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Me and my friend made a zombie-survival soap opera webcomic! Go check it out, it's awesome!
I just had to get the Tracon info off.

Tracon was pretty awesome by the way! I had loads of fun and our stuff sold REALLY well! And everyone were so goddamn nice to us, and we had lots of feelings about fandoms and characters with people. We are so doing that again next year!

On the other news, I seem to have forgotten to tell you guys, that nowadays I am a student! Last spring I finally managed to get myself into a school. I am now studying
3D animation and visualization, which is sort of cool and amazing <3 I've been at school for three weeks now, so we haven't really started anything, but liking it so far!

Anyway, thank you so much for all the faves and watches and comments, you guys are awesome <3

Remember to  check out my Tumblr, which updates way more often than this place, since it sort of an art/sketch blog.
Go here:

Minä, woodooferret ja kiwii pyärimme riemukkaasti Traconin taidekujalla!

Tarjolla olisi printtejä, kortteja ja art noveau vaikutteisia charmeja. Fanarttia ja originaalia. Tulkaa moikkaamaan ja tuijottamaan meitä, ollaan todennäköisesti hämmentäviä ja hienoja. Kaikki sinne!

Just telling that me and my friends are selling prints and other stuff at Finnish con. Nothing special~

My Tumblr
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First, I am so so so sorry for late replies for everyones comments and messages ;_; I've just been awfully busy with school applications and work and everything. But I promise to answer you guys this weekend, when I have two days off! Thank you for your favs and watches and comments and everything, I am just gushing here like an idiot! <3

Anyhow, there is news! I have entrance exams coming up in few weeks, and I am awfully excited. I haven't been in a school for couple of years and I am DYING to get in one! I am just tired to work in retail... But I have crossed my fingers and toes, and maybe this year is mine!

Also, I will drag my ass to Tracon at Tampere, this september and SELL STUFF. Yes, me, kiwii and woodooferret have a shared table in artist alley. I have no clue what would I sell there, so, if you guys could give me some pointers. What would you buy from me? Fanart, originals? Fanart of what? Mass Effect? Something else? Telll meeeeee~

Okay, that should be all. Over and out o/

My Tumblr
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I  got in to Pottermore yesterday! OuO I was so excited and aaaaa! And I got sorted in to Ravenclaw, which has always been my favourite house of all. Yayyy!
But anyway, I would just like to know, if any of you are in Pottermore already? I would like to have some friends ;3; I am under the mysteeeerious name of CloakSkull38.

Peace out!
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I've been incedibly busy lately, eventhough I have been on summer vacation. Lots of travelling and stuff, but it's been fun! I haven't been able to draw that much though >: But now that my vacation is ending, and I have to go to back to the routines, I can find time to draw.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, that I made another account. :iconelisakosunen:
That will be my portfolio account, since I've been planning to send my pictures to people to see. And maybe, just maybe they would like to hire me. Or something.. Anyway, I will not upload there anything "new". Every single picture that goes there, will be seen here. So, there is really no need for you to follow it, if you don't want to.

But just so you know.

But whee~~

Still taking commissions!…
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Do you want me to draw for you? Do you want to help me raise money for my trip to Montreal?

Well, awesome! I am now open for commissions!

I can do original characters, fanart, fandom characters, aliens, furries, animals, humans, you name it! Slash, femslash, fluff, and what not. I do say no if something too explicit is requested, because I do have my standards. But hit me up with a note or a comment to this post, and tell me your idea.

Pictures will be black and white sketches (examples, done traditionally, and then scanned.

What will this cost to you? Well, basicly nothing.

Prizes start from 7$/5€ and go up from there, like this:

Character bust… - 7$/5€
Full body CHIBI -… 7$/5€
Character to waist… - 10$/7€
Full body… - 10$/7€
Additional character - +3$/2€ per character (for example two character busts in the same picture is 10$/7€)

I can do also background, but I will charge it depending on the background.  More detailed, more expensive.

