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By Eriyal
This idea just popped into my head and I had to paint it, glad I did ^^


Some of my other work:
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August 28th, 2017
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Hehehehe... Master of the Puppies
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This made me think of Through the Gates of the Silver Key, by Hoffmann Price and Lovecraft. ^_^
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I have no idea how a piece like this could remind you of anything from Lovecraft, but you've sparked my curiosity. I've found the audiobook and I'll listen to it today!
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Echh, I got the title wrong! >.< It was supposed to be The dream-quest of unknown Kadath.....
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those are some adorable minions
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this is so inspiring!
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Fantastic work Eriyal!
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i have never wanted to become a beast master more in my life :meow:
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Ye, it looks like a cozy job you could do from the comfort of your own bed :3
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agreed, that and i get like 6 puppies messing around me :D
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