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Aero Seven Xp RC4

...for me we are the closest to the finish line :)

:windows:LAST CHANGELOG:windows:

:new: New Aero Style same as windows 7068
(improved from old 'fresh style' from Aero Seven Xp RC3)


- Aero Seven Xp
(from 'fresh style' in RC3)

- Sky Seven Xp
(from 'aero style' in RC3)

- Aero Seven Xp (small Taskbar)

- Sky Seven Xp (small Taskbar)

:new: FRAMES

- new Aero Frames (by me)
- new and improved frame buttons
- improved frame buttons glows
- perfect frame shadow


- perfect Aero peek button in 'aero' style
- new tray area shadow that follows trayicons
(Same of Windows 7)
- new small Aero/sky taskbar
- new Taskbar buttons
- new small taskbar buttons
- new aero Stripes
- new shadows
- new Quicklaunch Buttons
- new Widows 7048/7057/7068 orb

(without LSPatch use)

- updated user pic
- ultimated Logoff Images
- ultimated Logoff Text
- new left rollover image
- new right rollover image
- new aero startmenu
- new fake searchbox
- perfect abbination with ENGLISH language
- perfect abbination with ITALIAN language
sorry for other languages... i'm solving the problem)

:windows:CHANGELOG FROM OLD RCs:windows:

:new: perfect system tray expander icon

:new:perfect quicklaunch icons space

:new: works with big quicklaunch icons

:new: works with small quicklaunch icons, too

:new: perfect taskbar size

:new:adjusted space between taskbar and start menu

:new: perfect taskbar rebar gripper (not allow resizing taskbar)

Adjusting Colour Scheme (thanks to BigMuscle)
Working for perfect win7 shellsyle imitation

- Special Thanks to fediaFedia:windows: for helping me with some resources and for creating the base of this visual style with Aero Seven 6801 [link]

- Special thanks to my friend Jacopo93 for helping me with some news from windows 7 and with some sympathy :)

- Special thanks to 'my brother' mejitorow :D, for giving me some windows 7000 aero resources and for some patience while he waiting for all Aero Seven Xp releases :lol:

- Special thanks to Se7enMan94 and to all other people that have contributed to this project :)

- base of taskbar buttons by =giannisgx89

Enjoy :D


© 2009 ernasco

© 2009 - 2021 ernasco
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where is the download link ?
it's Awesome and Beautiful
how exactly does one install it on xp??
jzmalik123's avatar
how to install it ?
link6155's avatar
You need WinBlinds, which is a paid software
This is amazing, there are actually people who just want to buy Win 7 just because of the theme but here win 7 theme for Win XP. you're amazing.
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plz plz tell me that how to apply this..??
Adinumi's avatar
how to apply this theme..??
Adinumi's avatar
how to install plz tell
khalidabbasi's avatar
amazing theme thanks dude the perfect window 7 theme for xp
TheAwesomeOne1534's avatar
download windowblinds from
xXserbalassasianXx's avatar
Hello i don know how to install it on ma pc plz help ma elmail is >>>>>> :D ty
TheAwesomeOne1534's avatar
download windowblinds from :D
jzmalik123's avatar
can u please tell exact procedure .... thanks
xXserbalassasianXx's avatar
Hello how does it works email me
how to install it ..
mail me-
how to install it theme.....mail me at
amandacaye18's avatar
hi how to install this theme?? please email me... thanks.. :)
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R3zU's avatar
very nice work i really love it!!!! Keep That Way!!!
you need to install windowblinds..
please help me . how to install the file?my email id is
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when installing buggy software wb
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