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[PKMN-CC] Blank Fogbound V.2.0 Application

A redo of my PKMN-CC app I made inspired by Fogbound Lake but this time its my universes version of Fogbound after Selene and her friends/subjects move in. This time the whole thing is inspired by the DS PMD series along with the inclusion of the crystals you see on Selene to show she had an effect on the environment after being there for centuries.
The text boxes and borders are like what I imagine the text boxes in PMDSky would look like on a switch, the info box itself inspired to like you're looking at your stats/inventory in PMD on a DS screen thats glitched out. Behind the Blue/Blood moon area is dead pixels that looks like something is hidden behind the "screen" when theyre set to "off". I also thought it'd be helpful to make the evo icons larger and clearly labelled since on the old one you can barely tell thats what those circles at the bottom are supposed to be.
I edited my FTU type graphics to fit the pixel style a bit more, I might include it with the other version as a fun add on for people to use.

Ill probably make my own pixel icons for types and traits to go in the description with this just so they fit with each other and the sheet better then my current emoticons.……



ID # | Name | Species (Gender)| Height    LVL:
Traits | Born on XX-XX-XX

Type / Type / Type / Type

Ability | Description

NATURE | Characteristic

Level Log:
APP Sheet - +10 Levels | [Colored Fullbody] +3 Levels, [Shaded] +2 Levels, [Detailed Background] +5

Moves: x

Combat Power: x

Combat Log: x

Relationship Chart

(OPTIONAL: only used for pokemon with a known CANON family lineage. Egg pokemon dont use this)
Family Tree: 

Grandpa A(♂) x Grandma A(♀)          Grandpa B(♂) x Grandma B(♀)
 Parent A(♂)                x                Parent B(♀)
(Current Pokemon)
[ no offspring]

Lover x Current Pokemon
{ link to clutch thread }

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Oh my gosh this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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Look at THIS ABSOLUTE BEAUTY OF A REFERENCE SHEET AHHH :love:the amount of thought and time put into it, looks amazing!

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Thank you! Im really happy with this one over the older one.