Payment with PayPal.

Please, help me to get to Canada! Thank youu~~
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Just so you know:

That's all.
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Oh lord, I'm so bored.

As for the LMS, we got the books about a week ago. And DAMN it's GORGEOUS. I'm pretty much in love with it. I even have little bit of fan art in my sketch book. I should scan it. I mean, me and my friends had this 24h Comic thing of our own. I drew a 17 page comic, got tired of it and called it a day.
I should also start showing my digital scraps. There's whole lot of them.

What else... Oh yeah, I'm probably getting a new computer soon, since this one is slowly dying. This morning it didn't open at all. Not before my brother took the battery off :I Now I use it without the battery.
This thing is old, so maybe it's time to get a new one. I already have my eyes on one of the Acer's lovelies <3

Luckily I just got a new external hard-drive, so 99% of my stuff is in it, if this old chap decides to die on me suddenly.

Carry on!
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So, I bet everyone knows DanLuVisiArt, and his awesome book "The Last Man Standing"? And if you don't, check it out, you won't be dissappointed, he is awesome.

Well, anyway, the book has certainly had some serious obsticles on it's way. I pre-ordered it, and I've been following it's progress for a while now. There's been printing, shipping and content issues, and what not. The release date has moved further more than once.

And when DanLuVisiArt and Heavy Metal Magazine got it in their hands, I was excited. I could finally get the book I had waited for SO LONG. But, more troubles! XD
The books arrived first to USA, and they were shipped to UK from there, so the Europeans got their books a bit later than Americans. Not a problem, I was still very excited to get it soon. I hoped to get it for christmas. Or atleast for New Year.

But then there was silence. Nothing happened, I waited, and at times even forgot about the book. But when about a month had passed, I sent a message to Heavy Metal and asked about the books (I ordered two, other to roomie). I got a really nice reply, that the books were currently shipped to UK, and I would get my book next week.

I was thrilled, but.. EVEN MORE TROUBLES :'D

A month passed, and no sign about the books. I got worried, and send another message to Heavy Metal, and yet again, got a real nice reply (they have excellent customer service, I have to say!) that they were real sorry for the books not arriving, and they tried to figure out what had happened.

And just a moment ago, I got a new message from them, which told me that the books HAD BEEN SHIPPED to me, but DHL, who was shipping the books, couldn't trace the books. They've vanished into thin air. They don't know why, but they are working on that.
But gladly they send me replacement books today, so maybe I can finally get the books within few weeks XD

I feel so bad for Heavy Metal just now D: I mean, they've already faced so many difficultied for these books and more just keeps coming (I hope mine were the only books lost!). But I think it's all worth it, judging by the looks of the book <3

I just hope that the "bad luck" of this book ends here. And I want to get my copy soon, I can't wait to dive into it!
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Surprising turn of events! Or more likely, surprising result in that poll of mine. I seriously thought that turians or Mass Effect would win easily, but no, it was my human OCs! Which I am incredibly glad of! I mean, I love drawing turians and all that, but they're not mine, specifically. So it really warms me that you guys liked to see more my OWN creations <3

There is one problem though. Quite a massive one. At the moment, I don't like 95% of OC. At all. They bore the hell out of me, and just looking them in the old drawings makes me go 'aww these are worth a SHIT'. I've been feeling like this for a long time now, that's the main reason why I produce so much turian pictures and other random fanart things.

My own characters just don't inspire me. They don't make me WANT to draw them. Couple of days ago I started sketching few of them, for expression exercise, but I just felt... Uninspired. I drew quite a few and the expressions were fine and everything, but the characters just felt flat.

I love to have OCs and I love creating characters, so I don't know what's wrong with me now.

And oh, is there Ketty Jay fans anywhere?! I mean, I just finished 'The Black Lung Captain' and before that 'Retribution Falls' by Chris Wooding, and MY GOD they were FUN! I haven't been able to get into reading mode lately, but now that I got a gift card to a bookstore, I grabbed those two (judged book by its cover) and I read them as quickly as I could.

