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Aero Seven Xp beta 5.3

By ernasco
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Hi :w00t:
|Finally and OFFICIALLY released beta 5 :peace: |


1) Open the wba file in the zip and click on the popup that appears after a few seconds

2) if you have installed BETA 4 [link] lock taskbar and restore quick launch icons size to "small icons"

3) open WindowBlinds and go to Settings tab

4) change "Skin decides taskbar size" into "Large taskbar"

5) Apply changes



:new: Perfect win7 frames
:new: perfect win7 big frame buttons
:new: perfect taskbar size (working for perfect trayicons)
:new: perfect System tray expander icon
:new: perfect taskbar buttons by giannisgx89 (NOW are big!!!)
:new: perfect windows 7 6956 orb button by giannisgx89 [animated by me
:new: Space between taskbar and start menu
:new: updated Startmenu Background more similar to windows 7 and without bugs
:new: Start menu works without LSPatch (for now works perfectly only with ITALIAN Language; working for more languages
:new: New Color Scheme made by suggestion from BigMuscle [link]

Working for:
-Perfect Trayicon position
-big quicklaunch icons
-perfect win7 shellsyle imitation
NOTE: This Visual Style is an edit of Aero Seven 6801 by fediaFedia:windows:

Please Report any bugs writing a comment or sending me a note :)

© 2008 - 2021 ernasco
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Sorry for double post but, here's a suggestion. In Windows 7, the taskbar has no shadow. At least, that's what it's like in Build 6956.
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Looks cool dude! I could try to help you with a few languages :)
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thanks a lot :)
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How would I go about getting rid of the space between the start menu and taskbar? It's blurring when there's nothing there and it's pushing ObjectDock up a few pixels which is annoying me. Good job overall though :)
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same problem with yoyo92260
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i dont know how i can install it :(
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very nice!
you have to change the folder icons at the bottom of the explorer [link]
and in which build is space between the taskbar and the start menu?

continue your good work
i cant wait :D

btw: theres a newer version of my toolbar skin :P
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Wait, so you can't have large quick launch icons without making the taskbar extra large?
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Looks great! :D :+fav:
Can't wait to try it! ;)
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oka, ya lo solucione esta genial, GRACIAS!.
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hey como soluciono esto?
se me ve el texto blanco...

preview,,, ¬¬

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it's a bug...i'll fix it soon
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Grandissimo era! Funziona alla grande! sei stato bravissimo!
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hey looks good
but the "disconnect" and "exit" rollover buttons are out of their buttons ....
Preview here :
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you must unistall LSPatch
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Thank you so much!
It's very good, I love it so much!
However, I think the taskbar buttons' border width are too thick, except the normal one. The normal one is very good.
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yeah, estaba esperandoooo algun cambio, muchas gracias .. ^^
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won't download utill 48px is supported
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Wow! Nice skin ;) :+fav:
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