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My uploads are probably going to be slowing down from now on. Mostly, the reason for this is the fact that (as you can hopefully see) I'm investing way more time and effort into my art now. I'm currently in the process of painting her husband and it's going to take a while.


Some of my other work:
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August 14th, 2017
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Many thanks!
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Beautiful work!!
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Impressive work. Very well done. 
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wow did you individually paint all the scaling detail on her bicep!?
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Just time investment, sit down and grind until it's done xD
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Awesome work Eriyal!
You always do beautiful work...but this is even more amazing than I expected!! Excellent work!! 😍👍
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So what's her story? :)
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I've changed it so much at this point, that I have no idea anymore x).
All I know is that she's suppose to be one of the first humans, if not, the first.
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Really nice work
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Mordor never looked so good
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Magnificent work.  :)
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Magma because she's so hot?
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I wanted to name her after a primal and natural force, and Magma just fits her perfectly.
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Plus you must admit she IS hot :P
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i get a bit of a dark souls vibe from this :)
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Not sure why you're getting it, but I'll take any dark souls comparison as a compliment x)
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i would do the same to be honest :D
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