I really recommend those, if you like fun, adventurous stories! Steampunk, air pirates, little bit 'magic' here and there and fun, awesome characters, so it's all around awesomeness <3

But anyway, thank you everyone for all the favs, watches and comments! <3

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New years to everyone! Hope you had a wonderful christmast, I certainly did. I was actually one of the few lucky ones, who got home on time. Since I moved little over a year ago to Helsinki, I travel to eastern Finland for christmas. And because of the INSANE amounts of snow (I mean, we are quite used to snow in here, but this year it's been like hell) and pretty nasty storms, trains were late or not operating at all.
I was kind of anxious when I got to the railwaystation, but luckily, my train was one of the few trains, which left on time! And I got home for christmas just fine <3

But anyway, I'm truly sorry that I didn't manage to do the requests on time ;__; These few weeks has been quite busy at work (working at the supermarket at the christmas time = not fun), and I've been feeling a bit tired. But I WILL do them, no matter what. You can kick me to do them XD

Um.. What else... Me and my roomie (woodooferret) are going to go to see Tron - Legacy today! I am actually pretty excited about it. I haven't seen the original movie, and probably never will, but I am expecting some serious eyecandy from this new movie. There might be fanart from it, who knows~

And that's about it. Now I have to leave to work, and go sell some fireworks. Yayy. Luckily my day ends little after 2pm, so I have the whole evening ahead of me!

Happy New Year to everyone! <3
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First, I want to apologize for my laziness, what comes to your requests! I've finished quite a few, but I haven't had "time" to upload them D: And there's a few I haven't even sketched properly! But I promise that I'll finish them! And I try to do it before the New Year.

And I've been thinking... Quite a while actually.. Would anyone be interested of turian RP? I mean, I think there is a chatroom and a Facebook game (I think, I'm not sure XD), but I'm talking about forum RP. I would be definately interested, and I could put up the forum atleast.
Though, I have my doubts about moderating it :'D I don't know how that would work.

I'd love to make up new turian OCs <3 And meet new people! O3O

Yeah. That's all. Now I go and try to survive from this blasted sinus infection, I've been having for a week now.
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I was creatively bored, and did some major changes in my gallery. I moved whole lot of pictures to scrapbook. I didn't want to delete or storage them, since quite a deal of people like my Road To Eldorado pictures. Reason for the remove from the main gallery is that those pictures do not please my eye anymore >: But, they can be found from the scraps, so no worries there.

I also added proper folders for my pictures, so you can find the pictures more easily. For example, if you want to only view my Mass Effect stuff, it's easier now.
And I also managed to make preview pictures for the folders! Go me~

And as for the requests, they are under work X3 I know I have made whole lot of other pics in the mean time, but do not worry, I am doing the all requests you asked!
I just need to inspiration hit me, and as the famous (?) saying goes: "It takes me a long time to do shit" XD

And thank you all for the favs and comments and watches and stuff ;3; <3<3 I love you guys for the support!

See you around!

My alien original character club:

The people:
:iconhelikosunen: :iconfuyuhime: :iconhitokugutsu: :iconkiwii: :iconkorone: :iconkoushokuban: :iconkozunen: :iconnokitiira: :iconraikuli: :iconskatanic: :iconwinkitys: :iconwoodooferret: :iconzirro:
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Since everyone and their mother are doing this, I thought, why wouldn't I.

So, I take requests! If you'd like me to draw picture of your OC, throw me a comment or a note : D

I'd like to draw your OCs, more than anything, but if you have something you really want me to draw, drop a comment.
And, I draw human, furry (though I am not that good at drawing animals :'D) and well, turian OCs. Anything, really.

