a try :)

Gary was intrigued by her response to say the least. He gave it an upvote. Gary didn’t stop there, however. He wanted to find out more about firmGranny57. He scoured the internet for any profile he could find. There wasn’t much information when he clicked on her Yahoo profile. All it said was that she was female and from Concord, California. That was only a couple hours away from where he lived in Sacramento. Since he could find any real information about her, he decided to go straight to the source and emailed her. He tried to see if he’d get a response.

“Hi Gary,

I was pleasantly surprised when I got your email. I will be happy to answer your questions.
Yes I do lift weights. I have been lifting for years. I was a track athlete in high school and college. Being short and stocky, I had some natural strength and I took to the shot put.
After college I got married to Jack, my now deceased husband. We had 4 beautiful children which took me away from being physically active for some years. I was always pretty muscular though. I have these traps that just won’t go away even if I didn’t lift.

My husband died 2 years ago and I started lifting again at the age of 64. I am 66 now and more muscular than ever. If you have Yahoo messenger you can chat with me at firmGranny57. Shoot me a message anytime! “

That was two months ago. Gary and Gale have been chatting online at least once a day since then. Today’s message from Gale made Gary extra excited.
Firmgranny57: I have to tell you something.
Firmgranny57: Ping me when you get home.

What could she possibly want to tell Gary? He responded as quickly as he could. It looks like she left her message only a few minutes ago.

MuscleLover84: Hey Gale! What’s up??
Her icon looked like she was away at the time. Gary waited a few minutes, but got no response. He decided to get started on dinner to take his mind off of the anticipation he was feeling in waiting for her response. About twenty minutes later, Gary heard a familiar chime. It was his Yahoo messenger notification. It was from Gale.

Firmgranny57: Sorry honey, I was on a phone call with one of my daughters. She kept me tied
                        up and I couldn’t respond.
MuscleLover84: No worries! Just glad to hear from you.
Firmgranny57: You’re so sweet :)
Firmgranny57: I wanted to tell you that I’ve been growing! My arms and my quads are definitely bigger!
Firmgranny57: I am pretty sure that my chest is thicker now too!

When Gary and Gale first started chatting, Gale described herself as being 5 foot 4 inches tall, and 150 pounds. She said that she was very muscular but she didn’t know her measurements at first. Gary convinced her to take body measurements. She wasn’t sure how to do it at first, so Gary sent her a couple videos of female bodybuilders measuring their various body parts. One was a video of the very huge and spectacular Tina Lockwood. In the video, Tina had another female bodybuilder helping her take her measurements of her quads, calves and biceps.
Gale was taken aback a bit by Tina’s size. Tina wasn’t very lean in the video. She was full and soft, but she still had noticeable , bulging muscles.

Even though Gale didn’t have a helper, she was able to get her measurements and they impressed Gary. Her quads were 25 inches around, her calves came in at 17 inches. Her biceps measured 15.5 inches. Gale expressed her personal disappointment at those numbers, as she was comparing herself to Miss Lockwood. Gary let her know that he was impressed by her measurements, and that he wished he could feel her muscles. Gale liked how Gary made her feel. It had been a while since someone admired her muscles. This was still different from the affection Gale got from her husband. Gary seemed to revere her for her muscles, even though he had never seen them. Gale didn’t feel comfortable sharing pictures on the internet. Despite Gary’s obvious affection towards her, Gale was secretly not satisfied with how she looked. She wanted to be bigger! Gale wanted muscles to rival Tina Lockwood’s. She didn’t tell Gary this, however. It was her little secret.

MuscleLover84: Really? You grew??
MuscleLover84: Oh my! Have you measured?
Firmgranny57: No, not yet. I wanted you to do it.
MuscleLover84: ...
MuscleLover84: What do you mean?
Firmgranny57: I want to meet you! I want you to see the results of all the work I put in.
Firmgranny57: I know it’s short notice, but I booked a hotel for us this weekend in Davis.

Davis is a college town just outside of Sacramento. Gary could be there in a short trip, but he had to work this weekend. Gary decided that he would be sick this weekend. He would call his manager the next morning to tell her that he had fallen very ill and would need a couple days to recover. This set the stage for what could be an unforgettable weekend.

