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Aero Seven Xp Final beta

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Published: December 30, 2008
© 2008 - 2020 ernasco
Final work is coming :lol:

---> if you have installed beta 5, reset Large taskbar settings in windowBlinds clicking on "settings" tab and set "Skin Decides Taskbar size"


:new: Perfect win7 frames
:new: perfect win7 big frame buttons
:new: perfect taskbar size
:new: perfect Trayicons position
:new: perfect System tray expander icon
:new: perfect taskbar buttons by giannisgx89 (NOW are big!!!)
:new: perfect windows 7 6956 orb button by giannisgx89 [animated by me]
:new: perfect PDC orb button
:new: two substyles: PDC and 6956
:new: Space between taskbar and start menu
:new: updated Startmenu Background images more similar to windows 7 and without bugs
:new: Start menu works without LSPatch (for now works perfectly only with ITALIAN Language; working for more languages)
:new: perfected quicklaunch buttons and icons (buttons by XP7O)
:new: perfect taskbar rebar gripper (not allow resizing taskbar)
:new: perfected taskbar shadow in 6956 substyle

Adjusting BigMuscle's Colour Scheme
Working for perfect win7 shellsyle imitation
Working for perfect logoff languages
creating perfect taskbar stripes
NOTE: This Visual Style is an edit of Aero Seven 6801 by fediaFedia

SPECIAL THANKS to BigMuscle for his support and continue help :)

Please Report any bugs writing a comment or sending me a note :)

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i have to download the theme but i have no way to install it....anyone can help?

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very very nice thank you
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Wow..Great Job bro:#1:
Thank's you:)
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I take that back. The Quick Launch icons are just as small as they usually were >:C
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lock taskbar , right click on the dots at the left and select "view > Large icons"
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When I do that, the icons turn TOO large, It looks horrible!
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Oh, now I see...

I guess I was way too frustrated to listen.


But Can't I have my Desktop Icons to 48px and Quick Launch to 32px somehow?
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try to install windowFX...
this software can do that
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Is WindowFX Free?
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Been looking for this ages now!
Love the Quick-launc buttons, especcially now when ViGlance supports it :D

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VKpooddar Photographer
well looks great and function good but u can make the minimize maximize ang close bottons to show a less opaque colour near it.......looks very bad .....................and wid a partnership wif fedia fedia u can make the shell style to that of vista aero as there is no change in the shell style btw vista and 7.............regards

{suggestions only}
hope to be good critic
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My start menu shut down doesn't look has text there that i'm sure shouldn't be. Any idea why?
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can u make a screenshot, please?
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rthmn3021Student Digital Artist
is it for WB5 or WB6...?
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it is for WindowBlinds 6.0 (or next versions) Enhanched, Bundle or Extreme packs [link]
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Well done! Thanks. :D
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Hi is this available or will work for Vista? i need a good one and this is the best bi far
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thanks, but unfortunatly this theme doesn't work for vista.
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well hopefully u can make one soon, i noe everyone hu has vista would want this, but ill still do it on mi XP machine:P
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Great work mate, keep it up :)
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Hey the quicklaunch buttons doesn't work!
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