And please, don't expect me to do it immediately! I am a fast, what comes to drawing, but it takes me time to start.
I'll try my best to finish all the requests, but I can't guarantee that (I do have a real job too, unfortunately XD).

My alien original character club:

The people:
:iconhelikosunen: :iconfuyuhime: :iconhitokugutsu: :iconkiwii: :iconkorone: :iconkoushokuban: :iconkozunen: :iconnokitiira: :iconraikuli: :iconskatanic: :iconwinkitys: :iconwoodooferret: :iconzirro:
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Hey guys!

Look what I made! 8D :iconocaliens:
I wanted to make group for alien OC's, because I have so many of them, and I know I'm not alone! So, joinnn~

The people:
:iconhelikosunen: :iconfuyuhime: :iconhitokugutsu: :iconkiwii: :iconkorone: :iconkoushokuban: :iconkozunen: :iconnokitiira: :iconraikuli: :iconskatanic: :iconwinkitys: :iconwoodooferret: :iconzirro:
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Me and my friends decided to start sketch blogs together, so we could kick eachother draw more and learn new stuff.

So, here's my awesome blog!


It's quite empty now, but I will go buy a new sketchbook today, say the blog will start filling up in a near future <3

And you can find links to woodooferret, Pandamort, korone, kiwii and raikuli's sketch and art blogs, go check them out too!

In other news, I just yesterday said goodbye to my sister Kozunen, as she went to Japan for a year. I hope she has great time in there, and she gets a lot new friends <3 And she'd better bring me some AWESOME gifts >:I


The people:
:iconhelikosunen: :iconfuyuhime: :iconhitokugutsu: :iconkiwii: :iconkorone: :iconkoushokuban: :iconkozunen: :iconnokitiira: :iconraikuli: :iconskatanic: :iconwinkitys: :iconwoodooferret: :iconzirro:
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I actually removed the journal from my front page because I rarely updated it anyway. I'm way too busy with my LJ anyway :D
But I tought that I could try to update this every now and then.

As I said in my newest picture, I'm terribly for all of those people who don't care that much about Mass Effect :'D I am just Mass Effect high at the moment, since I lured my friend Pandamort to RP with me <3 I've had insane amounts of fun <3 I just love our OCs, they're awesome!

But anyway, don't worry, I haven't forgotten my human OC's, not at all! I just have these "seasons", when I draw something else more than others.

See you around o/
The people:
:iconhelikosunen: :iconfuyuhime: :iconhitokugutsu: :iconkiwii: :iconkorone: :iconkoushokuban: :iconkozunen: :iconnokitiira: :iconraikuli: :iconskatanic: :iconwinkitys: :iconwoodooferret: :iconzirro:
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I haven't updated in a while.. I don't really have anything art related to blabber about, so, yeah.

I started a sort of a project just today. It will be calles "Animal Kingdom", which basicly means that I draw my characters as "animals". Got that idea from ANTM's cycle 5 animal photoshoot. Looked fun enough :D They have some other cool ideas too, which I consider using, like the freak circus shoot, horoscopes, cardinal sins and others X3

We'll see, we'll see.

The coolest people:
:iconarcirithwen: :iconjohannadeen: :iconhelikosunen: :iconfuyuhime: :iconhitokugutsu: :iconkiwii: :iconkorone: :iconkoushokuban: :iconkozunen: :iconnokitiira: :iconraikuli: :iconskatanic: :iconwinkitys: :iconwoodooferret: :iconzirro:
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I just deleted about 20 pictures from my gallery. They were old and ugly to my eye. I may continue cleaning up later, but at the moment, I am somewhat satisfied with my gallery. There are still pictures which are old, but in those pictures there's still something I like.

Over and out o/

The coolest people:
:iconarcirithwen: :iconjohannadeen: :iconhelikosunen: :iconhitokugutsu: :iconkiwii: :iconkorone: :iconkozunen: :iconskatanic: :iconwinkitys: :iconwoodooferret: :iconzirro: