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Just some random amateur trying this and that, hopefully many will turn up good :)

- Photomanipulation (on iOS/Android)
- Photography

Android USER STAMP by cyberz7 Apple USER STAMP by cyberz7

- Favorite Styles of Art: Fantasy, Surreal, Dark, Graphics
- Tools: Canon EOS 600D, iPad Air, LG G4
- Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows 7 & 10
- Gaming Platform: PC
- Favorite Gaming Genres: RPG, RTS, FPS
- Favorite Music Player: iPod Classic 6th Gen
- Favorite Music Player Software: Winamp
- Favorite Music Genres: Electronic, Instrumental Rock, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Movie Soundtrack/Scores
Okay, so last time I talked to you about how I ended up doing photomanipulations on mobile devices (android phone and ipad). This time I want to share some of the tools (apps) I usually use on my Android phone and especially on my iPad, and also to discuss about the realm of photomanipulation in both platforms (Android and iOS).

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that there are indeed significant differences between Mobile Device and PC editing in terms of what you can and cannot do, maximum resolution (handling and output), format compatibility, and of course: final image quality. I like to think that we shouldn't really expect our result to match or best works made on PC (Photoshop, GIMP, SAI, etc.), but we should try to explore the potentials of our mobile devices to the fullest. Having said so, I agree with the idea of learning from as many sources as possible, including from PC-based photomanipulation (PC), even if your device apps aren't capable of doing what PC-programs can.

There are also differences between phone and tab/pad devices in terms of resolution handling capability and final quality. I recommend using phablet/tablet/pad for more convenience and better result.

As I am currently using iOS more than Android, I'd like to start from the former. The following are iOS apps that I know of, some of which I usually use:

1. PS Touch
2. Snapseed
3. Mextures
4. VSCOCam
5. Alien Sky
6. Lenslight
7. Lensflare
8. LensFX
9. Fragment
10. Matter
11. Repix
12. Filterstorm
13. Deco Sketch
14. Art Studio
15. Facetune
16. Aviary
17. LandCam
18. Photocandy
19. Noir
20. Lorystripes
21. Tangled FX
22. Afterlight
23. Meld
24. ABR Viewer
25. Dynamic Light
26. Union
27. Superimpose
28. Imageblender
29. Leonardo
30. PS Express

You can try to look for these apps on Apple's Appstore (on your iphone/ipad). Some will have versions for both ipad and iphone, and some others will only have the iphone version available. In this journal, I will only be covering some of the above apps.

PS Touch (Photoshop Touch). This is my main weapon of choice. I usually do blendings and compositing here, before I export the result to other apps for further processing. Unlike Photoshop, there is no masking feature here, so you gotta do the editings on the main layer. I personally love the scribble selection tool, which makes it easy for me to crop parts of images with good accuracy. Besides croppings and layerings, I can also do bits of edits for color, contrast, exposure, shading here, especially using the effects brush tool, which allows you to apply such changes to certain areas of the pic, with adjustable opacity. PS Touch also comes with a feature to backup your work to Adobe Revel. It also has a built-in tutorial. You can save your work as JPG, PNG, or even PSDX. Be warned though, layering is pretty limited here. I usually start at 3000x3000 (1:1 proportion), and I can only go so far as 5 layers. The trick is to tactically finish in phases and flatten your images before putting more layers

ArtStudio. Probably PS touch's main rival. AS doesn't have scribble selection, but it does have masking tool and can support more layers on a large size image. I rarely use this app, as I started off from Android and we only had PS Touch there to stand in par with iOS users who were using ArtStudio at the time.

Snapseed. Although it has the benefits of tuning tools (contrast, saturation, brightness, ambiance, warmth, shadows, etc.) these are not the reasons why you should use this app. Snapseed offers grunge, retrolux, vintage filters to add effects to your pic, and you can even adjust them further. I, for instance, prefer to use these filters in vanilla mode (without the texture/scratch/lightleaks, etc. and grab only the tone softening/grunging property of the effects offered. There is also a selective edit tool which allows you to edit contrast, brightness, and saturation on certain areas of the pic, which really comes in handy if you want to adjust differences between parts of combined images.

Mextures. This one provides textures, light, and tone overlays to your pics.

VSCOCam. this app is free, but if you want to unlock more filters, then there are the in-app purchases available. basically the filters allow you to get a somewhat faded out or vintage look on your pics, which is my kind of thing, I don't know about you. ;). PS users may also know VSCO from their bundles made available for lightroom users. Moreover, I noticed that VSCOCam is already in DA's tag lineup. VSCO also has its social media feature in which users get to showcase their works in their own galleries.

iColorama. I usually use this app to add "shattered" effects on my pics. Rest assured, adding exploding particles isn't the only thing this app is capable of. There are many options to manipulate our pics in various ways through this app, although it's not going to do much with layers. Its specialty is in brushes. You can use the pre-installed ones, or add your own .abr file (simply import an abr file into your iDevice, and choose to open it in icolorama).

Repix. This is basically iColorama put simple. Easy and fun to use.

Alien Sky, Lenslight, Lensflare, LensFX, and Reflect+. These apps are from one publisher. Basically they add a layer of effects onto your pic. Alien Sky puts planets, galaxies, star destroyers, etc (which you may use to an extent where they would no longer look like the way they were meant to be in the first place (you can use a nebula's smoky look as a 'fog', after you desaturate it, for instance)). Lenslight and Lensflare pretty much do the same thing, adding light effects. Reflect+ puts a manipulated reflection of your original pic by simulating water, glass, or metal.

Fragment. This app puts/overlays 2D geometric shapes on your pic while also manipulating parts of the image it is overlayed upon, refraction-wise. Mask, enlarge, rotate the shapes or the image within.

Matter. This app is basically Fragment in 3D. There's even an option to create a video with the shapes moving around on your pic.

Decosketch. Draw geometric patterns with this. choose from over a wide range of shapes.

(to be continued)

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