MuscleLover84: I will be there! Just send me the details.
And with that, Gary was preparing to meet this woman he had only talked to online. A woman that he had never seen, and only imagined. Gary started to think that this was too good to be true. “She may be luring me into a deathtrap! “ What if she was older than she said she was? What if she isn’t a she and it was really a man he had been talking to this whole time? Every awful possibility ran through Gary’s mind, but he decided to take the leap and meet Gale anyway.

By the time Gary got to the hotel it was already late afternoon. Gale told him to meet her there at 3pm. She also told him to come right up to the room and knock three times. Gary arrived at the hotel on time, but he waited outside in the parking garage for a few minutes because he was super nervous and he also didn’t want to appear too eager. When he got to her hotel room, he knocked three times just as he was told.

The door opened and a short woman with shoulder length dark brown hair and an olive complexion opened the door. Her eyes were a beautiful green that almost glowed. Her face was youthful for her age. She had beautiful, smooth skin. Only a few wrinkles around her eyes and the creases of her mouth. Gale was wearing a robe. All Gary could see was the black heels she had on and a little bit of her shin. They smiled at one another and immediately embraced for a hug that seemed to last forever. Gary could feel how strong Gale was by how hard she squeezed him. Her arms were under his and around his ribs. She squeezed him so hard that it was kinda tough for Gary to breathe.
“Come on in Muscle Lover! I am so happy to see you!” She said. “I am happy you invited me” said Gary. “Well, what do you think?” She said as she turned around in her hotel robe. Gary couldn’t quite find the words , as he was till quite nervous. “Ha ha, it’s okay. I guess this robe makes it hard to see what I have going on here.” “I bet you think that I don’t really have any muscles. Don’t ya??” Gary stammered a bit. “I, uh I believe you Gale”. “Well, I suppose I should take this robe off and prove it to you.” Gale teased.

Gale lead Gary to the bed, where she had him sit. Gale, while still wearing her robe, placed her right foot on the bed near Gary’s crotch. Gary gulped, and for good reason. Before him was the most muscular leg he had ever seen. Gale was wearing high-heels but she also pointed her toes to further accentuate her muscular calf. “Go on. Touch it! I know that’s what you’ve been waiting for.” She purred. Gary slowly carressed her leg with both of his hands, starting at her ankle and moving up to her huge calves. He could not make his fingers touch while wrapped around her calves, no matter how hard he tried. Gary had large hands. He squeezed, and he could feel her flex, which in turn made his fingers spread. He moved his hands up her inner thigh which was also very firm and thick. Gale had a noticeable tear-drop near her knee. Her quads looked pumped.

Gale put her leg back on the ground and stepped back. She slowly undid her robe and began to pull it off of her shoulders. She was wearing a white button down shirt. It was so tight that it looked like she was about to burst out of it. Gale let the robe fall to the floor by her feet. With the robe gone, Gary could see that Gale was wearing a short black skirt and this super tight white shirt that was holding on for dear life. The buttons towards the top of her chest were straining so much that there were spaces in the fabric that revealed part of her very thick pecs. She had the top button already undone, as she couldn’t button that if she tried. Her neck was so thick and it trailed down to the thickest upper pecs one could imagine. Gale’s collar bone was nowhere to be seen. It was all muscle.

“I think this shirt is too tight. I better get out of it.” Gale said in the sexiest, raspiest voice. She raised her right arm to her side and began to flex. She stared at her bicep and watched as the fabric stretched with every pump. Gary could see the fabric straining, and groaning. He could hear micro tears being made, but Gale stopped before her bicep exploded through it.
“I want you to pay attention Gary. You don’t want to miss this.” Gale said as she brought up her left arm, now in a double biceps pose. She began flexing both arms simultaneously. Starting out slow and then pumping them more deilberately. With each flex, her biceps expanded, bigger and bigger. The tearing sounds were now more audible, and Gary could see her beautiful tanned skin being revealed through the tears. “Riiiiiip!” was the sound her left bicep made first, and then another “Riiiiiiip!” from her right bicep. There were also tears near her huge triceps. Gale kept flexing until her biceps were completely free. They looked to be the size of volleyballs.
Gale turned around and proceeded to do a lat spread. She had learned lots of poses from all the videos that Gary shared with her over the past months.

