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Because I work full time as an in-house concept artist, I am currently unavailable for illustration commissions. However, I am available for portrait commissions simply because portraits require less time.



Because no two portraits are identical, the prices for these portraits vary. Digital portraits are generally much cheaper than traditionally drawn/painted portraits mainly because digital portraits take less time and resources.

Overall fees for digital portraits start at $100. Fees for traditional portraits start at $350. Please note that these are the minimum possible prices for commissions. Most of my past portraits were done at a much higher price than these. Any prices below the ones mentioned above, and I will lose interest.

Pricing is loosely based on the following criteria: The number of people in the painting, how much of each subject is to be depicted, the size/resolution of the painting, the complexity of the image,  black and white or color, visual style, etc.

for more information on portrait commissions, contact me at