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A quick doodle between commissions :rofl:
Seen her on internets lately.
And I thought I would have a go, not really detailed though.

Lately people have been swooning over her a little too much, not that I hate it, I hate the fact that people obsessed over her appearance alone rather than her status as a volleyball player (Facebook posts, tweets, oh dear Lord).
As for me, Sabina became famous not because of her appearance; we can't deny the facts that there are many people who are just as attractive as her, but kept locked in the darkness of obscurity, so what makes her different? Because she is a volleyball player! I won't draw something or someone just because they're pretty, in Sabina's case, I found her pretty as well as talented, so I draw her as an appreciation.

So people, you know what I'm talking about. Support Sabina, not just for her looks, but for her talent as well! And also you must support her team, and their career as a volleyball player, too! :heart:

:new: For you fellas who want to share this image in other sites, thank you so very much!, but if you may, please put a link back to this page. It's a little request, very simple, easy, but will really mean a lot for me, thanks :heart:
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