As she spread her lats and moved her elbows forward, another loud rip occured. This time, right down the middle of her shirt back. Gale grabbed the cuffs of her shirt to further pull and stretch the shirt until it revealed her massive back. It was so thick and developed. Her traps looked to be going straight to the back of her ears. Gale stood there and flexed some more while Gary watched. She finally turned around and clasped her hands in front of her. She began to pump her chest up and down. Gary could see the tops of her pecs heaving under the remains of the shirt. She pulled her elbows back as if she were rowing. The back of the shirt was in shreds, but her chest was still covered. Gale forced her chest up and out while she pulled her elbows back. This caused those buttons to strain again, and finally pop off to reveal to slabs of thick, meaty pectorals. Gale still had a nice layer of body fat on her and an ample bosom to complement her thick, beefy pecs. Her breasts sat higher than expected for someone of her age. They were full and supple, with a slight hint of blue veins around her areolas.

She continued to pump her chest up and down for Gary, and finally discarded the remains of the shirt to the side. “Are you ready to measure me Muscle Lover?” Asked Gale. Gary sprung forward and embraced Gale. He stood a head over her and looked her in the eyes. Gary proceeded to kissing Gale on the mouth , cheek and then neck. He crouched down and licked the crevice between her thick, steak-like pecs. At this point Gale’s arms were on Gary’s shoulders, and her pecs were fully engaged. She continued to squeeze and squeeze until they were fully engorged with blood. To feel them would be like feeling a solid block under a soft layer of fat. Although Gale was not very lean, the more she pumped the more definition seemed to appear. The various heads of the muscle started to push through her skin to reveal thick, massive ridges.

Gale put her hands on Gary’s ears and pulled him up again. “We will have plenty of time for this. I want you to measure me sweetie.” And with that, Gale gave Gary a rolled up measuring tape. He unraveled it and knelt down. He wanted to start with her calves. Next to pecs, this was his favorite muscle to admire. Her calves measured 19”, her quads came in at a whopping 29”. Finally, Gary wrapped the tape around her biceps. He wanted to check both to see if they were the same. Sure enough, they both came in at 19.5”. That was a 4 inch increase on her arms alone! Gary was flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe the growth Gale accomplished in only two months. He was about to embrace her again, but Gale held her arm out with palm on his chest. “Nah ah ahhh! Just a minute mister. You haven’t weighed me yet!”
“In fact, I haven’t weighed myself in a few months, and I am curious to see how much weight I’ve gained.” Gale declared, as she went to her luggage and pulled out an electronic scale. She placed the scale on the floor and kicked off her heels. She also took off her skirt that was covering part of her massive quads.

She got on the scale and waited for it to finish calculating. “201 pounds!” Gary exclaimed. “How did you gain 50 pounds in two months??” Gary asked. “Well, let’s just say I decided to do whatever it took to become the woman of your dreams. That included eating a ton of food, training longer and harder than I ever have , and getting some “hormonal” assistance.”
Gary took a step back to truly admire the massive muscle goddess that Gale had become. At only 5’4” but sporting a hulking 201 lbs, Gale was as huge as they get. Gary was truly in heaven.
I am finding that the internet lacks content I appreciate. So I have come to the conclusion that I need to create it.
That means writing the FMG stories I want to read. Or drawing the FMG comics I'd like to read. What is you's guys' obsession with chicks with dicks!
Fucking A I hate that shit.
I am finding that the internet lacks content I appreciate. So I have come to the conclusion that I need to create it.
That means writing the FMG stories I want to read. Or drawing the FMG comics I'd like to read. What is you's guys' obsession with chicks with dicks!
Fucking A I hate that shit.


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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Ernest L. Phillips
Born: February 4, 1980
From: Long Island , NY
Current Dwelling: Bay Area, California
Education: School of Visual Arts---Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

I like to draw. I love the idea of being better at it. As you can see from my work, I'm still kinda amateurish.
I practice almost everyday, but no where near as much as the people I admire.
I worked in retail, and always got asked "Why?"
Its because I am scared to show my work, because in my mind it's pretty whack. I'm on Deviant Art, because I want to be better.
As much as it may hurt, I want brutal honesty and criticism and advice from my peers, because I truly do want to get better.



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