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All you can fry Night by Ermelin All you can fry Night by Ermelin
This is a fanart to the amazing online comic Twisted by :icongabrieldevue:.
As you can see, I haven't yet given up on learning how to paint digitally. Hope dies last. XD

If you don't know Twisted yet and aren't afraid of some (or tons of) morbid jokes, please read it. It's free and certainly one of the best comics I ever read ^^
The protagonist on this picture is lovely Barbera who likes to fry people since she was struck by lightning. Also, she collects her victims' teeth, so I thought she might like to celebrate the arrival of a new year in a dentist's office. I planned this picture as a holiday card to gabrieldevue (the author) and wanted to build in a button which would have lighted up some tiny LEDs placed under the string lights. Unfortunately, this didn't work out, since either the battery I bought was empty, or the LEDs are broken. I gave up and created this gif animation instead.

I hope she'll like it anyway, even though it's just a digital file now, instead of a holiday card which you can physically hold in your hands. I owe her something for taking the time to teach me some things about digital art ^^
gabrieldevue Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Professional General Artist
I am head over heels for this. "just" a digital file! Pfff, this is so awesome - and you just started with digital coloration! Good job!! Again - you understand those characters so well and all the care you but into that drawing, the idea - its humbling and I might have shed a tiny tear of joy ; )
Thank you so, so much ermelin - from the tooth poster, to the expressions and the whole setup - you brightened my day on several levels : D
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December 28, 2017
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