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Hello! I finally decided to open commission! I would be really happy to work with all of you!

You can contact me at:

The payment will be through PayPal:

I can do:

Original characters

Fandom characters


A little bit of blood


I will not do:

Fetish art


Heavy Gore

Background without characters (must include a character)

Mecha or Robots

The process:

I will need all the information of the commission. A complete description must include the character, the background, the type of colouring and shading. If a picture is available, that would be preferable. Once all the details are reviewed and accepted, payment needs to be processed. I will send the progress of my work at every step, the sketch, linart, Colors and shading, to make sure that everything is according to your needs. I will finally send you the final piece in a PNG file.


I will not start the commission until I receive the payment.

I have the right to refuse a commission.

You cannot cancel à commission when payment is already processed.

I do not give refunds

I will not make major changes to the piece that we didn’t agreed upon initially to make to the piece when payment is already given. 

Do not claim my art as your own and do not remove the signature.

if you want any examples of drawings, please check my portfolio gallery! Prices:

Only linart

Head: 3$

Upper body: 5$

Full body: 7$

Flat Colors

Head: 5$

Upper body: 7$

Full body: 10$

Basic shading 

Head: 7$

Upper body: 13$

Full body: 15$

Complex shading

Head: 10$

Upper body: 15$

Full body: 20$


One color or blocks of color: free

Basic (something simple, no shading) :+3$

Complex (with shading): 5$ A few examples:

Few examples of types of drawings for commissions!
OC redesign
Fukase vocaloid
Some guy with a Japanese School uniform
Kokichi Ouma
Cactus heaven
My OC, flo.
Human Error Sans
One of my Original characters, Zhu
landscape practice
Wait for me
Pink landscape
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