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Here's a page from my sketchbook. As you can see, I've been practising hands a lot ^^
However, all of them were drawn from photos, as I decided I had to use some reference this time, if I wanted to improve my skills. First I found a few nice stock photos... and then the idea came to my mind to collect the best/ most interesting stock photos of hands I could find on DA and to put as many of them on one page as I could <3
So this is also something like a very small artist feature, as I want to recommend the stock photos I linked below to everyone who needs to practise drawing hands ^___^

Some of the hands vary a little from the original photos - sometimes they're thinner, less hairy or I slightly changed the pose. That's because this sketchbook only contains drawing of my original characters: A young woman, a little girl and a sickly wizard who is very thin. I wanted the hands to match the topic of the sketchbook ;) Also, I only chose hands whose poses would fit into my story, if I ever drew it as a comic.

The two hands in the left upper edge, however, existed on this page before I decided to submit this to DA... so I have to apologize, as I have no idea what photo they were from. I remember vaguely that it was a random snapshot from a teenage girl, but I don't even know anymore how her pullover looked like. If you find the original photo, please tell me, so I can credit her!
The two hands next to them were censored by me, as the owner of the photo didn't make it clear under which conditions you're allowed to use it and she wasn't online for years... so I decided to hide the most important part of the drawing, I hope you don't mind ^^;

And finally here are the wonderful stocks where I found my hands:

:iconmtnlesssndtrkstock: My favourite photo, because it's just so impressive! <3
hospitalness stock:

Fem!Hands 4 Stock (Door + Handle):
Male!Hands 5 Stock (Knife):

Hospital patient (Kneal) Curiosity 02:…
Hospital Patient (Portrait) 03:…

Hand Pose - Gripping - Shoulder/Arm:
Hand Pose Stock - Reaching:
Hand Pose Stock - Holding Mug:

Hand Reference:

Aid Worker 2:

50 Hand Challenge Pack - 244 Hand References:

Hospital Related Series 2:…

Grey's Hand Golding Syringe 5:

...and the single finger tip on the right belongs to myself. I just traced it and added a smiley :giggle:
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We're glad we could help :) These are wonderful, thank you for sharing!
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anyman82Professional General Artist
Oh I love when people use my work for drawing reference.! Thanks a lot for sharing!
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Null-EntityHobbyist General Artist
That's a lot of hands :D But they look really good, glad the stock helped.
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SenshiStockHobbyist Photographer
Great study! It's also a really interesting page. Thanks for showing me!